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How to Find High Volume Low Competition Keywords

Ask any SEO expert out there, and they’d tell you how key finding high volume low compassion keywords are in any effective SEO strategy. Low competition keywords are the ones that can fetch your website a great ranking without much effort, helping you attract organic traffic to your website.

You need to follow a specific process to find the perfect keywords for your content, and you can choose to do it manually or opt for the automated approach. For the manual approach, you can use Google to reverse engineer, to find keywords you need to optimize on the basis of seed keywords. Then, all you have to do is enter a keyword in the search bar, and Google will automatically fill in a few answers for you. Pick the one that you like – the first entry under that search is just what you want! You can also scroll through the bottom of the page and use the ‘People Also Ask’ section to find relevant keywords.

On the other hand, the automated process is easier and will yield quicker results. Look up a reliable keyword research tool online, enter your competitors\’ domain, and you’ll have a list of keywords that they’re using to optimize their content. Look for the weak, missing, and untapped keywords and use them for your content.

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