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It is every real estate agent’s dream to have quality leads on autopilot. Imagine getting prospective buyers and sellers with few meetings and cold calls.

That sounds way farfetched, but it is not.

The secret to achieving that is SEO for estate agents.

When you invest in a working SEO strategy, you will see the results in no time. Potential clients will search and find your services online. And since 90% of homebuyers conduct their business online, you’re assured of generating more quality leads.

Let’s learn what SEO for estate agents is and what it entails.

What Is SEO For Estate Agents?

SEO is search engine optimization in full. It refers to the marketing methods that are focused on increasing visibility of your website in search engine results. When you employ the right SEO methods, also called ‘white hat’ methods, you improve site rankings and generate organic traffic in search engines.

Real estate SEO, on the other hand, is the Google-approved methods that real estate agents can use to ensure their sites rank top of search engines and attract organic visits. These visitors are usually prospective property buyers and sellers.

In order to rank top of search engines in the property market, realtors can use various SEO methods. Among the key areas realtors can concentrate on include;

  • Having a well-functioning website
  • Enabling your site to be accessible to search engines
  • Doing thorough keyword search and optimizing your website for better ranking
  • Quality content creation
  • Building links to enhance domain authority
  • Minimizing the bounce rate

Why is SEO crucial for Real Estate agents?

There has been a drastic increase in the number of people searching for property online. About 44% of property buyers will first search online for listings before attempting other methods of finding a property. Social distancing necessitated by the pandemic has also made an online search for property more prevalent than ever.

For realtors to take advantage of this high number, there is a need to optimize their property listing for SEO. The idea is to have the listings appear on the first page of search results when prospective buyers search online.

According to reports, about 67% of all clicks on search engine results go to the first five listings. Besides, the sites listed on the first page of SERP get 95% of web traffic. This means real estate agents who use the set-out Google procedures and practices and rank top of search engines can get hundreds of visitors from local searches.

What’s more interesting is that 50% of users who find businesses through local searches end up visiting and transacting with those stores.

Going forward, SEO has proven to be very important for the success of real estate agents success. Among other benefits, a good SEO strategy will enable realtors to reach more potential buyers and sellers at the most opportune time. It also improves your website rank on search engines which means you outrank your competitors and get organic visitors which is a plus for your business.

How SEO works

How SEO works, in general, is a complex aspect. But I will explain it in basic Google terms to give you an idea of the process.

For your Websites to be placed on search results, Google bots have to undertake 3 actions, which are crawling, indexing and ranking.

First, Google bots will crawl the web to look for content related to your search. This includes new sites and pages.

Thereafter, Google will index the content it finds online. Indexing involves storing and organizing all the information Google can find. Users can only find indexed information.

Finally, Google ranks the information it is able to index. The ranking is based on relevance and which indexed content best answers the users’ search queries. The best answers to queries are then ranked on top of search engine pages.

How Does SEO For Estate Agents Work?

SEO for realtors requires you to employ a great strategy to improve website ranking. In order to rank for real estate search terms and keywords, realtors must look at several factors.

  • How the keywords are used and where
  • Number of backlinks pointing to your website from authoritative websites
  • Website speed
  • Is your site optimized for mobile devices?

Getting SEO results can be hard for new website owners because most people tend to concentrate on content and link building. It usually requires more than that, that’s why you need a real estate SEO expert who will help you do keyword research and optimize your website to rank top for certain keywords and phrases.

What makes SEO complicated is that you are not the only one looking to rank top of search engines. More real estate agents are implementing SEO, so you need to employ a working strategy to outrank other realtors. The competition is always stiff since you might rank top of the search engines in a few weeks then get outranked by your competition.

The same is true for keywords. Your website may rank top for certain keywords and not others. And since users drive the SEO process, their demand and how you respond to it will determine your website ranking.

For instance, at one point users may be searching for ‘condos’ and then some years later, they may change their preference to ‘cottages’. Therefore, while you’re trying to compete with other websites you should equally respond to users’ needs and preferences.

When done correctly, SEO for real estate agents has huge rewards. It can get you top of search engines and grow your real estate business.

Estate agent SEO Keyword research

As mentioned earlier, real estate SEO keywords searched change over time. Keyword search tools like Google Keyword Planner and Moz can help you identify the right keywords to concentrate on to stay ahead of your competition. These tools will help you find the keyword search volume for key areas and suggest ways to help you rank for those keywords.

