Are you thinking about contacting and working in hand with a digital marketing consultant, but you are just not sure if the cost is worth it? Well, do not worry about that because you are in a perfect place. It is challenging to hire a digital marketing consultant and make appropriate decisions, especially starting to spend a portion of your budget on engaging people in the digital market.

This decision tends to haunt business owners. While it is a great idea to look at the benefits of hiring digital marketers or even a digital marketing expert for that matter, it all comes down to the cost to help you make your decision. This article will look into the advantages of seeking a digital marketing consultant. It can be a big decision for a business to hire a consultant for digital marketing but it also may be equally important for the business to grow.

However, the result can be as significant with the right digital marketing strategy. No matter if you are thinking of outsourcing to a freelance digital marketing person, a marketing expert, or hiring digital marketers as in-house staff, you must keep in mind the advantages and disadvantages of such a move.

Suppose you notice growth in your online business and need it managed by hiring a digital marketing expert or improving your probability of rising in it. In that case, you may be on the right path to hiring a digital marketing consultant.

To begin with, you need to check out what step would be most suitable for your business both in the short run and the long run.

This article will discuss who is a digital marketing expert, how they can assist you, and why it is worth investing in them at any critical stage of your business. The concept of digital marketing is a comprehensive tool representing different online methods of marketing and growing your business to boost sales. So, it can be somewhat complicated to launch a robust campaign if your business lacks the resources, time, and expertise for such an undertaking. Therefore, it is logical to have a digital marketing consultant. 

The Functions of a Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital marketing consultants work hand-in-hand with the business owners and staff. They develop perfect marketing strategies and teach the entire team ways of execution to enable business growth. A marketing expert or consultant roles are divided into two including execution and strategy. The marketing consultants mainly guide and give consultation in regards to the marketing environment. Digital marketers are expected to carry out the job, who may form part of the in-house business stuff.

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Strategy is the most challenging concept for a digital consultant. Since they are digital marketing experts, they are expected to critically analyze the business’s marketing environment. They then devise a well-laid marketing plan on their behalf. Execution is easy, particularly when having skilled digital marketing persons at your disposal. If you are looking for someone only to execute the job, then you should have a clear picture in your mind. However, you have no idea how to execute the vision, and that’s where the digital marketing experts are very useful.

Cost of Hiring a Digital Marketing Consultant 

Digital marketing consultants are hired to guide the business from the marketing issue it’s stuck in. They are highly skilled professionals in marketing, and it is pretty evident in how they design and execute a marketing strategy. Their proficiency reflects in their work and how they talk about digital marketing skills and strategy matters. Good digital marketing consultants can instantly figure out what went wrong in the first place. They also let the company know their weaknesses and correct them.

For this reason and many others, generally, digital marketing consultants have two ways of passing their charges including charge per hour or project-based charges. If a consultant is expected to talk about his expertise, talk about the ways of extracting strategies normally charge depending on the number of hours. They have a talk with the business owners and the marketing team about the business, their past strategies, and planned future digital marketing plans.

The digital marketing marketers are paid because the entire activity consumes too much time, deep talk and analysis. In scenarios where the marketing consultant is asking for charges per project, that individual is most likely hired to execute the in-house digital marketing persons’ strategies.

They would start working on the given project and compute its hours to finish the assigned role. Normally, they can approximate the exact time the entire project will consume. Additionally, they may ask for advance payment before starting to work for the project and the rest of the fee to be paid at the end of the whole work. 

Digital marketing consultants working on several projects usually, charge business owners. Depending on how long the digital marketing consultants have stayed in the market and how long they work, the charges may vary. Those having many skills and having worked on several projects will definitely be expensive.

Ways of Minimizing Digital Marketing Consultant Cost

It is vital to ensure you go for quality over anything else during digital marketing consultant hiring. The general fee that the digital marketing persons charge can be very high for many businesses already investing a lot in developing their marketing strategies without a return on that particular investment. In this case, as a business, you can opt for some tactics that will help you reduce the costs associated with hiring a digital marketing consultant.

