Looking for Shopify SEO Services? Tips to Find the Right One

You have landed on this article since you might already have a Shopify site or planning to create one. So, you are looking forward to Shopify SEO Services as its marketing tricks! You can get such offerings via various means like Shopify SEO agency, Shopify SEO expert, or a Shopify SEO expert consultant.

Online commerce has become necessary for many businesses to sell their products to larger audiences. So, the online retail industry is growing faster year after year. After all, more buyers are interested in the convenience of window shopping.

Hence, online selling, either directly or via Dropshipping, is one of the trending businesses one can choose to earn profits! Today there is much competition in the e-commerce industry everywhere. The main difficulty that most e-com businesses face is winning the trust of the target audiences.

In this post, we will discuss all the related facts you should know about enhancing the visibility of a Shopify web store! We start with the basics, the need, the benefits, and the challenges to move forward for the best recommendation!

It is essential to hire a Shopify SEO Expert

It is essential to hire a Shopify SEO Expert when you run an e-commerce website based on Shopify for several reasons. First, a Shopify SEO Agency Expert has experience and knowledge in optimizing Shopify websites and eCommerce stores. This means they know how to improve a Shopify store’s URL structure and on-page seo, which can increase the store’s search engine results and rankings.

Second, a Shopify SEO Expert can conduct a technical SEO audit on your Shopify website to identify any SEO issues that may be hindering your search performance. They can then implement technical SEO fixes to improve your store’s search engine results pages (SERPs) and drive more organic traffic to your online store.

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Shopify SEO Expert and digital marketing strategy

Third, a Shopify SEO Expert can help you develop and implement a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for your eCommerce store. This can include optimizing your Shopify store for paid search and providing ppc services to drive more targeted traffic to your website.

Fourth, a Shopify SEO Expert can provide actionable insights and data-driven recommendations to help improve your store’s search performance and drive more sales. This can include using Shopify apps and other tools to track and analyze your store’s search results and provide regular reports on your store’s SEO progress.

Finally, a Shopify SEO Agency Expert is a specialist in the powerful eCommerce platform that is Shopify. They have experience working with the platform and can help you get the most out of it to grow your online store and drive more sales. Hiring a Shopify SEO Expert is an investment in the success of your eCommerce website and can provide valuable, long-term benefits for your business.

Why use Shopify to build an Online Store?

Today over one million eCommerce businesses use Shopify to manage their online presence. More than 30% of the eCommerce market belongs to Shopify, and over 2 million users are active on this all-in-one eCommerce platform.

Shopify is a leading CMS platform! It is one of the first preferences of startups looking to form an e-commerce store than others like Magneto or WooCommerce. The main point to note is that it is easy to understand and simple to use for any newbie! From 2006 to the present, Shopify has grown in popularity in different countries.

Shopify, with SEO tricks, can help businesses attract target prospects. It is also to gain customers and get help in marketing to make a profit for companies. Thus, Shopify is a reliable platform for online sellers. It helps businesses sell offline (via Point of Sale systems) and online (through e-commerce).

Many helpful features of Shopify can help in optimizing the SEO of a website;

– Activate 301 redirects.

– Editable Title tags, URLs, Meta descriptions, and alt tags.

– Produce XML sitemap.

– Mobile-friendly.

– Names of the image files can be changed.

– Automatic creation of Robots.txt file.

– Plenty of SEO plugins.

– Link with Google Analytics.

– Good loading speed.

– SSL security.

Canonical tags.

– Easy to perform On-page SEO.

– Primary Structured Data.

Shopify markets can help one in selling globally without any stress. A seller does not need to use his solutions for import and duty taxes, localized language, or currency conversions. Shopify also features hosting and template themes for its users. It is an easy-to-update web-based CMS!

What are the Benefits of using the Shopify Web Store?

Anyone can build an online store and start an e-commerce business using a platform like Shopify. There are many plus points of using the Shopify platform for creating a web store;

– Adding value to the brand experience.

– Custom website design.

– Availability of many in-built tools.

– Build good relations with customers for a long time.

– Full control of CSS and HTML.

– Easy administration of the backend.

– Integrated Payment Services with the support of more than 100 worldwide payment processors.

– Completely cloud-based.

– It is rich in useful features and customizable.

– Meets complete W3C standards.

