Would you like your Shopify store to get more organic traffic? Would you like people who visit your site to be able to find what they’re looking for more easily? If so, then take a look at this guide on how to set up SEO on Shopify. We’ll go over how to optimize the appearance of your product pages, how adding keywords can help with search engine ranking and some other ideas that will help increase Google rankings for your website!

What Is SEO And How Does It Work For Shopify Stores?

If you’ve been struggling to attract more customers, improve conversions or grow your Shopify store’s revenue, SEO may be the solution for you. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a set of strategies that help rank higher in organic search on Google and other major engines like Bing and Yahoo! It shows pages based on relevance and popularity. If your page does well on these rankings, it will get seen by many people browsing online instead of relying solely on social media which can lead to increased website traffic. It also opens up opportunities with new advertisers who are looking for ways to connect their brands with active buyers.

Why Do You Need To Set Up SEO On Your Store?

Search engine optimization is important for your store because it makes the content on your site more visible to web crawlers, which means that Google will be able to find and index your website. That way, people looking for products you sell can also see them ranked high in their search results pages when they’re signed into their account. All this leads to increased traffic through organic searches and higher conversion rates from those visitors even if they don’t know about SEO at all!

Install The “SEO for Shopify” App

Install the “SEO for Shopify” app to get a head start on SEO. This app is really good because it comes with templates that you can use and don’t have to worry about coding. It also has some great tutorials so if this is your first time doing any sort of SEO, then this will be very helpful. You’ll learn how to do everything from setting up meta descriptions to adding images in the product listings section which are important for keywords when doing keyword research and optimizing pages on search engines like Google or Bing.

Add Keywords To Your Store

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To rank well for your desired keywords on Google or other search engines, you must have at least basic SEO set up on your Shopify website.

This is the most basic step in SEO. Adding a title tag with a description of your store will help search engines understand what it’s about and display it accordingly in their listings when someone conducts a Google Search on whatever keywords you have included for that page. You should also include relevant keyword phrases as tags so that they show up prominently at the top of any pages you rank well for!

**Remember: always use “quotes” around your key phrase like this – “keyword phrase”. This helps make sure people know what words are important (and makes them easier to see). Also, be careful not to go overboard with too many tags as this can make it difficult for people to know what your page is about!

Add An XML Sitemap To Your Site

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What is an XML sitemap?

An XML (Extensible Markup Language) site map file specifies the website content and how it’s connected. This way, when a search engine crawls your site they can see all of the pages on your site as well as what order those pages should be in for optimal crawling. It also helps you organize URLs so that they are more human-readable instead of having long strings of code. The benefits include improved SEO performance through increased crawl rate by search engines which lead to high rankings, better user experience with easier navigation through different sections of your website and reduction in bandwidth usage since every page won’t have to load each time someone visits any other page on the same domain name or subdomain name.

Use Social Media Sites Like Facebook And Twitter To Increase Brand Awareness

It is designed around getting traffic from search engines by optimizing content and using social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. To increase brand awareness across different platforms, be sure to include these three things in every single piece of content published online: company logo or photos with captions; links back to your website/social media accounts; contact details such as phone number or email address. This way, you can take advantage of the “free” social media marketing to reach a larger audience.

Best Practices For Optimizing Your Site With Meta Descriptions, Tags, and Titles

A great way to optimize your Shopify site for SEO is by using meta descriptions, tags, and titles. We’ll walk you through how it all works below!

Meta Description: A description of the article that will be displayed on search engine results pages (SERPs) in a summary box when someone searches for information about your company or service online.

Tags: Tags are keywords that describe what’s included in an article – they’re often used to help search engines categorize content so they can more quickly find relevant sites.

Titles: Titles are descriptive words at the top of articles created with Shopify themes. The title may also include clickable links back to other parts of the website such as the homepage or a product page.

Optimizing Images So They Load Quickly In The Browser

Make sure all of your images are optimized so that they load quickly in the browser.

You can do this by using compression to make them smaller and more manageable, or you could use a service like TinyPNG, which will optimize any image size…

Turn off unwanted plugins – If there’s an unused plugin sitting around taking up space then it should be turned off to avoid slowing down your site.

Clean up CSS stylesheets – Another way to speed things up is by cleaning out old CSS from stylesheet files, especially if you’re not using what was being referenced anymore. This one may take some time but clearing out unnecessary code pages speeds download times considerably for browsers on slower connections…etc.


Setting up SEO for your Shopify store can be done in a few easy steps and you must do so that customers find your site and buy from you. You don’t want to miss out on crucial opportunities because people search for the products or services you offer and rarely visit your website directly. We hope the tips we provided on how to set up SEO for your Shopify store was helpful.

How To Set Up SEO On Shopify

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