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What Is Nofollow Link

Understanding Nofollow Links: What They Are and How They Affect SEO

Nofollow links are a type of link attribute used in HTML code to inform search engines that a link should not be crawled or indexed. In other words, when a link is tagged as nofollow, it tells search engines not to give any weight to that link when calculating a site\’s search engine rankings.

Nofollow links were introduced as a way for website owners to avoid being penalized for unnatural linking practices. For instance, if a blog post has outbound links to low-quality or spammy sites, search engines may interpret these links as evidence of a \”link scheme\” designed to manipulate search engine rankings. By using nofollow tags on these links, website owners can signal to search engines that they are not endorsing or trying to manipulate search results.

How Nofollow Links Affect SEO

Although nofollow links do not pass link authority, they can still affect SEO in several ways. First, nofollow links can still drive traffic to a website, even if they do not directly influence search engine rankings. For example, if a popular influencer shares a link to your website on social media, even if it\’s a nofollow link, it can still drive traffic and generate brand visibility.

Second, nofollow links can also indirectly influence SEO by contributing to a website\’s overall link profile. While nofollow links do not pass link authority, they can still contribute to a website\’s diversity of links, which can be a positive signal to search engines. Additionally, if a website has a lot of backlinks from high-quality sites that use nofollow links, this can still be an indication of the site\’s credibility and authority.

How to Identify Nofollow Links

To identify nofollow links on a web page, you can use the \”View Page Source\” feature on your browser or use a browser extension like NoFollow or MozBar. When you view the HTML code for a page, look for the \”rel\” attribute in the link tag. If the rel attribute is set to \”nofollow,\” then the link is tagged as a nofollow link.

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