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How long does it take for seo to take effect?

It takes time for SEO to take effect. If you\’ve been ranking low in search results and are now getting closer to the top, it\’s a good thing, but don\’t expect an instant result because there are often dozens of factors that contribute to higher rankings on Google.

How long it will take for your site to rank high is based on many different things which can change all the time. The search engines continually update their searches and these updates occasionally target certain factors leading others to decay or diminish in importance (e.g., keyword density). One thing they never seem to mess with is relevancy; so if all else fails just write great content around what people need or want and make sure it provides answers to their questions and you\’re bound to rank high.

And if you can\’t, it\’s because the engines are trying to prevent sites from gaming the system so be patient; in all likelihood Google is probably just trying to figure out your site for a bit and they\’ll soon give it an accurate ranking based on its content.

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And if you\’re a brick-and-mortar business, don\’t discount the \”local\” element of Google (i.e., Google Maps Local SEO). It has tremendous potential as it makes finding businesses significantly easier for users but also helps businesses\’ sites to gain natural links; both with backlinks from your own site and outbound links that can be grabbed when other sites link to yours.

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