– Plenty of storefront themes.

– Save money and time creating an e-commerce platform.

– Provision of help from a technical advisor.

– Abandoned cart recovery management.

– Links with the POS systems with ease.

– One can tailor the store as per the needs due to the high flexibility of the Shopify platform.

– Access to financing and secure business online transactions.

– All-time customer support.

– Data analytics and reporting.

There are chances of more sales if there would be wider audiences of a Shopify web store which is possible by well scaling of its e-commerce business. One widespread way to market a Shopify site is to optimize the online store making it convenient to show in the search engine results!

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Why should you do SEO for Shopify Store?

As per an analysis, the amount of traffic on the Shopify website ranking on top in SERPs is twice the one on the second position. So, optimising a Shopify web store from an SEO point of view is essential. It includes optimizing product listings with content. SEO is a very cost-effective way to promote any business online.

If you choose the Shopify platform to build your web store, it will even help you in its SEO. It has many helpful inbuilt apps and features to index and rank a webpage in search engines. These will make a web store perform well on search engine results when somebody searches for it.

However, it comes with certain limitations since it is a closed platform. Therefore, users can find fewer customization options on Shopify than on any other open platform.

SEO is to help you bring organic traffic to your web store for free than using any paid mediums like ads or influencer marketing! It saves lots of financial resources to build a natural following of a business for the long term ahead. SEO is also to improve the web store’s CTRs (Click through rates).

Ultimately, SEO is necessary to gain new business leads who search for the items you sell before your competitors. At the same time, SEO could be trickier for someone new to it and seems difficult to understand! SEO can range from very basic to advanced optimizations. It can be considered a long-term approach to enhance the online visibility of a business.

Almost all sellers would like to make their sales faster than waiting to hope for the best time to sell. SEO helps a lot to make this possible! However, the main task is to use a well-informed decision in choosing the correct medium to get Shopify SEO Agency services.

Therefore, SEO is necessary,

– While starting an online business,

– Creating a web presence for an offline retail store,

– Marketing a web store, or

– Simply launching a product!

Improving the search engine rankings is to get customers who are likely to buy the items you sell.

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What are the different Shopify SEO Services?

If you are new to marketing your Shopify store, the following are the basic steps to move forward. The aim is to gain organic traffic from SEO Agency practices;

1) Keyword Research – This includes finding the highly profitable keywords for targeted products or categories of a website.

2) Optimizing the Content – The service includes using/updating the right content on each page of the Shopify web store.

3) Technical SEO – One needs to identify the issues in the technical SEO aspects of a Shopify site and how to fix them.

4) Improving User Interface – The aim is to ensure that the website audience is impressed with what they see on the Shopify store.

5) Improving Speed – The task is to uncover the website elements responsible for its high page load time to remove or update them.

6) Optimizing the Rate of Conversion – It is about testing the performance of the changes in the website structure and content for more sales.

7) Analysis – It checks whether the organic traffic is helping the business increase its website traffic.

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How to do SEO of a Shopify Store?

The goal should be to adjust and add meaningful content on the Shopify site. It would be friendlier to the search engine bots and audiences searching for the relevant source. The more positive experience it will deliver to its audiences more likely search engines will recommend it to others. Finally, more rankings!

There are many ways one can optimize a website as per the relevant keywords for a Shopify online store. By the way, generally, a Shopify marketing SEO campaign is a mix of the following Shopify SEO services;

– Effective content strategy,

Review and optimize the code,

– Internal and External Link Building,

– URL updates and optimization,

– Analyze Regular SEO reports.

– Improve the non-working strategies,

– Reiterate the SEO campaign.

It all depends on the proper planning! The effect of an SEO strategy can influence the ranking and sales of an eCommerce store.

Below are some tips to improve the ranking of a Shopify store on search engines like Google;

– More backlinks influence the most on the website rankings.

– Use insightful content for the regular Blog posts.

– It is best to use engaging multimedia like videos wherever possible.

– The focused keywords should be as per relevant data.

– Use the product review app.

Some SEO factors require more attention as compared to others! One thing to remember here is that it is not only about adding good content to the website but also preparing High-quality backlinks for it!

An expert can use the past knowledge and practice to shorten the total time it takes to form a Shopify SEO campaign for marketing a web store.

