JetOctopus Introduction

If you are an enterprise-based website and have problems dealing with internal links on numerous pages, since you have millions of web pages, analyzing and checking for any issues, then these could be a daunting task. Therefore, JetOctopus is the cloud-based crawler tool you need for analyzing your logs and improving your SEO rankings; since it will effectively and efficiently fix your problems. As opposed to when you decide to audit the pages manually, it makes it easier, quicker, and more efficient to check out for any problems within the millions of web pages on your site, thereby saving you time and the cost of resolving such issues manually.

What is JetOctopus?

It is a SaaS analyzing log and crawler used for business SEO. JetOctopus overruns crawl data reports using Google Search Console and insights from the logs to offer a thorough technical audit. Notably, it is a cost-effective and efficient tool used for SEO audits that contribute to ranking the site higher in the SERP.

What is Good About this Tool?

It enables you to review crawls you might have done previously and get a pattern of evolutions. That helps you know the rate of progress and where you need to improve your SEO to make more impact on your clients. Having such log analysis is significant for the website’s success and for comprehensively understanding the problems that face your site.

Equally important to note is that this tool also helps you identify any duplicated content, unlike other crawlers that miss out on grasping such mistakes. In that, it captures very minute and thin problems that might occur within 500- 100 words.  Moreover, it shows you the scale and intensity of the problem, thereby enabling you to deal with the issues first-hand.

What JetOctopus Offers?

This tool offers you various features that help you improve your site performance and SEO rankings. Among the features include;

  • Segment visualizer – offers you the ability to access crawlers’ data of a particular section, with no need for re-crawling since the data is restored in seconds. On the same note, you can use options such as redirect pages, orphaned pages and broken links to view segmented information. Thus, allowing you to enhance your site insights.
  • Linking Explorer – with this feature, you can easily access pages in your website which link to particular pages and identify internal links and anchor text. Thereby enabling you to make improvements on your website interlinks design. Furthermore, it will sort and check links and pages and inform you of any problems. As such, you can enhance your crawling evolutions.
  • Issues and Analytics Sections – here, you find all the problems and collected data.

It is where you find incredible insights after performing a comprehensive site analysis. All problems are eminent in the issues and analytics sections since it is where all the data on the website is collected.

  • Collaboration feature– this aspect provides a universal login to all members, hence no need for external tools. Each member gets the privilege to access data and information in real-time in a faster, efficient and accurate way. Thereby saving you time and money and also helping improve your SEO campaigns.
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Benefits of JetOctopus

JetOctopus comes with many benefits to your website, such as pricing, speed, infinite Performance and a detailed dashboard.

  • Pricing – JectOctopus offers a range of services at affordable prices compared to the rest of the SEO crawlers. You can crawl any website of your choice with as low as $ 0.25 a month. Unlike other SEO crawlers, Jetoctopus offers a wide range of services and assures you of effective and efficient services that will improve your SEO campaigns.
  • Speed – This tool is also fast and efficient, unlike other crawlers known to be slow. Speed is crucial for SEO; thus, a slow crawling tool will hinder your SEO campaigns and cause a decline in your rankings.
  • Infinite Performance – JetOctopus offers you endlessactivities in crawls, logs, segments, domains and projects. Correspondingly it also does not limit you when making any integrations, thus making it an ideal SEO strategy tool for digital marketers, website owners and SEOs.
  • Has a Detailed Dashboard – It provides a detailed dashboard that has a user-friendly and an appealing interface. Such a feature promotes website traffic, thereby increasing the rate at which users click through the web pages, improving site rankings.

Why Should We Use JetOctopus?

It is a cloud based crawler with the ability to enhance site indexing capabilities for the users’ websites. JetOctopus has incredible crawling speed that enables it to crawl the user’s website without interfering with other technical functionalities in their PC.

Users may use JetOctopus for deriving data-oriented approaches for their SEO, with a possibility of seeing tangible results in one year.

 Secondly, user’s live logs are readily available by deriving two coded lines for developers. Furthermore, one may incorporate Google Search Console on JetOctopus combined with log data and crawling at no added cost.

The SEO crawling tool lets users view all their SEO campaigns on the bot’s perceptions impressions and SEO click through for end users. It also develops segments, live logs, crawls and derives more insights for other potential SEO opportunities.

Lastly, site owners can manage the Performance of their websites by viewing charts and be assured of SEO safety. Additionally, JetOcotopus alerts its users of the exact scale and threat of problems within their website through the chart, enabling users to know where to put more emphasizes on their SEO campaigns.


In conclusion, JetOctopus is the fastest and most efficient tool available to help you gain accessibility to an incredible amount of data and information and equally give you a platform to analyze your website properly. Its numerous features will assist you in reviewing crawls you might have done previously and get a pattern of evolutions. Hence, helping you keep track of progress on your website, and where you need to emphasize your SEO experiments. It also comes at an affordable price. Therefore, subscribing to a JetOctopus software tool on your website is a wise choice if you need your website performance and SEO rankings to improve.




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