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How does SISTRIX Toolbox Crawler works?

SISTRIX Toolbox – SEO Tool by professionals and for professionals. The SISTRIX Toolbox is the premier tool used by SEO professionals. Data you love, from people you trust.


SEO is playing a crucial role in this digital age for companies to be able to provide better services. Professional SEO companies mostly make use of a software product these days that is called the SISTRIX. This effective software has been helping reputed companies to show constant improvement in their websites. This software was used for the development and to change the trend especially from the year 2003, a year later to which Johannes Beus founded the SISTRIX GmbH. But this lacked many details that were developed later by him. It was in the year 2008 that the first version of the software known as SISTRIX Toolbox hit the markets and changed all the trends, and it till date influences the market.


The SISTRIX toolbox has got many awards as it became a success very quickly and was the most used tool for SEO companies. The SISTRIX Visibility index allows people can view about the 0erformance, or even steal glances of more than one hundred million domains. The reason behind all successful websites is that various data and researches were done to obtain such success. Even though many SEO companies largely use the Sistrix, the software is not left as such, but still many researches are done to improve further and make it the best software platform available out there in the world. Through these researches, new analysis capabilities and new data that have been obtained from the research are continuously being added. This helps many SEO companies too to show variations in their works and provide the best services with which the clients would be happy.


The SISTRIX software is popular among the SEO service providing companies as it is in great demand. Now, many may be curious about the charges that this software offers. Here, we mention what everyone needs to know.


The subscription cost for each module is 100 Euros per month. This may seem costly for some rookies, but it is not that expensive when one considers the amount of work the software offers and it is not expensive when one considers how easy it has made the SEO services. This 100 Euros is when you only need the optimizer. On the other hand, it costs 200 Euros per month if the client needs the links and SEO modules. There are a lot more packages provided from which one can choose their desired pack and enjoy its benefits. The software charges you 100 euro per month for ads, 100 euro per month for social promotions. One happy thing here is that the software provides you with the service of marketplace entirely for free. You can enjoy its benefits entirely free of cost. When planned well, one can save up to 100 Euros from the third module. When once you get into the field, you will know that these packages are not that expensive when compared to other platforms that are not so good.


The software product provides its clients complete satisfaction for term periods.


The duration of the SISTRIX account depends on the contract that one signed in the beginning. If the contract that was approved was a monthly term, the toolbox account can be terminated or canceled at the end of the month. There are three forms of termination through which the process takes place. The three forms of termination are as follows.


Be in written form:

In order to cancel terminate the agreement or the contract, one must send a written form of a letter stating the termination of the contract. It is the most used form of agreement.



The termination of the contract or agreement can also be sent through email to the that is nowadays the most convenient and easiest way.

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    The termination can be stated through tickets sent through the SISTRIX ticket system.


    Likewise, there is another concept called as ‘pausing the account’. In the case of SISTRIX, pausing an account is not possible as the software does not provide that option. When once you open an account here at SISTRIX, all the data such as keywords, projects, on page crawls including your history, reports, lists, dashboard, settings and much more get saved in the account and to maintain all such data the SISTRIX account of yours must be active. If one cancels or terminates their account in here, all of the data stored will be deleted, which cannot be brought back. One of the advantages is that this data will be deleted only after a short span of period.


    For crawling the website’s homepage, SISTRIX uses a default user agent. That default user agent is Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Optimizer). Later when you open your account and start accessing it, you can change the user agent to your wish. This is a simple process that can be executed by going to the crawling option in the settings and change the user agent. There is no need to worry about any malpractice as you can track the IP address of the user agent and make sure if it is they who are crawling your website.


    There are times when a SISTRIX crawler could not cover all the content of the page. The most common reasons for malfunctioning of the crawler cannot be defined easily. It is the SISTRIX crawler that carries out and allows you to access the SISTRIX toolbox. There are 2 traits in a SISTRIX crawler—


    Usage of default user agent:


    The common user agent used for crawling in SISTRIX is
    Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; SISTRIX crawler;


    Hostname of the domain:


    All the IP addresses of SISTRIX crawler point to the same hostname of the domain.

    This SISTRIX crawler keeps track of the loading speeds of the visited pages and adjusts the speed accordingly for the new pages as requested. This way, we can avoid overloading the web server or crashing it. One can also control the user agent and intensity of the crawler of optimizer crawler. With this, it is easy to run the SEO services without much difficulty. Using proper crawling agent is a key point for getting yourself away

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