It is advisable to find targeted keywords with lower search rather than the most searched keywords but are less targeted. Usually, targeted keywords like ‘estate agents Newham’ or ‘real estate Harrow’ generate better ROI compared to popular searches like ‘real estate agents London’.

Top SEO Keywords For Real Estate Investors

SEO for estate agents’ keywords are not similar. Some are difficult to rank for, while you can easily rank for others. Additionally, some keywords will attract more visitors with no intention to buy while others attract motivated sellers or investors. Knowing the difference between the two will protect you from investing in an SEO strategy that will frustrate you.

Super targeted keywords for real estate investors are the solution to attracting motivated property sellers and buyers.

But what are these super-targeted keywords?

Well, let’s start by discussing the broad keywords (which you should avoid) and narrow down to more specific and targeted keywords.

Broad Real Estate SEO Keywords

People generally looking for quick information on real estate with no intention to transact, will quickly search for basic terms like ‘how to sell my house fast’, ‘sell a house fast’, ‘house for sale fast’ or ‘condos for sale fast’

When you optimize your site for these keywords it means you’re targeting the main keyword ‘sell house fast’ and all variants containing this keyword.

For the most part, these common keywords are hard to rank and will most likely attract visitors with no intentions to buy leading to a low ROI. You should, therefore, avoid such keywords if you want good returns.

Long-tail Real Estate Keywords

These are long phrases with much more details like ‘I need to sell my house fast in Hackney’ or ‘how do I sell my house fast’

Generally, long-tail keywords are less competitive and easy to rank for. Reason being, fewer people target these keywords because long phrases have many variants that make it hard to target them all.

Some examples of top SEO keywords for real estate agents that you can target include;

  • Sell your house in 7 days
  • Steps to selling a house with a real estate agent
  • How to sell your house fast with a realtor
  • How to hire a realtor to sell your home
  • The fastest way to sell a home in (city)
  • Top realtor for buying a new home

Real Estate SEO Tips to Improve Your Website

A successful realtor is not the one who understands how to find real estate investors, but one who creates ways for clients to find him.

By optimizing your website for SEO, you make it easy for people to find your services online and transact with you.

Below are some of the proven ways to improve your site, according to reputable SEO services for real estate agents.

Make your Real Estate Website Fast and Mobile-friendly

A bigger chunk of home buyers, about 72%, who search for property online do so using their mobile devices. With such a huge number, there is no reason why you shouldn’t optimize your site for mobile.

Optimizing your website for mobile, however, isn’t enough to take advantage of these home buyers. You need to make your site fast. The site speed will determine how long visitors will stay on your website. Ideally, your site you should load in 1 second or 2 at most because 53% of site visitors will usually abandon your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Besides having a fast, secure and mobile-friendly site, ensure you share valuable content. Your visitors should get detailed information that answers all their real estate questions.

Identify Targeted Keywords

Keywords and key phrases are a crucial part of your site if you want to outrank your competitors. Best SEO practices require you to use targeted keywords in your content and throughout your site.

First, you must identify the targeted keywords that are important for your real estate SEO strategy. Avoid most searched but less broad keywords like ‘real estate’ as you are less likely to rank for such keywords. Instead, concentrate on keywords like ‘condos for sale in Hackney’.

Some ideas for targeted keywords include;

  • Hackney real estate
  • homes for sale in Hackney
  • townhomes for sale in Hackney
  • Hackney real estate listings
  • Hackney real estate agent

More locals identify with such long-tail keywords, therefore, using them on your site does not only help with ranking but also guarantees better leads.

Once you’ve identified your keywords, use them throughout your site. Place them in URLs, throughout your content, page titles as well as metadata. While doing so, avoid keyword stuffing as it may attract penalties from Google.

Site Structure

Professional SEO services for real estate agents will tell you how important the site structure is for SEO. When you structure your site properly, you make it easy for your visitors to navigate around it. Besides, it becomes easy for search engines to crawl and index it hence better ranking.

It’s advisable to organize your site like a pyramid, with the homepage being at the top, the navigation pages coming beneath it, and finally place the individual pages at the bottom of the pyramid.

To make navigation easier for both search engines and site visitors, use internal linking. Descriptive anchor texts should be used to link different pages. Such texts should tell the users and search engines what information is available on the other page when they follow the link.

