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What does our SEO Audit cover?

Maintenance is the main part of life. Just like your car maintenance, you shouldn’t wait for your car to break down so you need to do its weekly checkup from mechanics to keep it running in perfect condition. The same is your website; you should do regular SEO audits to revise your SEO strategy to maintain the best results.

SEO audit is the inspection of your website on different factors to evaluate your website performance on the search engine result page. Various factors affect the site ranking on the search page and it includes on-page, off-page SEO as well as technical SEO. Our SEO audit has several layers of inspection and using SEO audit tools we can find out about your SEO score, any functional problems and tell you what is working perfectly and what not. Our SEO audit will expose the following.

  • Website structure problems
  • On-page SEO issues including keyword stuffing, Metadata problems.
  • HTML sitemap related issues
  • User experience problems
  • Website speed
  • URL structure
  • Redirects and robots.txt
  • Competitor analysis
  • Technical SEO issues
  • Duplicate content and plagiarism
  • Internal and external links
  • Backlinks quality
  • Page security

Now the important point, while doing an SEO audit is that it should be comprehensive and should give you a big picture but concise to avoid unnecessary edits and recommendations. You should be able to connect dots and identify how your SEO problems are affecting your revenue, ranking, and inline goals. Our SEO audit will give you an easily actionable roadmap.

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Why do you need to do an SEO Audit?

SEO audit is a vital clog in SEO strategy as it gave you the insight of what you should look for while improving your online presence on the google search engine. SEO audit is important to do a comprehensive analysis of your on-page SEO strategy, off-page scheme issues, identify your site architecture problems, redirects, and duplicate content.

There are several reasons you should execute an SEO audit. Here are a few listed below!

  • Many search engines like yahoo, google, and Bing is constantly updating their algorithm to provide an improved user experience on the search engine. So you should always be in touch with these updates by doing regular EO audits to compete with your contenders.
  • Google and Bing webmaster tools are always changing their guidelines and rules so you need to be in touch with them.
  • Your website should not have any 404 errors, redirect problems, or any broken link as it will affect your potential clients, readers, and eventually ranking. You need to redirect those broken links to recover your traffic.
  • It will tell you about your title tags and meta description problems that come under the on-page SEO category. Because these are the two things that a reader first sees and read then decide whether it contains their required information or not. Optimizing your meta description and tags would increase your organic traffic and worth in search engine eyes.
  • You should look for any duplicate content as it could cause you a penalty. You should also look for the old content which is not valued anymore. Re-evaluate your old content that readers are not vising for 6 months and try to get rid of them.

By following all these guidelines you can improve your user experience and eventually your sales would increase.

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Will this help increase my SEO Rankings?

A proper SEO audit will give you an insight into your website performance. Proper SEO audits will help your website ranked better in search engines. You can follow our given simple guidelines to do an SEO audit and your site would be ranking in no time. This is not too technical and any layman could handle it.

  • Only one version of your site should be browsable and all others should 301 redirect to your site.
  • Check the Google search console for any indexing issues.
  • Check for your brand keyword ranking on google and if you are not on top then go for a social campaign, link building and make sure your site has all social media presence and is enlisted in google business listing.
  • Manually do the ON-PAGE SEO and look that if your site has clickable meta title, optimize meta description, proper permalinks, subheadings H1 H2 H3…
  • Built internal linking in your articles as well as external links to make the content quality better.
  • Check that you don’t have duplicate or thin content as it would cost you lots of traffic.
  • Check your site speed with google page speed insight as site speed is the most important ranking factor in the 2020 google update.
  • Analyze your organic traffic through google analytics and see what page is bringing more traffic and try to make most of it.
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What can I expect from SEO Audit?

The main role of an SEO Audit is to help you develop an SEO strategy to get the results in both the short and long term. It does not matter whether you are looking for an extensive long term SEO strategy or just want to fix a specific error, our SEO Audit will provide you with the resources to keep you ahead of the competition.

In general, our SEO Audit service helps to identify problem areas, measure progress, and develop improved SEO strategies. We use industry-respected research tools and programmes which helps to find opportunities for your website to increase its ranking on various search engines. Our SEO Audit is backed by vast experience and knowledge.

Our SEO Audit includes rigorous keyword selection process. During the audit, 100s of competitive keywords are analysed and are used to promote your website or company on search engines. Using the relevant keywords helps to optimise the website better and helps to reach the target audience. Keywords are also incorporated in content to increase the website traffic and eventually websites ranking on search engines.

SEO Audit also identifies if there are any issues with the websites design, coding, link structures, or with the content. Content plays a major role in SEO strategy. Well optimised content can increase the website traffic and ranking. That is why we also conduct an SEO content audit to identify the content areas that are not as per the standards set by the websites of other leading companies.

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I suffered a drop in ranking. Will you be able to diagnose in SEO Audit Report?

