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How to get Edu Backlinks

Are you looking to skyrocket your website’s rankings? Well, it’s time to get some powerful backlinks! Edu backlinks almost always fulfill all the criteria required for high-quality backlinks. The first thought that crosses our minds when we hear .edu backlinks is colleges. But you actually have a lot more to explore than just colleges, considering that many other institutions too have .edu domains.

These include schools, vocational schools, continuing educational programs, libraries, conservatories, seminaries, and a lot more. All you need to do is find the right .edu backlinks. For this, you can look up research pages as they are a goldmine of .edu backlinks. Also, you can find backlinks relevant to the content you’re looking for.  Spend a good amount of time on Google, and you’re sure to find hundreds of niche-specific resource pages that would readily agree to link to your site.

You can also consider getting in touch with students with .edu blogs. Network with them, pay them or offer them a free ebook or software in exchange for a backlink. Of course, students are always on the lookout for some extra cash, so they’d be more than happy to offer you a backlink. You can also ask them to create a blog post on their site for you.

Another way of getting .edu backlinks is to look for broken .edu links. Most of these websites aren\’t as updated as they should be, resulting in pages that no longer live on the internet. You can find these links, create something better of them, reach out and get a link.  A great way to get .edu backlinks.

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