Optimize your Content with SEO for Estate Agents Keywords

Aptly put, well-optimized content is king. Since most homebuyers search online for real estate information before making a buying decision, providing the information they need is the best way to make them transact with you.

But before that, they must find you when they search online. Optimizing your content with real estate keywords is the proven way for users to find your website online. Ensure you have the right real estate keywords and sprinkle them throughout your content.

To avoid keyword stuffing, write multiple pieces of content using different keywords. You can write content to promote your products or provide information about different properties. The important thing is to provide valuable information to your readers.

Building Backlinks by Working with Authoritative Sites

Attracting traffic from other reputable sources helps in improving your site rankings on Google. It is essential to build backlinks by working with other authoritative sites in your niche. You can do this by reaching out to websites and contributing content.

Guest posting on other sites will help grow your brand since it helps to rub off their brand authority on you. Some authority sites you may consider in the real estate industry include;

  • com
  • Zillow
  • Zoopla
  • Reddit
  • Homes and Property

Incorporate Social Media

Social media is a great way to start building a relationship with clients. A realtor or an Estate Agency with an active social media account will be able to interact with clients regularly and will be able to identify what their prospective clients are looking for. With an increasing number of Social Media platforms and with users spending the majority of their time online, it is of crucial importance to be present on social media for your clients.

A good social media presence builds trust and helps to build relationships. For realtors, photos and videos of properties are key components to make the sale, therefore Pinterest and Instagram are particularly useful social media platforms for realtors. On Facebook, you can join local community groups. Strategically using social media along with SEO will boost your website traffic.

How to Find the Best Real Estate SEO Agency

Choosing an SEO agency to carry out online campaigns for your real estate website is one of the crucial decisions you have to make. This decision will have a huge significance in your business. It is always a difference between increasing and decreasing sales and leads.

So here are some tips to help you find a great SEO firm that will help you have more leads and sales.

Understands Your Target Audience

A professional real estate SEO agency should understand the needs of your target audience. The company should have experience operating in the property market. They should understand what your clients want and at what time.

When an agency understands your business goals and has a figured out SEO strategy, then it can easily implement it.

Customer Support

Any concerns you may have should be addressed as soon as possible. Similarly, the company should provide regular updates, either weekly, monthly or quarterly. This should help you analyze their strategy and performance.

In addition to the updates, the real estate SEO agency should be able to discuss the project while in progress. If you have any concerns you can address them during the discussion and have them attended to.

Quality is a Must

Every agency has its working SEO strategy that it uses to rank top of search engines. Before you choose to work with a company, ask to see their strategy and the techniques they use.

While you may be tempted to select a strategy that gives quick results, avoid companies that use Black Hat SEO to achieve their results. These techniques provide quick real estate SEO results, but they don’t usually last.

Black Hat SEO tactics are unethical and violate the search engine rules. Google eventually discovers these tricks and hits your site with penalties, which downgrades your website.


What do others say about their real estate SEO services? You can know about the company’s reputation through word of mouth or checking the company’s website. You can also read about the company’s review on third-party sites like Yelp and Google. For the most part, reviews from third party websites are more reliable than those from the company’s site.

Results and Portfolio

The results should start with their website. Does their website rank for competitive keywords and search terms? Check if their site is well-optimized and if they have engaging content on their website that makes you want to read more. A critical question you ought to ask is, would you trade your website for theirs? If not, then it’s not worth investing your time and resources.

Besides looking at the results, check their portfolio. What projects have they worked on? Find out the companies they have worked with and the results they have achieved. If you’re not able to see their portfolio from their website, you can ask them. A genuine company should be able to showcase their portfolio.


The present and future of the property market are online. Real estate agents have to invest in SEO services in order to stay ahead of the competition and improve their business. Investing in a professional SEO firm is the best way to get the benefits that the online world has to offer, and it is difficult to find an SEO company that fulfils all the above criteria.  A good SEO strategy will take time, but the rewards are always great. So, get a good firm, and allow it time to implement their strategy, and while at it look at the reports provided. When you finally rank top of search engines, you will reap the benefits, including brand growth and increased leads and sales.

SEO.LONDON is one of the top SEO agencies in London, having experience of working with the market leaders in the real estate market. Get in touch with us for more information on our services.

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