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How Many Keywords for SEO

Keywords are the most important aspect when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). But the question is – how many keywords do we need on every page to effectively optimize our websites and content?  Stuffing pages with keywords is not the right approach and wouldn’t yield results as expected.

Ideally, every page should feature one main keyword and two to three variations of the same keyword. A long-tail keyword tool is welcome. A keyword needs to appear once every 200 words. Too much repetition of keywords would lead to keyword stuffing, and that’s not something you want on your page. A 500-word blog post can easily be optimized with around three keywords, but for longer posts, you need to seamlessly weave in at least six keywords in the content without sounding unnatural or weird.

You need to ensure your keywords specifically revolve around a single topic so that the SEO is perfect, just the way you want. The primary and secondary keywords help blend your content. Ensure all the keywords are not cluttered into a single paragraph and are well-spaced throughout the content.

Another important aspect you need to keep in mind is assigning keywords to pages and not the website. Every page on your site will have unique content, which means you need to come up with a set of relevant keywords for each page.

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