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Affordable SEO London

In today’s competitive economy, it’s imperative to use every available tool to grow your brand recognition and attract new customers. Your company’s online presence is essential to this goal, and leveraging effective tools such as affordable SEO marketing and social media content can help you stand apart from your competitors. I’m Lukasz Zelezny, and I am passionate about utilising advanced technology and online marketing tools to support my clients.

Affordable Top SEO Agency in London

I understand how hard you work for your company and know you don’t want to trust it to just anyone. With all the available options for SEO agencies outside of London as well as in the city, you need to choose the one that’s right for your business. I have years of proven experience in the SEO industry and social media marketing. Along with my university training, I’ve spearheaded successful growth and performance initiatives for companies including HomeAway, Fleetway Travel, and The Digital Property Group. Now, I offer my expertise to clients through hands-on SEO workshops, conferences, social media consultancy, and SEO audit services.


Let’s have a chat so we can tell you more about what we deliver and what are our techniques. We are doing data focused SEO where the position of keywords are rarely main KPI. Instead, our process and approach care about ROI and conversion. Additionally, we can review your Adwords Pay Per Click campaigns. Online marketing solutions and promotion in search engines includes a website audit, Analytics, Keyword Research and more. We also don’t handcuff into long contracts.

SEO Agency in London

While the days of stuffing keywords into your site to improve your search engine ranking are long gone, that doesn’t mean SEO is irrelevant. On the contrary, with improved search engine technology and an increasingly crowded online marketplace, SEO is more important than ever. So, how can my SEO content agency help your brand?

  • I offer an cheap affordable SEO Agency Level complete SEO audit for your site
  • I can help you understand the factors that affect your search ranking
  • I will show you the areas to focus on for the best results

Today’s SEO techniques can be complex and time consuming. Rather than dedicate your own valuable time to endless research about SEO methods, let me provide you with effective tools to improve your site’s performance.

Start Here: SEO Audit for Your Site

One of the things that makes my company the best SEO content agency in London is exceptional value. I respect your business and know how important it is to make sure you maximise the results you get from marketing investments. If you’re searching for an affordable SEO agencies in London, look no further than Lukasz Zelezny. My company offers hundreds of tools and tips to help you get started with SEO and social media marketing.


My SEO audit takes just seconds but can provide you with invaluable data about your company’s website. You should be aware of your site’s Google search ranking, but did you know it can fluctuate daily? That’s one reason an SEO audit is so important. This tool can help you understand all the factors that could be affecting your ranking. Once you understand where you site needs improvement, you can develop a customised SEO campaign.


You may be wondering what kind of ranking factors my SEO audit can detect. Here are just a few of the potential errors this tool can help you catch:

Affordable SEO “hacks”
Incorrect status code
Low-quality content
Backlink issues
Problems with robot.txt syntax
“No Index” meta tags

As soon as you have a good idea of the factors that are influencing your search ranking, you can start to mitigate those issues.

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Focus on Key SEO Strategies

The term “SEO” can have cover numerous methods and goals, but you only need to focus on the areas that are most relevant to your site. In the early days of SEO, there was a simple formula that most companies could use to improve search ranking. However, advances in search engine technology have made SEO complicated, and most businesses need to develop a personalised strategy to get the best results. Are you wondering where to start?


Most SEO experts and agencies agree there are five areas that should get the most attention in an SEO campaign:

  • On-Page SEO Analysis:
    On-page issues are usually the easiest to test and improve since you have control over your website. You should make sure your site loads quickly and looks attractive on both traditional and mobile platforms. With the popularity of hand-held devices, it’s especially vital to make sure your site design offers mobile viewers a smooth and user-friendly experience. You may want to incorporate responsive web design development to improve your site’s functionality on multiple platforms. Other important aspects of on-page analysis include linking structure, geographical terms for local search optimisation, eye-catching headers, strong text, and accurate title tags.
  • Off-Page SEO Analysis:
    This is related to how visitors find your site from outside links. Make sure your entry in Google’s business directory is accurate, and submit your site to other online directories. Your goal is to help customers find your site through a thorough set of backlinks.
  • SEO Site Architecture:
    An important subsection of on-page factors, your site’s page hierarchy is extremely important. You want to make is as easy as possible for visitors to understand your industry, products, services, and contact information. There are tools that can help you determine how real users are interacting with your site, so you can see where you need to make changes.
  • SEO Competitive Analysis:
    Getting your page to the top of the search rankings means you need to outrank your competitors. Take the time to research top-ranking sites in your industry so you know where your own site is lacking. You may find that you need to change your keywords or improve the content of your site. 
  • Social Media:
    While you should already have a company presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it’s essential to consider other social medial options as well. Maybe your industry niche would engage well with Pinterest users. Perhaps posting video content to YouTube would be effective for your brand. Figure out what you need to do to build an audience that engages with and shares you content.