You can begin by striking a balance between your own in-house digital marketing persons and the personnel brought on board by the digital marketing expert. In this case, you cut the cost of hiring an entire department by taking the expert only, then working with your team. Additionally, you can acquire consultancy services from experts who will work on the execution phase only, instead of hiring a digital marketing expert who will pick it up from the strategy phase.

Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Consultant 

Are you stuck when hiring a digital marketing expert or consultant? Well, here are some of the benefits that’d guide you as you make the decision.

1. You are guaranteed reliability and accountability in your business operations

A great marketing consultant should be reliable and accountable in their operations with your business. Reliability, in this case, implies that the digital marketing expert can walk you through the strategy employed and keep you updated on the progress in terms of numbers.

Meaning, you can get feedback from your digital marketing expert swiftly; you believe and depend to get information and put in practice the perfect strategies. You are guaranteed a digital marketing person who will explain the strategy and back it up with the numbers gained so far on the concept of accountability. If you are not gaining customers, for example, the digital marketing expert knows why the situation is as it is. If a product fails to generate sales that you were expecting, the digital marketer is accountable.

A reliable agency gives you honest communication on the performance of your business in the marketplace, about the strategy that the digital marketing expert employed, and quality service in terms of advice on what to do next. 

2. You get to expand your in-house marketing team 

By hiring a digital marketing expert, you get to build on the marketing team you had earlier put together, expanding in number and technical know-how. You need to hire a person specialized in social media, paid ads person, and an SEO specialist for small or medium-sized businesses. Instead, hire a digital marketing consultant, and you will get an all-around expert who will come with a team to do all this for you.

The in-house staff may not have the necessary expertise to develop and execute a marketing strategy that will eventually work for you. Hiring a digital marketing consultant guarantees you great ideas on what techniques will offer you short and long-run outcomes. Marketing consultants tend to be experts in the field and, as such, will provide a new perspective on some of the things that your team has already been doing. They will assess your marketing efforts and create new ideas based on the viewpoint of the consumers.

Take, for example, the social media marketing space, and the expertise of a digital consultant will assist you in identifying where your target audience is most available, thereby crafting content that appeals to the consumer. This process will help you a great deal to streamline your social media campaigns. A digital marketing expert is the best bet for you if you want to grow your business or put in place a new product or service to a market. He offers several plans and packages that best suit your business size and growth desires.

3. Focus on growing and not daily digital marketing

By employing people in digital marketing, you as a business owner can concentrate more on critical aspects of the business, such as its growth. Some of the duties that you let go of includes excellent digital marketing, which is now left in the hands of digital marketers made into a reliable team and experts who are accountable for performing the heavy lifting and coming to you with recommendations. In most instances, online marketing means hiring a team of digital marketers to run the campaigns, a process that requires time and resources.

A digital marketing consultant comes in handy, allowing you to concentrate on the business growth as they build a team, together with resources, for your online campaign. As a business owner, all you have to do is share your goals and timeframe. All the elements of your online marketing are handled internally by the digital marketing person; this includes training and managing the team of digital marketers that form part of the team.

When you take responsibility for developing marketing strategies off your hands, you give yourself more time to focus on what you do best, running the business and concentrating on its growth and expansion. Developing engaging ads that capture consumers’ attention is left to digital marketing persons and experts. This process leaves you free to improve your departments, restructure the whole organization, and focus on growing the business heading to the future.

4. Receiving new insights on digital marketing from improved tools

Specific tools in the digital marketing space can assist you in developing key insights about business performance and consumer reaction towards the nature of your business. These aspects include your search can be seen and the general web performance of your website. The downside of these two concepts is that the tools required to evaluate them can turn out to be costly.

Immediately you select a specific tool to track your search engine visibility, you are already spending a lot of money on devices, and yet you require an additional one to plan your posts on social media and a different one to monitor your consumer behaviour towards your business. Normally, digital marketing consultants budget for these essential tools. By hiring a digital marketing expert, you get to have access to these insights without purchasing them.

Your ability to effectively market your business can either be broken or built by these tools. You can get access to a team of experienced and qualified marketing experts for a small business by working with a digital marketing agency having the necessary tools to monitor the market on your behalf.

