Many google users still search for content in the most basic format; however, others are conversant with the advanced technical commands of the browser. Which are referred to as Google advanced operators; these are commands that helps you attain more specific and relevant results. They are essential in SEO, searching for a particular blog post, digital marketing, and site audit.

Correspondingly, they target a particular segment of the search to show required titles, pages in a particular site and exclude phrases or words within the results. Applying advanced google search enables you to scout opportunities, know-how the browser handles your store, and edge out competitors.

How do you do an Advanced Search on Google?

Many users write a sentence, phrase, or word when searching for specific content on the browser. However, numerous types of advanced search commands might be used to eliminate internet clutter and direct you to the relevant search results. Here are various commands which may be used simultaneously to extensively and intensively access Google’s index.

OR Search – the operator enables you to search for numerous separate terms results, expanding the query to provide more search results. In other words, it directs you to find a particular URL that comprises multiple words.

Related search – it helps you get identical websites, such that after searching, the results will provide you with a list of similar websites that are related to your search. Notably, it is used by e-commerce experts since it is ideal for edging out competitors. In that, you might be able to research the competitors’ weaknesses and capitalize on them to create high-quality products.

Link Search – the command enables you to locate links within websites, such that you get to see websites that have links to the site you are searching for in search results. It is mainly used when you need Google to understand that you are interested in the links within a particular website and not the content.

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File Type Search – the operator helps you reduce search results to particular file types, for example, PPT, GIF, and PNG. Equally important is that you should place the file format before the command; otherwise, the browser will direct you to the links for every file relating to your query.

Return all PDF files containing word report (word can be in doc or in filename)

filetype:pdf report

It helps you reducing file types from their original format to PNG to enable you to get instant results. Additionally, they are used in evaluating PowerPoint presentations if any other important information needs to be added to the product’s description.

Site Search – the advanced google search directs you to the specific domain or website without going through the entire web. Thus it is a crucial command where multiple applications are being used simultaneously. Hence, it is used mainly to find duplicate content or products.

Return all pages containing word “london” from my "london" 

Exclusion Search – it is involved in removing various items in the search results. Consequently, it helps avoid confusion; if you are searching for a word with numerous meanings, the operator ensures that google provides you with the relevant results. 

Return pages that contain the phrase “cheap holidays” but don’t contain the word “egypt”

"cheap holidays" -egypt 

Exact Search – the command helps provide you with the exact item you are searching for by adding quotation marks on the query. That way, Google interprets that you need the exact results for your inquiry. Mainly it is used when you need a specific result about a particular phrase. 

Return pages that contain the phrase “to be or not to be”

"to be or not to be" 

Price Search – this operator enables Google to understand that you need a specific product at a particular price. As such, you do not need to go through the entire web searching for a product and its price. It is a crucial component that enlightens store owners on the range of prices within their niche.

Show these men’s chino trousers that are priced 15 USD or less

mens chino trousers $15

All in Title, All in URL, All in Text – the three commands are usually combined since they work similarly the difference being they execute their task segments on the page. The all-in title operator enables you to get pages with a particular group of words within the title area and similarly get rid of pages without the text within the title. All in text advanced google search command tracks down text within pages and posts. Lastly, the all-in URL operator helps you scan pages with specific terms within the URL.

These tips are excellent in understanding the common phrase your competitor applies for various products, providing you with insight into improving your keyword search, giving your business an edge over the competitors. 

Missing Words – this strategy communicates to google the specific missing words to search for instead of writing the query to begin a search. It is used to help you fill banks; if you do not remember the exact words for a song lyric, you must add an asterisk at the end of your words.

Definitions – these commands provide you with a google dictionary; they also enable you to listen to word pronunciations by clicking on the megaphone option. The advanced google search is valid when you are looking for meaning, synonyms of words, or when listening to pronunciations of particular words.

Location Specific News – the advanced google operator retrieves results from a particular area. Therefore, that concept is applied to offer news from a specific location. If you are looking for news from a specific location and need to filter the search, then this is the best command to use.


In conclusion, google advanced search is a technical and more elaborate way of doing searches. The commands used in conducting the searches vary depending on the task they perform. These commands have made it easier and faster to get relevant results without spending too much time going through the entire web. Google is one of the most prominent search engines in the world has millions of websites.

Thus, the advanced search helps users find their searches with ease otherwise without the advanced search SEO would be difficult. Thereby facilitating the efficiency and effectiveness of google advanced searches. Therefore, if you are used to using the basic format, it is high time you started using google advance search and enjoy the great experience of the google search engine browser. 

How to do advanced search in Google

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