A drop in the ranking of a site is a nightmare for any website owner and a detailed SEO audit can help you out in finding the problem which is causing you major loss of traffic. In the SEO audit, the following points are looked to detect an issue.

  • Is there any algorithm update that you are unaware of? It can be checked through Moz algorithm history.
  • Having a detailed look at which pages are having a drop in traffic. They could be mobile or desktop version traffic loss or any content, category, product, and homepage problems.
  • Looking for any google penalty in the google search console.
  • Are you losing your ranking because of your competitor? Doing a complete analysis of your competitor’s site and check if they have launched new pages on your keywords. You can use the SEMRush tool for competitor analysis.
  • Check that your URLs are indexed in search console data and not any URL is accidentally deindexed by the search engine or you.
  • The next step in an SEO audit is to do a check on your backlinks. Maybe some of your backlinks has been removed or not accessible. Ahref can let us find out the lost backlinks or referring domains that could assist you in finding the reason for lost traffic.
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Do you need a list of competitors?

Competitor analysis is the main aspect of an SEO audit. you can make your competitor your allies by competitive intelligence. You can get insight into competitors’ strategies and reverse engineer their success into your own by modifying it. Try to spot their weakness and gain an edge over it.

You should first understand your organic position versus your competitors. Check your competitor’s visibility and do a keyword audit. check at which keywords your competitor is ranking and how you can manipulate those keywords to divert traffic towards your page.

After that do competitors’ backlink audits through the Semrush tool. Gather high quality, in-demand links for as many sources as possible. You should have unique backlinks and less common links with your competitors. You should have backlinks from high DA, DR domains for deep link building. Hence it is important to have a list of competitors before doing an SEO audit.

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How many competitors can you analyse in SEO Audit?

We can analyze multiple competitors in an SEO audit. There are many tools to help you reach your goal as in the digital marketing industry, collecting intel on a competitor’s site is the most essential step. You can analyze multiple competitors in the SEO audit using the SemRush tool. It allows you to see inside the competitor’s strategy, what methods they are adapting for their success, from where they are getting backlinks, for what keywords they are ranking, and how much organic or paid traffic they have. You can use URL profile software to gather all this data.

You should not consider one keyword ranked site as your competitor. Try to broaden your search by expanding your filet and use Ahref site explorer to find competing domains. Ahref batch analysis tool will help you analyze your all competitor’s domains at once. It will give you the following SEO metrics.

  • Organic keywords and their estimate ranking
  • Organic monthly traffic
  • Domain rating
  • Ahref ranking
  • No of referring domains including total do-follow backlinks

You should also check at what rate competitors are gaining new links and try to understand their link building strategy by seeing their link growth in Ahref referring domain graph. Also, try to get ahead of your competitor by spying on their 404 broken links. Then provide an improved version of the content to those domains and ask them to replace dead links with your new working content link. Their loss will become your gain.

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Will you provide content optimisation as part of SEO Audit?

Yes, we provide content optimisation. SEO content audit or content optimisation is when you analyze your indexed content on the domain to check if any content needs improvement or if any out-dated content is present then revoke or discard it as it would be a dead burden on the site shoulder and dragging it down to the depth.

Content optimisation is done by collecting all indexed URL’s using google analytics, screaming frog, google console, XML sitemap, and then doing a content audit of all these URLs’. Firstly, we will check if your content is receiving organic traffic and if not, then there is something wrong with your content strategy, content type, or distribution. Check your content uniqueness by premium Copyscape. Your site should not have duplicate or thin content as it is strongly despised by google search engines. Your content should have optimized titles, meta description, and focus keywords density in a set limit to improve your content visibility. It also helps you to interlink your content by adding internal links and make sure your most important pages get the most links. Check your content backlinks and more backlinks don’t mean it’s beneficial as links should be of high quality rather than poor quality bulk links. Your website page speed should be high and content should be super optimized for the mobile version. You can check page speed through google page speed insight.

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Wondering if we’re able to help your business grow?

If you are thinking that how our SEO strategies can help you grow your business then we have outlined a few points for you.

  • SEO will help you create a user-friendly website and if an SEO optimized blog is attached to it then it will bring in more organic traffic.
  • Proper SEO can bring you on top of SERP and it gives your business more credibility as it is a common perception that business ranking on the first page is the most trustworthy.
  • SEO will help your site load fast and google has declared that fast-loading sites secure more customers than others. According to the survey, more than 65% of customers bounce back if a website takes more than 5 sec to load.
  • Ranking higher on search results will build brand awareness as people are likely to remember and trust the first result.
  • Proper SEO audit and strategy will help you bypass your competitors. keep a close eye on your competitor’s SEO strategy to take an edge on any weakness found in their SEO campaign.
  • As a business owner, you know how much it takes to generate leads and spend resources on the paid advertisement and cold calling. With proper SEO, you can have ROI in no time and would increase the leads.