How do I find Content Gaps? SEO Video Episode 1. Watch #SEOVideo by SEO.London and Lukasz Zelezny

Hey Lukasz Zelezny. SEO London. How do I find content gaps? So let’s talk about this and I will show you an example here is Pimlico plumber’s why this one? I have no idea. I like this brand. I like the colours and it’s about something that you don’t need to be really it’s just plumbing. Yeah, so people have to leak somewhere and they are calling for a plumber. So we have Pimco plumbers and let’s say hypothetically that I’m going to improve their content; content marketing. So we see lots of keywords here. I’m using a SEMRush right now and we have here competitive positions map. I can go here and I can see them into the format of list.

You see and obviously I can see that lots of going on here Pimlico plumbers are the leader but then obviously there is an aspect my – plumber’ emergency plumbing’ dot London Plum fourth direct. So let’s start Gap analysis Pimlico

My plumber emergency plumber. Let’s say Aspect there was also plumbed Force direct UK Market. This suggestion automatically are given to you by a SEMRush when you click here you see and compare

It will take a couple of seconds and ones this couple of seconds went through then you should be able to see.

What is there behind I will turn of my

Okay, take a look Pimlico plumbers is here. My plumber is here emergency plumber you we can see a lot of overlaps and a lot of potential areas that this blue ball doesn’t touch. Yeah. So for example here or here where I have mouse or even here 64 shared keywords that only

My plumber aspect and plump Force direct are ranking on so let’s click on that. And this is how the content gaps is visible. We going here and we can see that these keywords that are here this keyword that makes the Pimlico plumber definitely not ranking on so from these keywords, we can find some that.

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Then surely we could build content and at this article on Pimlico plumber’s additionally I will show you I will go here to untapped keywords.

Sorry, I will go back.

So emergency plumber and he was let’s say plumber parts.


And we have different chart overlaps my right now, I need to add Pimlico plumbers. Sorry Pim the called plumber’

Okay, we have to make a plumber’s again blue and we can see that there is some keyword that definitely does biblical plumpers doesn’t cover this. So what we can do here we can go to untapped and we can export this or we can start playing with some areas. I prefer this areas, especially when three or more competitors are touching together. So we

Don’t see much here, but like here for example is hundred eighty keywords that plumber parts and aspect our ranking together and here is 98 keywords that emergency plumber that London and plumber parts are ranking together. And for example here we have hundred ninety-nine keyword that plumber Force direct and aspect co uk our ranking together and Pimlico plumbers are not

So you can see this keyword straight away, and if you think that some of them are good we can start building case for additional article or two or something, which I will be talking later about so that was me look as the last name. Thank you very much, and let’s catch up on the next episode. Bye.

How do I Find Content Gaps

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