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Are you having trouble generating sales because of the low ranking on the Google search result page?

Do you ever think about what is causing you to miss your click and potential sales?

You all answers lie within the tips and tricks of Ecommerce SEO. There is no denying that ranking higher than your competitors is a must to skyrocket your revenues. But what is the full strategy behind e-commerce SEO? I have designed this easy step guideline to walk you through the whole process without any fuss.

Before starting let me answer the quick question running in your mind and making you wonder that what is SEO and why you should care about it?

Search engine optimization SEO is a combination of strategies to rank your website on a specific keyword at number one on search engines like Google. Statistically, more than 40% of people including me do their online shopping start from Google.

According to SEMRush’s report around 37% of traffic on e-commerce websites comes from search results while 23.6% of orders on e-commerce websites are directly tied to organic traffic by business insider reports.

I think all this is enough to convince you that a strong SEO strategy is necessary to rule out your competitors and increase your brand impression and clicks.

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5 tips for E-commerce SEO Strategy

eCommerce SEO Services and Keyword Research:

Keyword research is the main building block of all types of SEO either on-page or technical as website URL, architecture, product categories, and the listing could only optimized on the base of a keyword.

If you end up getting this part wrong then few things would happen;

  • You may target the difficult keyword which could ruin your whole SEO campaign as it would be difficult to rank with a difficult keyword on the number 1 page.
  • Your poor quality chosen keyword would hurt your impression, clicks, and hence sales. As some keyword doesn’t generate a lot of traffic or customers don’t buy.

Neither of these is ideal for any business and no business wants it. So as you can see keyword research is an important task and you shouldn’t take it lightly. Put your best effort into finding the low difficulty keywords with high search volume.

You are probably thinking how can I find such a keyword. Then there are three ways to do it.

  1. With the help of SEO tools
  2. Research on Competitors business websites

Let’s discuss all three in detail

eCommerce SEO Services and SEO tools:

When it comes to optimizing the home page and product pages of your website then you should consider difficulty level, relevancy, and search volume. You can use Ubersuggest tools for keyword research

In UberSuggest, put your keyword in the search bar and click on keyword ideas. A list of keyword ideas will appear now go for the most searched with low to medium difficulty level keyword for your homepage while others can be used for product pages.

Important Note: Do not go for a too competitive or too broad keyword as it will lessen relevancy. Try to pick keywords with difficulty level 30 or less

In SEMRush you will get a two-week free trial after sign up. Put your website URL in the explorer search bar and click on organic search and ten see the full report under the mentioned five keywords.

You would find the keywords you are ranking for. You can filter your most important keywords for which you are ranking high. And then you should optimize your pages around it.

Now move to our next part

eCommerce SEO Services and Competitors research:

If you have decided your keyword then it’s time to peek a boo in your competitors’ websites and steal your competitor’s keywords. Now do some thorough research on your competitor’s website.

Put your competitors’ website URL in the search bar this time and put some filters like

  • Keyword difficulty max 20
  • Position 20
  • Volume minimum of 1000

You will have a list of competitors’ keywords with low difficulty which they are using to rank. How cool is that?

While researching your competitors, look for two thing

  • For what keywords are your competitors ranking?
  • From where they are getting their backlinks?

You can use a nifty tool in SEMRush too that will show you the keywords for which your competitors are ranking but you are not. It allows you to compare three competitors’ websites with yours.

  • Amazon suggests:

You see amazon as your competitor but you can use it for your purpose too. Amazon is a gold mine for highly targeted in-demand keywords. Type your product keyword and it will automatically show you long-tail keywords which proves to be more effective and convertible than short keywords.

You can use tools like keyword dominator tools or amazon keyword tool to scrape the searches more easily. When you will write down your seed keyword, it will automatically give you suggestions. Copy-paste it into your spreadsheet and do the same for all products keywords and save it in a sheet.

Now that you have a list of keywords and you can choose your keyword with low KD. It is time to tune up and customize your e-commerce site structure.

E-commerce SEO and site architecture:

Site structure or architecture of any website is an important point in SEO strategy. You should put your chosen product categories keywords into action by assembling a simple yet complete website structure. So you can say that its main purpose is to increase the relevance of the content to put in front of customers and make it easy for users & search engines to reach all pages easily without any hassle.

