Lukasz Zelezny isn’t your typical route SEO. As colleges and universities the world over, are pumping even more digital, computer science, and media graduates into industry, there’s a lot to be said for taking the less climbed, yet more organic route. When Lukasz’ journey began, SEO wasn’t a big deal. In fact, SEO was in its infancy. Back in 2000, around the time he began his career, getting people to believe that SEO was something to pay attention to was hard enough. Never mind how to compete against your competitors’ websites and rank above them.

From client-side solutions to keynote speaking specialist

20 years later, and he’s covering almost 50,000 miles each year, sharing with anyone who wants or needs to listen to his views on the intricacies of his industry. That’s in between building the online reputations, organic traffic, and profits of hundreds of international businesses. If you need to know anything about SEO, or how to use it to advance your business, Lukasz Zelezny is the experts’ expert.

From humble D&B beginnings to SEO masterclasses

From his origins in a small town in Poland, it would have been hard for a much younger Lukasz to believe he’d eventually achieve so much; to be valued as a highly respected and prolific digital media agency in London.

As a young drum and bass fanatic in a town without a single nightclub, Lukasz had to find more creative ways of getting his music in front of the masses. Travelling to, and playing in front of crowded clubs has prepared him for the lectures and keynote speeches he delivers to substantial audiences all over the world—albeit a very different topic and a considerably more courteous response.

It was at that point he realised that, as much as drum and bass was where his deepest passions lay, he was far happier in his studio creating the tracks, than he was on stage playing to a packed house.

So, swapping one keyboard for another, he decided to create a website to share his music with the world. As search engines were beginning their own journey of complicated algorithms, understanding how information should be shared—fairly and organically—Lukasz set off on his own mission to keep astride of every new development, to stay one step in front of his competition.

Armed with a BA in Marketing from the Silesian University of Technology, he began his journey into SEO. The rest, as they say, is history.

Hire SEO Consultant

From Poland to the UK

Landing in London in 2007, Lukasz has been responsible for managing masses of online reputations, rankings and organic search traffic. He headed up numerous teams working at the top level of competitive rankings, consistently developing new ways to stay one step in front of the competition.

His portfolio includes a mass of household names, all of which goes to show how impressive his career and client base has been.

  • HomeAway
  • Zoopla
  • com
  • com
  • Mashable
  • Edge Retreats
  • Bortex
  • Thomson Reuters
  • com
  • The Digital Property Group
  • Focus Economics
  • Fleetway Travel
  • OwnersDirect

The social media marketing specialist

By 2010 Lukasz was somewhat of a social media specialist. To this day his lectures and talks focus around the technical aspects of SEO, how content is always king (but there’s a list of supporting players that should never be ignored), and how integration with your brand social media, is staple to creating an all-round efficient strategy.

If you’re looking for a wealth of wisdom, you’ll find all manner of posts delivering particular practices, instead of more of the ‘fluff’ Lukasz finds so frustrating.

Head over to his Zelezny blog and you’ll find plenty of topics to improve your social media journey and your metrics.

  • Monetising YouTube views and your earning potential
  • How to promote content in difficult and competitive industries and sectors
  • Best practices for using LinkedIn groups
  • Why use Instagram stories for business
  • Best Instagram creative practices
  • Engaging content ideas for small business social media posts
  • Building your Twitter audience and ROI
  • Boosting your Twitter conversion rates

The ‘mad scientist’ behind the five-star digital agency in London

Lukasz believes he’s something of a hybrid between scientist and artist. He probably wouldn’t describe himself as the mad scientist he often appears to be, but his methods and whirlwind obsession with his craft certainly paint that picture on occasion.

Hoping to follow in the footsteps of one of his scientific idols, Professor Stephen Hawking, things didn’t quite pan out along those lines as he’d hoped. His journey, however, has nonetheless been one of fascination and achievement, packed full of industry accomplishments and professional recognition.

“Many of my friends who work in SEO, also have artistic backgrounds,” he told UnGagged during an interview at their London SEO and digital marketing event.

“Being creative allows people to see things from a variety of different angles and visualise solutions and strategies outside of more traditional means.”

Hungry for knowledge, he suggested what drives him on is trying to understand how a Googlebot might view all the resources that make up a website, instead of how we do.

Decisions need to be based on data. Education and understanding drive his continual research and knowledge of an ever-evolving industry. They’re the things Lukasz believes makes a good SEO operative. And, if that doesn’t sound just a touch ‘mad scientist’ey to you, well, maybe you’re already heading in the right direction to appreciate his SEO mastery.

The ‘zero fluff’ marketing keynote speaker

By his own description, Lukasz is proud to be a no fluff, zero BS speaker. He admits to frustration when listening to talks at conferences and events where a speaker spends their time ‘padding’, never getting into the grit of the solution.

Many of the speakers fortunate to be addressing an audience use the opportunity merely as a platform to self-promote. Their half-hour block becomes a PowerPoint presentation of teasers and ‘fluff’ with much of the time selling those listening on how they and their business can help.

That’s not within Lukasz’ remit.

He, and at a whirlwind pace blitzed with enthusiasm and zeal, delivers real tools, complete systems, and gives those listening what they need to go away and create real results for themselves.

