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What Is A Broken Link

What Is A Broken Link?

A broken link is a hyperlink on a website that no longer works. When a user clicks on a broken link, they are directed to a page that does not exist or displays an error message. Broken links are not only frustrating for users, but they can also negatively impact a website\’s search engine ranking and overall user experience.

Broken links can occur for a variety of reasons. For example, a website may have changed its URL structure, causing previously working links to break. Additionally, external websites may have removed or changed content, leading to broken links on other websites that link to that content.

The Impact of Broken Links on SEO

Broken links can have a negative impact on a website\’s search engine ranking. Search engines like Google consider broken links as a negative signal because they indicate that a website is not well-maintained or does not provide a good user experience. When search engines crawl a website and encounter broken links, they may penalize the website by lowering its ranking in search results.

Broken links can also harm the user experience of a website. When users click on a broken link, they may become frustrated and leave the website altogether, leading to higher bounce rates and a decrease in user engagement.

How to Identify and Fix Broken Links

Fortunately, there are several tools available to help identify and fix broken links on a website. One popular tool is Google Search Console, which can notify website owners when broken links are detected.

To fix broken links, website owners can either update the link URL or remove the broken link altogether. Additionally, website owners can use redirects to ensure that users are directed to the correct page when a broken link is encountered.


In summary, broken links are hyperlinks on a website that no longer work. They can harm a website\’s search engine ranking and user experience. However, website owners can use tools like Google Search Console to identify and fix broken links, ensuring that their website provides a positive user experience and maintains a high search engine ranking.

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