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How to Get other Sites to Link to Your Website

Backlinks are important and helpful in any SEO strategy. But the question is – how do you actually get other websites to backlink to yours? Simply ask! You can always drop an email to the webmaster if you feel your website would be a valuable information resource for their website. You’d have to explain what your website is all about and how their website will benefit theirs.

If your website is complementary to the webmaster’s site and not in competition, they’d readily agree to the collaboration. In exchange for the inbound links, you can also offer a free service, testimonial for their website, or free software too.

A few other ways you can fetch more inbound links is to write articles on topics of your expertise. Offer these articles to other website owners so that they can link them to their websites or newsletters. You can also exchange links with other websites, and for this, you’d have to research a lot. With research, you can find the websites that would benefit from yours and vice versa. You can then go ahead and convey the same to the webmasters and get your job done!

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