On the other hand, big companies are willing to pay top dollar to access these tools. This process means that their marketing costs can be pretty high. Instead, they can outsource the expertise of a marketing consultant who has access to these tools. The benefit here is that these experts have worked on similar projects in the past, so they are aware of the tool that fits your business needs.

5. You acquire objectivity

The business is like a toddler. It stems from the available idea that leads to execution. You then get to watch it grow, make the decisions on its behalf, and even invest in it to keep it alive; in other words, you tend to be so close to the business, carefully crafting strategies that will ensure its growth and expansion in the long run. These processes and decisions can turn out to be challenging to withdraw and perceive your marketing techniques afresh.  A marketing consultant can be the set of new eyes that you need to grow your business. By hiring a digital marketing expert, they can learn issues pertaining to your business and perceive it from an outsider’s perspective: an objective opinion. Occasionally, it may be difficult to forget the reins and allow a digital marketing expert to perfectly care for your business. Nevertheless, you should know that it is a wise decision to allow experts to investigate your marketing from a totally different perception. This will have a major impact on your business growth. 

Factors to Consider When Hiring A Digital Marketing Expert


Digital marketing consultants tend to be specialists in their particular areas. They may lack enough exposure but have little perfect focus and idea for what your business requires. For instance, when you need special assistance in overhauling your products sales, a digital marketing expert has the knowledge to make things work for you perfectly.

Depending on your requirements, it might be necessary to employ a digital marketing agency to work on various parts of your marketing strategy. They focus on the plan and how to execute it; therefore, a consultancy agency is a perfect option if you need a one-stop shop with quality services.


When hiring digital marketing consultants, it is always essential to ensure they are good at communication. This is very important because they have to work with various stakeholders for any efficient job. They may have to employ subcontractors with different periods, and all these need good communication skills for any positive results.


A digital marketing consultant is inexpensive compared to employing internal digital marketing personnel and beginning from the bottom. If your business is operating on a limited marketing budget, you should first opt for a digital marketing consultant. Consultants are cheaper because they offer services as an individual. The digital marketing experts have access to offices, software and big groups. You’ll spend a lot of money developing an in-house team of digital marketers versus a digital marketing consultant, do not forget that you achieve what you have spent.

Level of Service

When hiring a digital marketing person, it is essential to ask yourself a critical question: What is your expectation from them? Digital marketing consultants are good at discovering a particular issue in a specific part of your digital marketing strategy. For instance, a consultant can quickly tell a problem and its remedy in a case where you are aware that your customers’ experience needs work. They have the expertise to design strategies and use them. The marketing consultants will assist you consistently in executing your strategy. They can help you write blogs, manage ad campaigns, and write emails on your behalf, making you have less work.

Turnaround Time

It is always important to question yourself how long the project will take when it comes to digital marketing? What you prefer will have an impact on deciding to work with a digital marketing person. Marketing agencies need enough time to learn since it has a more extensive staff, but it is worth investing in because of its vast returns. Because of the constraints, chances are very high for one to wait for some time to plan for meetings and get reports. Additionally, digital marketing agencies can regularly meet and frequently send reports. As you start, a lot of time will be invested in an agency when the relationship begins, but in the end, a lot of time would have been saved.

Point of Contact

In general, digital marketing consulting is the creation of a close personal relationship with your consultant. You remain the only point of contact when hiring a digital marketing consultant since they lack a second team. You will be unlucky if your consultants are not productive and not meeting your expectations. Nevertheless, you will have fun at every point of contact with a consultant, backups and available systems if you lack your point of contact or you are in need of adding capacity.


In conclusion, marketing is an essential concept for any successful business. If you are planning to start a business, then this should always be in mind. However, it is essential to adopt the right marketing strategies when it comes to causing a substantial positive impact on the consumer to maximize that success. A digital marketing consultant is a valuable partner for improving your online marketing strategies.

Whether it’s offering cost-effective services such as creating content and developing ads that target a specific consumer base, a digital marketer may be just what you need to strengthen your marketing. The consultant is a digital marketing expert with experience and skills that can ultimately bring your business and revenue way higher than before. This factor is why it would be best not to be startled by the steep charges and think about the long-term benefits that a good digital marketing consultant will bring to your business. 

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