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12 Best SEO practices for Shopify Stores

A Shopify store must have the structure to explore with ease for both the search engines and humans! A website should be secure, mobile-friendly, and optimized for search results to help a business become an industry leader.

It is not only about achieving a strong web presence but maintaining higher ranks on the search results also matters the most. The inputs of the business owner on every step of the decision-making during the Shopify SEO services campaign process are also vital.

Now we will look at the best practices or tactics Shopify SEO Agency experts mainly use to ensure better optimization of their client sites;

1) Install Google Webmasters Tools.

2) Refrain from using default Meta descriptions. Use your unique content for each product.

3) The navigation of your Shopify store must be SEO-friendly.

4) You should redirect empty or unusable Product pages.

5) Try to use small images without compromising their quality.

6) Check and remove all the inefficient coding, like excess spacing and line breaks.

7) Maintain mobile e-commerce by building a smartphone-friendly web store.

8) Use Shopify collections so that the overall shopping experience can be made better for every customer.

9) The Alt text of the images should be descriptive as possible.

10) Use limited extensions and apps that will not slow down the website.

11) Choose a theme well, do not use sub-optimal type.

12) Take care while including targeted keywords in the product content, like in their image alt texts and descriptions.

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What are the Challenges in doing SEO for Shopify?

One of the popular facts about Shopify is that many of its users are not getting enough sales on their stores, or their sites are not ranking on SERPs! Most of them lack enough knowledge about SEO for their web store. Due to this, their site includes one or more of the following issues that they cannot point out and remove;

Disallowing htaccess and robots.txt.

– Do not allow editing on tag pages.

– The code is closed off from users.

– Meta tags restrictions.

– No option of adding custom fields.

– Improper URL structure.

– Duplicate pages, and

– More.

All such issues resist search engines like Yahoo, Google, and Bing rank websites. Dealing with such problems can be yelling for non-technical guys or tough to execute by self.

Here are some issues related to using Shopify for which you either need to invest in some paid apps or get the help of an SEO expert;

– Limited features for making engaging Blog posts.

– Difficulty in handling collations page descriptions.

– Limitations in structured data function.

– Localizing the web store as per a Region or City.

– Implementing Google Shopping for new items is not easy.

– No default Native Schema.org function.

– Editing is not allowed in the sitemap.

So, for most or all of the above issues, there lies more than one solution. It all depends on what all Shopify SEO Agency services apply per the preference!

How can Shopify SEO Experts help? An Outlook on the Best Services

If you own a Shopify store but lack enough sales for it even after applying some of your SEO tricks, you should at least give a try to an expert as well. It could be one who can use the optimal SEO strategies to assist you in improving the sales of your eCommerce Shopify store.

Optimizing a web store for search engine rankings is pretty difficult than any standard website. After all, an eCommerce site contains many categories and items to target their respective audiences. Hence, there is a need for unique SEO strategies with well understanding of dynamic optimization.

It is not a cup of cake for all to manage all the SEO activities on the web store by themselves. So, taking the help of a dedicated professional, in this case, matters the most! Since they can help you with;

– Searching and choosing the right keywords to rank your Shopify site.

– To make sure your SEO work is moving in the right direction.

– For peace of mind while getting the help of experts.

– Get ideas about how to lead ahead of the market competition.

– You can get more time to focus on the business rather than only on marketing.

– To make your web store a consistent brand in front of its audiences.

– An expert can better help you optimize a Shopify store and drive sales for it.

– One can better deal with the new update in search engine algorithms with time.

An experienced SEO strategist can help you drive valuable results in terms of business profits! An expert with a mindset of only growth and revenue-making can help one generate long-lasting results.

A client must not be an SEO expert to discuss a website with any agency. So genuine SEO services always uncover the tricks they will use from clients to optimize the website rankings.

How to Choose a Reliable Shopify SEO Agency?

Best Shopify SEO practices and marketing tactics for Shopify stores impact the online visibility of a website. There are many tips to find the right Shopify SEO agency by reviewing its offerings or services;

– Prefer to choose a trusted brand or name that gains many client reviews and ratings!

– It is good if the marketing strategies are effective and affordable.

– One should offer optimal custom approaches to meet the expectations and objectives of a business.

– Tried and tested SEO strategies matter a lot for any business.