There are universal two Rules of best site architecture

  1. Keep things scalable and simple
  2. You should keep your homepage three or fewer clicks away from other product pages.

Example of bad architecture site from eCommerce SEO point of view:

Before going to discuss the perfect site structure, let’s talk about the bad one and how it seems.

  • Given is the bad site structure as you can see it is buried deep inside and you have to make a whole new line for a new product. It will create a mess and it breaks the rule of fewer than 3 clicks.
  • With an increasing click, the page authority also dilutes. In other words, by the time your authority reaches your product pages, it is too diluted.
  • It is also breaking the rule of simplicity as it is way too complicated and difficult to understand what goes where.

You want your most authority page like the homepage to give internal links to other pages to increase its worth but it’s not doing that in a bad site architecture case.

Example of Good eCommerce SEO architecture:

Now it’s time to see the well-optimized site architecture that is SEO-optimized & e-commerce user-friendly structure.

As you can see, the homepage is linked to all product category pages and most of the authority is concentrated at website category and product which would help in ranking the pages in Google.

It is not only suitable from an SEO point of view but also convenient for the users to operate this website and reach any category product they want in just 3 clicks.

According to MOZ in 2011, many SEO experts argue that pages that are buried deep inside the site structure might not receive enough internal links which would make it difficult for search engines to rank them as their visibility decreases. Hence, you can improve the ranking by moving content up in the architecture.

Now the question is…

What you can do on your website which can improve your site structure better than your competitors?

How you can improve your website visibility?

Will you attach a blog to your website in case your competitor doesn’t have any?

Make a list of all actions of SEO strategy that you are going to take to make your e-commerce site better than your competitors.

ON-PAGE optimization of website content:

Now that you have made a well-optimized site architecture, it’s time to tailor your e-commerce website pages. You should optimize your product and category pages most as these pages are the most important ones in generating traffic and sales. I will teach you to optimize three things

  • Titles
  • Description tag
  • Product and category page content

Title tag:

Your first instinct would be to add a keyword in your title tag. But try to add modifiers with this keyword to make it look more appealing to readers and will appear more in long-tail keyword searches.

Let’s take an example:

If your keyword is “grain-free pet food” then instead of making your page title tag as grain-free pet food at x.com. try to add modifiers with it that people like us mostly searches. Mostly used modifiers are best, top quality, cheap, latest, deals, online, etc.

So your title tag could be like best “grain-free pet food online at x.com”

Description tag:

In the description tag, try to use magnet words and phrases to increase your CTR. As Google uses organic CTR as a ranking factor. We can also use the magnet words already used in the title tag but a more descriptive manner. It is a great chance to use LSI keywords. Some examples are below:

  • Save X amount of % off at our grain-free pet food online.
  • Free shipping on all orders above X amount.
  • For exclusive deals click here
  • Flat X% off at our latest range.

On-page optimization of website content:

optimizing your product and category pages is one of the most important steps in an ON-PAGE SEO strategy. I will briefly tell you its main point.

  • Your product content should be 1000 word plus as lengthy content tend to gain more ranking in google. Because lengthy content provides in-depth information to your readers also.
  • Tried to sprinkle your keywords naturally in the whole article. Use your keyword in the product description at least 0.2% to make it look natural and this will avoid keyword stuffing too.
  • Also, use the LSI keyword in your content. These LSI keywords are phrases and words that are related to the main keywords. You can search such keywords on amazon. Type your keyword and look for the lines appear on category page multiple time.
  • You should use keywords rich descriptive URL. They shouldn’t be more than 50 characters and should depict your category and product keyword. It is considered the main factor to show your website in Google searches the most.
  • Internal links are the main SEO strategy as the e-commerce site itself built a lot of internal links. But you need to connect your authoritative pages to your product pages. If you have an article with many backlinks then you would want to create an anchor text of your main important product in this article to derive more customers to this product.
  • Do you want to stand out in google searches? No need to worry now! Try to add product reviews in your schema markup to have a rich snippet.
  • You should focus on the mobile version of the e-commerce site too. As mobile shopping is becoming popular day by day and more than 80% generation is on mobile 24/7. According to IAB, 61% of customers when finding an unfriendly site, they jump to the competitor’s site. While 58% of mobile users want the shopping site to load faster than desktop according to google, 2011.

