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What is an Example of a Backlink

Backlinks are an integral part of any effective SEO strategy. But what exactly are backlinks? They are nothing but links from one page on one website to another. Sounds complicated? It’s not! Let’s take an example – if you link to another website, that website has a backlink from you. Likewise, when someone links to your site, your website has a backlink from theirs.

Backlinks are super important when it comes to boosting the rankings of your website. Search engines basically consider backlinks as votes of confidence – the higher votes your website has, the better your rank will be on search engines.

Your website will be a lot more discoverable, as search engines keep revisiting popular pages to check for new links. The unpopular pages don’t really get much exposure, which is why your content and websites can get discovered more often with the help of backlinks.

Backlinks also work wonderfully to increase referral traffic. The whole idea of the backlinks is to direct visitors to useful, relevant, and value-adding resources. This also explains why backlinks are always clickable. So when someone clicks on a link to your website, you easily get referral traffic.

Coming to the most important part – will all backlinks fetch you rankings and discoverability of referral traffic? Well, no. You need to be accurate with your backlinks in terms of relevance. The quality of backlinks determines the exposure you’ll get from them, as this increases the probability of people clicking on them.

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