– Experience matters a lot to help a website gain traffic, function well, and boost sales.

– The service should be responsive and maintains transparency with its clients.

– One can help a web store improve its domain referrals and backlinks.

– The expert should be well aware of the limitations and strengths of the platform.

– Must be available to consult or get support whenever needed.

– A business with a commendable social presence can best help others do well.

– The service possesses vast experience working with various clients from different industries.

– The expert should be good at communication and listen to the client’s needs.

– It should ask for feedback from its clients as a good gesture of professionalism to maintain quality offerings.

– You can look out for positive reviews, testimonials, and case studies of their services.

You must decide by referring to a Shopify SEO agency’s offerings, testimonials, and pricing! A reputable agency works as an extension of a business. So, be specific about your goals before hiring any SEO expert or firm! The agency should know what they are doing to avoid engaging in any scam!

You surely need the help of experts, especially if you want to rank best for competitive keywords for your business, but. Are you concerned about the pricing? You might not want to indulge with any professional agency for your Shopify SEO needs. If yes, then you should try a freelance Shopify SEO Consultant!

What is the best way to get Shopify SEO Services?

If you are looking for an independent Shopify SEO consultancy, then a reliable option is SEO.London! It is run by an experienced SEO professional. To enhance future sales, he offers Shopify SEO consultancy services to organizations and businesses.

Lukasz Zelezny is a well-known name in the SEO industry and achieved many recognitions and awards. Yet, you can find a 5-star review page about him on Trustpilot! He has an experience of more than 15 years, attended many events and conferences.

They mainly offer website audits, off-page/on-page marketing, and executing different data-driven solutions. Not limited to this, but there are many more reasons to select Lukas as a Shopify SEO Agency expert, listed as follows;

– He offers complete support to improve the online engagement of a business, plus targeting the right leads for the best outcomes.

– Promote customer engagement using newer and proven ways.

– He is more than a freelance SEO professional in London and features in the top 10 ranking of the UK’s social media influencers. Judge at UK Search Awards. He worked at ZPG as the organic performance director.

– Drive sales using new mediums.

– You can find his online keynote speeches at many industry events and digital conferences.

– They also provide SEO knowledgebase and workshops to the interested ones!

– Analyzes and enhance the statistics of your company’s social media presence.

– Uses the best tools to monitor the existing digital marketing and plan for improvements.

– They worked with many big household brands belonging to various industries like Wix, Zoopla, Switch, and AutoTrader.

– You can find the name on many prominent industry providers, magazines, and news like Forbes, Adobe’s CMO, MarketingTech, and Semrush!

In case of any doubt, you can contact or live chat with the SEO expert, get the idea, and figure out whether SEO.London is that one helping hand for you! He is always available if you need a personalized audit and guidance for Shopify SEO Services for your web store.

Final Thoughts

It does not matter if your business web store is a new or well-settled startup. You can soon experience a high lift in its market share and sales revenue by using the right strategy based on a data-driven approach.

Your single-valued dedicated approach for SEO can help boost the SERPs ranking of your website. The aim here is to enhance the traffic and conversions of a website by highlighting it differently from other businesses.

Search engines take both context and semantics. It is to understand the product listings of a web store in a better way. The overall infrastructure and technical codes in a web store can impact the capability of the content to rank well in the search engine.

An SEO audit is a must to know the actual position of a company in the Digital world. It helps you find the problem areas you need to work on and grow ahead of your competition. Do not believe in guesswork! The SEO work should be as per the facts and figures. So, you should give Zelezny a try!

He believes in a family partnership. His SEO training and consultancy also work best for one in social media practices and management. Both he and his wife contribute to the less fortunate people in society.

They have proven systems to gain organic traffic for their partners and clients. The target is to retain old clients and acquire new traffic and audiences for the business website.

It does not matter if you need help to promote a particular product. You might want a one-off fix, a short-term strategy, or a long-term SEO campaign of Shopify SEO services. Overall, it is not a bad idea to take the help of an expert via proper consultation profitable for your business.

At least go for an SEO Pre-assessment from a trustable Shopify SEO consultant for your Shopify store to know its current status. Once confident, you can move to Organic Online Marketing or Technical analysis. In this way, one can enhance the performance of a Shopify store while making it more user-friendly!

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