Technical SEO for e-commerce site:

Technical SEO audits are important for any SEO strategy but they are most important for e-commerce websites as they have a lot of pages but not many backlinks that point towards them. So a regular e-commerce SEO audit is necessary from time to time. For SEO of e-commerce websites, there are many tools. Few of them are

You can use the screaming frog or raven tool to find any website errors. They will crawl your website content, images, java, CSS, apps from an SEO standpoint. Then show you the following errors if any

  • Problems in descriptive or title tag
  • Thin or duplicate content
  • Broken links
  • Problem in site speed

an e-commerce website has many products with slight differences like colour shape etc but every product has its own unique URL so the duplicate content issue occurs. This could be a nightmare from an SEO stand view. Try to identify pages that are not bringing any traffic through google analytics and try to delete or deindex them or merge them into a super page. Once you delete these dead pages, now time to optimize the remaining one.

  • You should redirect any 404 pages to the actual content.
  • You should change the 302 redirects to 301.
  • Website is the main ranking factor in Google search results and Google has publically announced it as a part of their algorithm. According to research, 40% of customers leave a site when it doesn’t load fastly. So it is super important to avoid this issue. You can use tools like Pingdom to check website speed.
  • Your website speed may be low because of the high-resolution images. These will be good for your customers but slow poison for your website and make it heavy. You can but solve this problem by compressing your file size.
  • Other reasons for its heavy speed would be slow hosting and server. If you are not using good hosting then it will directly affect your speed. What hosting you choose depends on you. Many webs are hosting and choosing their plan is your choice but what I can say is try to take hosting with 50$ a month.

E-commerce SEO Services and Link building:

You want to create quality backlinks when it comes to link building. Google has a serious policy about it and penalizes any site which is connected with low authority websites. You can check any website authority with the MOZ toolbar. You could see many people offering guests post but they mostly provide you with low-quality backlinks.

You should collaborate with other website owners or bloggers to get those links. You can get links from the following opportunities.

  • Partnership with influencers
  • Link building with resource pages
  • Broken link building
  • Steal competitor link

# Influencer marketing is a strategy that you may have heard of before. These influencers will be those people who have high followings and are not competing with you. So instead of giving them products, you can ask them to link your website with their through a link or advertising your products on their website.

# Broken link building is one of the most important strategies to get a handful of links. You can check the broken link on google by using an extension like google check my link. Check resource pages or articles around your keyword or topic to search broken links. Once you find out about the link, email the owner of this article that “I came across your articles and you have a broken link that I thought you should know. BTW I have a very good product related to this which you can check and link with your article as it would be a great addition to your blog post. Anyway! Cheers.” But you need to send hundreds of emails before getting useful links.

# While also creating backlinks, you need to push down your competitors too. You can do that by using SEMRush. You can spy on your competitor’s backlinks and from where he is getting backlinks then you can steal them. Put your competitor’s website in the URL search bar and click follow backlinks & tada! You have a full list of your competitor’s backlinks. you can also get the same backlinks for your website to rank.

Content Marketing For E-commerce

Content marketing is the top strategy to rank higher for many keywords and get more traffic. It is a reality that you can get max ranking from product keywords and once you max that out. You can get more traffic. But with articles, you can rank for as many keywords as you want and can get maximum backlinks to derive more traffic.

According to research, 45% of marketers say that blogging is their number one SEO strategy. While 70% of readers feel mire comfortable and reliable when they learn about a brand through an article rather than an advertisement.

For content marketing try to find out where your customers hang the most. And then try to find the keyword or phrases your targeted customers speak more. Now built unique content around those keywords. Put your all on-page SEO techniques in this article. Take care of keywords density, schema markup, meta title, meta description, H1, H2 tags, etc.

As we told you all the basics of E-commerce SEO strategy but you can’t see a change in your ROI in one day. It takes time to see subtle changes. But if you learned to do SEO today then you can generate hundreds of traffic yesterday. Follow the above-given steps to rank and you would start seeing differences in a few weeks or months, in no time you will be among the top 3 searches.

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