Take Your Social Media Marketing to the Next Level

Along with a comprehensive SEO strategy, you can utilise social media to improve brand engagement with your target audience. While social media can provide your business with easy and effective marketing tools, it can also be a significant time waster if you don’t use it properly. My SEO marketing agency can help you create and manage effective social media campaigns. In fact, you can start learning some of my proven strategies right now by attending my social media marketing webinar.


My unique webinar combines the most effective tools I’ve developed from years in the industry. Your registration gets you access to exclusive content where you can learn some of the best tricks of the trade, such as:

    • How to correctly identify your target audience and build a customised campaign
    • How to choose the right type of content for each social media platform
    • How to automate tasks to avoid wasting time on social media
    • How to build your following and improve outreach campaigns
    • How to automatically send your content to multiple channels
    • How to get the best results from social media tools

Improving your social media presence and engagement can be the key to building a loyal following and converting those followers to clients. My webinar gives you the knowledge you need to put social media to work for your brand.

Join the Best SEO Company London

How else can you build your business? One of the best resources is the community of entrepreneurs like you. Slack is an online community that allows you to engage with other business owners. Not only can this be a great place to promote your business, but you can also gain invaluable insights from your fellow entrepreneurs. Which Slack communities should you pursue? My personal recommendations include #Launch, #OnlineGeniuses, and #Startup.

Schedule a Speaking Engagement

How can you get the most from London’s top SEO agency? By attending one of my conferences or scheduling a new speaking engagement. My SEO/Social Media conferences offer exciting, hands-on tips and demonstrations to help you understand and incorporate the latest SEO and social medial marketing tools and methods. I have numerous conferences scheduled in a variety of worldwide locations along with online events such as the Global Digital Marketing Summit. You can also hire me directly to speak to your company or give the keynote address at your conference. Browse videos of some of my recent engagements, such as SiGMA 2014 and ICEEFest SEO 2017, and then contact me to schedule an informational and inspiring workshop.

Best SEO London Agencies Substitute In London

Do you want to start improving your SEO and social media marketing right away? I offer countless resources from my SEO content agency, right on my website. Browse through recent blog posts for quick tips on efficiency, SEO, content creation, and marketing. You can also read through several technical tutorials explaining various SEO analysis methods and strategies. Learn more about the Klout Score, why it’s important, and how to improve it. These detailed tutorials tackle some of the most vital SEO and social medial marketing topics and provide you the information you need to make significant improvements to your own site. Finally, use the quick and easy online contact form to send me a message about your SEO and social media marketing needs; you’ll get a response right away.


SEO Tailored to Your Company.
I’m Lukasz Zelezny, SEO and social media marketing expert. After years of managing organic growth, visibility, and customer engagement for some of the UK’s largest brands, I’m offering my local SEO services to you. My time in the SEO industry has helped me develop unique, effective strategies that works.

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Lukasz Zelezny

Lukasz Zelezny, a London living SEO Evangelist and conference speaker. Was working for FindAProperty, PrimeLocation, ThomsonReuters, HomeAway and others. I am offering my affordable SEO London Agencies substitute service.

Affordable SEO London

SEO Tailored to Your Company.
I’m Lukasz Zelezny, subsitute for SEO London agencies. After years of managing organic growth, visibility, and customer engagement for some of the UK’s largest brands, I’m offering my SEO services to you as alternative to SEO London Agencies services. My time in the SEO industry has helped me develop unique, effective strategies that works.