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Search Engine Optimisation is a cornerstone of business success in the modern economy. Consumers are increasingly choosing online retailers for physical goods and using internet searches to find local providers of services in every industry. Your company needs a thriving internet presence to support brand awareness and drive customer engagement and sales. Taking your company’s website to the top section of internet search results is the first step to success.

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Just as SEO is fundamental to business success, it’s also complex. Learning the ever-evolving methods and techniques for SEO can be time-consuming, and that’s before you implement those strategies into your marketing plan. I’m Lukasz Zelezny, and my consulting agency is your top resource for conquering SEO and social media marketing. In my years working with some of the UK’s largest brands, I’ve successfully managed organic growth, improving visibility and increasing conversion rates. Now, I use my expertise to help clients improve their sites and SEO campaigns using a combination of technical theory and practical applications.

My best online SEO training course in London provide all the training, tips, and tricks you need to build an effective strategy for your business. I offer one-on-one consulting along with speaking presentations for your company event or industry conference. To get started improving your site’s visibility, functionality, and performance today, check out all of the free resources on my website.

Why You Need SEO Training

In the early says of SEO, most companies could see results simply by creating keyword-based content and adding an entry in an online directory. However, search engine algorithms have become extremely sophisticated, necessitating complex SEO strategies that can evolve and adapt to meet changing requirements and priorities. Creating and deploying an effective strategy requires SEO training that incorporates technical knowledge and practical tips.

Whether you want to manage your company’s SEO entirely by yourself or hire out some of the tasks, it’s essential to have at least a basic understanding of the terminology and common strategies. Attending full-time advertising classes isn’t practical for many business owners, as traditional training courses simply take too much time away from running the company. Taking an SEO training course from me is a time-efficient way to improve your SEO campaign without jeopardising your other business responsibilities.


Start With Reading Material

Are you ready to get started driving traffic to your site and converting those visits to sales? My website is full of helpful blog posts covering a wide range of business, SEO, and marketing topics. These easy-to-read resources explain complex topics clearly and include simple ways to apply the concepts to your business strategy for noticeable results. You can read about various aspects of business success, including:

  • SEO keyword research tools
  • Types of content (e.g. seasonal, evergreen) and their best applications
  • Affiliate marketing programs
  • Email engagement
  • Local SEO strategies
  • Improving website quality
  • Using social media tools efficiently
  • SEO analysis

Reading through my blog posts is an excellent way to pick up SEO terminology and tips quickly. You can also subscribe to my email newsletter to keep up to date on these important topics.

Another excellent resource I offer is my overview of HTTP status codes. These codes are used in communication between a web server and a browser. While you may be familiar with one of the most common HTTP codes, 404 Not Found, there are numerous other codes that can be extremely helpful.

The key to finding out some of the most important data on your website’s performance lies in understanding these HTTP status codes. Along with thorough descriptions of some of the most important and common status codes, my site includes a simple response code checker. You can enter a list of URLs and quickly see the header status. If you aren’t sure how your site is interacting with users’ browsers, checking the status codes can offer vital insight.


Learn From Video Tutorials

The next step in SEO and marketing training involves boosting your technical knowledge and learning how to understand some of the behind-the-scenes aspects of SEO and website development. Some of these essential topics include keyword analysis. You can learn how to employ the snapshot method to collect keyword data on your site and analyse it for meaningful intelligence. I have another tutorial on the using the ATOM method of SEO. These online training courses cover some of the most popular and powerful SEO analysis tools, including SEMRush, Searchmetrics, and Sistrix. You can watch the videos to see each step of the process in detail and use the accompanying transcripts for reference when you are working on your own site.


Utilise Powerful Tools

Once you’ve gained a better understanding of SEO and marketing through my blog and online tutorials, you can start to work on your site. Before you can develop an effective SEO strategy to address your site’s challenges, you need to know what the existing issues are. My free SEO audit is the ideal tool. All you have to do is enter your site’s URL and in a few seconds, you’ll receive detailed data covering search engine ranking and the potential factors affecting that rank. My SEO audit can point to some of the most common factors that cause a low ranking, including:

  • Host router denying access to Google
  • Issues with your domain
  • Incorrect robots.txt syntax
  • SEO hacking
  • “No Index” meta tags from WordPress privacy settings
  • Pages returning errors to Google
  • Low-quality backlinks and/or site content

When you use my SEO audit to understand what aspects of your site are potentially causing problems, you can have a good idea of where to focus your SEO efforts. Use the practical tips on my website to start making positive changes, and contact me for one-on-one consulting. I can work with you to develop a customised plan for your site that’s tailored for your industry and target audience.


Incorporate Social Media Marketing

A good SEO training course isn’t complete without discussing social media marketing. In the modern online marketplace, having an active social media presence is a necessity. The majority of consumers spend a large portion of their time on the internet browsing and posting on social media sites. To be competitive, your company must be working to engage with customers on Facebook and Twitter as well as some of the other platforms, including Instagram and Pinterest.

Social media platforms offer an easy way to interact with your existing client base and target audience through reviews. There are also several powerful advertising tools available, many of which are free. The challenge with these tools and social media in general relates to time management. Social media can easily become a significant waste of time, taking you away from other essential tasks without providing adequate benefits.

Fortunately, there is a way to make social media marketing work for your business. My Social Media Webinar is an excellent training course that covers all the important aspects of developing and managing your company’s online presence. I provide information on the best available marketing tools, including the free ones, and show you how to use them most effectively. My free webinar covers several other essential topics, including:

  • Automating your social media tasks to save time
  • Choosing the marketing strategies that actually work
  • Optimising your content for each social media platform
  • Targeting the correct demographic
  • Distributing content to multiple channels quickly
  • Increasing outreach
  • Building an active following

My social media webinar is an excellent addition to my other SEO training resources, and it’s available for free at a time that fits your schedule. Just sign up on the website for the time slot you want.


Join a Community of Entrepreneurs

Along with taking an SEO course online, one of the best things you can do for your business is to join a supportive online community. Social media platforms such as Facebook are ideal for marketing your company, but you can also grow your brand and improve your business management by becoming an active participant of a small business community. I recommend that my clients join Slack. This excellent resource gives you the chance to connect with and learn from people like you who are starting and running their own businesses.

There are numerous individual Slack communities, and ultimately you should join the ones that bring you the most benefits. If you’re not sure where to start, I highly recommend these groups:

  • #Launch
  • #SmallBiz
  • #Startup
  • #OnlineGeniuses
  • #CreativeTribes


Schedule a Live Presentation

You can grow your company by attending the best SEO training course in London. My online resources, tutorials, and webinar provide everything you need to get started improving your company’s SEO and marketing strategies. My speaking engagements at industry conferences and private events offer invaluable advice and knowledge gained from my years of successful work in the SEO industry. I can educate and inspire your marketing team with information about current and upcoming techniques along with practical applications and tips.

I speak throughout the year at industry events, including the Global Digital Marketing Summit, Social Day, and the Digital Marketing World Conference. You can view the full schedule on my website. I’m also available to speak at your own conference or corporate event. To book a presentation or learn more about SEO consulting services, simply send me a message and I’ll give you an immediate response.


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