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How to Monitor SEO Performance

We put in a lot of effort to chart out SEO strategies and their implementation. But how do we know whether or not our strategies are delivering expected results? That’s why it’s important to monitor SEO performance every now and then. How exactly can we monitor SEO performance? By monitoring the right KPIs!

KPIs work as a control mechanism to help identify which SEO tactics work and which don’t. Let’s understand some critical indicators that would help keep track of your SEO performance – the first and foremost factor is the organic traffic – this measures the number of visitors that come to your website via organic search results. High organic search results mean you’re on the right track! You can monitor your organic search results daily to understand the trends as well.

Search rankings are another indicator. Your website will be right at the top of search rankings if you’ve used the right and relevant keywords. Achieving a high ranking is not easy, but once you do it, you can then shift your focus to other SEO aspects such as traffic, leads, and conversions.

Other factors you need to look into are search visibility, backlinks, bounce rate,  organic CTR, branded traffic, cost per click, and ultimately Return on Investment.

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