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What is On-Page and Off-Page Optimisation

On-page helps to optimize individual web pages on your website so that they rank higher, get better visibility, and draw relevant traffic as well. The best way to optimize your pages is to create good content infused with just the right keywords. Little details like spacing keywords across the content, giving every page an appropriate title, and so on can help build an effective on-page optimization strategy.

On-page optimization can be improved by working on page speed, mobile-friendliness, title tags, meta descriptions, content quality, HTML headers, and a lot more.  On-page SEO is more about your website and refers to SEO factors and techniques that are under your control.

Off-page SEO on the other hand, is more about link building, link exchange, increasing popularity of your website link – basically anything and everything that’s required to promote a website. So while on-page SEO thrives on internal linking, off-page SEO uses direct linking to improve the page\’s visibility. 

Off-page SEO optimization is all about the popularity of your website and refers to SEO strategies to promote your site around the web. Some factors that can help with off-page optimization are backlinks, social media, and even unlinked mentions.

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