He doesn’t believe in one set process—that’s something he makes quite clear to many of his audiences—it’s a set of tools and systems you can juggle to find the best way to make it work for you.

He’ll list your ideal software systems, the combinations of tools that fit together to provide real useable data, how to find, manage and create the keywords that will drive organic traffic and create visibility, and so much more.

With what you’ll learn, though, from even 20 or 30 minutes of a jam-packed Zelezny delivery, is where and how to start. It’s a great introduction into how to build a route that will get you over the finish line with the traffic and conversions you need.

A history of teachers and teaching

Both of Lukasz’ parents spent a great deal of time as teachers at various points of their careers. His father became a computer science teacher after spending many years as a Polish army officer, where he delivered teaching and training to several different international forces. His mother was a biology teacher for over 30 years.

Sharing knowledge and the process of teaching others was around Lukasz throughout his childhood, which created a natural path into his own platforms of delivering information and knowledge around the world.

Being around educators created an organic path into teaching and presenting. It could be via the conferences he’s involved with, or through the classes and training courses that he delivers as part of his passion for the subjects contained within his own industry.

“People love to listen to passionate people.”

“People love to listen to people with passion,” he told one interviewer. Like many of Lukasz’ simplified theories behind more complicated systems, when it comes to presenting, he prides himself on being passionate, being interesting, sharing knowledge, and educating.

It was when he was visiting SEO and digital media events that he realised he could do a much better job on the stage than many of his counterparts. Again, drawing from his drum and bass DJ past, he had the experience of working a crowd, but as a DJ, where he was happier creating the music in his studio than playing it in a venue, this time it was the opposite.

The part of the process he thrived in was communication. Getting a reaction from an audience—whether that be from the throb of the crowd in a nightclub at a D&B night or from delivering real information to those who want to learn when they visit a digital media or marketing event—this was a need he knew he could fulfil.

An educator and inspiration

With that, he became an educator and an inspiration. Providing facts, figures, systems, processes, tools, and tips, along with the high-energy passion to drive the message home. This is where Lukasz delivers something a little different from more traditional and typical speakers.

If you’d like to witness—and learn—from him directly, keep an eye on his schedule. During the Coronavirus pandemic, almost all of his public engagements have been suspended. However, with so much passion for his industry bubbling under the surface, it won’t be long before he’s back behind a microphone, sharing his wealth of knowledge with those smart enough to want to listen.

Events and conferences Lukasz has spoken at:

  • ClickZ Live – Shanghai, China
  • ClickZ Live – Jakarta, Indonesia
  • DMWF
  • Iceefest
  • Forum IAB
  • Festiwal SEO Katowice
  • SMXL Milan
  • Social Media Convent
  • SiMGA – Malta
  • SES London – United Kingdom
  • Marketing Festival – Brno
  • Brighton SEO – UK
  • UnGagged – London, UK
  • Digital Olympus
  • Wolves Summit
  • WMF!

The complete online marketing agency in London

What you won’t see on Lukasz’ websites is a single, simple one size fits all system for your SEO. Any SEO worth their salt understands that each business—each website—is unique, and the plan to feed their needs and demands needs to be designed for them alone.

So, what will you find at SEO.London that’s different from any other marketing agency in London?

You’ll receive a tailored and exclusive plan, built solely for your business.

But how? There are so many tools and techniques available. With a list that grows every week—with new methods coming to light—his knowledge base expands with his continual monitoring of the industry. With it, he’ll lead you down the best path to achieve what you need.

SEO audits

Every digital advertising agency (in London or anywhere else) will begin with an audit.

Understanding the ways your brand operates online, how and where it’s most recognised, and how it compares to your competitors, is where you need to start. The Internet provides endless opportunities to reach out to a wealth of different audiences. How you decide which are prime for your sector and how to go about targeting them needs to be driven by data—not guesswork.

Your audit shows where you can engage clients, both new and existing, into higher returns and further-reaching goals, how to drive traffic to your site by managing your organic search engine results, and all the time boosting your brand awareness.

A strong SEO campaign relies on the data from a deep-diving audit.

SEO services

SEO.London monitors, maintains and provides methods to improve rankings at every level. Driving traffic to your website is monitored and managed by delivering views to pages, keywords, phrases, and again, should never be left to assumptions or guesswork.

The data from each of your tools are ideally suited to how your package is utilised and managed; to tweak performance, to lift your pages up the list, and eventually land you in the prime positions required to maximise traffic.

Whether you’re a small business, a corporate machine, or a modest but growing eCommerce site, SEO is paramount in driving business to you through your website. Every type of business is operating increasingly online, and your first points of reference often start with a simple search enquiry.

Good SEO enhances your chances of being found at the beginning of the customer journey. Great SEO guarantees it.

SEO and social media

Word of mouth advertising was—and still is—one of the strongest ways to amass new business. The only difference in modern marketing to the methods we leant on so many years ago is how we communicate—how we talk about the things that matter to us.

Our relationships happen online more than ever. We chat through digital devices possibly more often than we do face-to-face, in lives that are increasingly dependent on technology. For your business, that means taking advantage of the social tools, as well as industry channels.

Driving brand recognition through those channels—getting customers, clients, friends and supporters to spread the word over Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, or via WhatsApp, Messenger, email and every other method of chatting, presenting, bragging and promoting there is, is all part of your SEO journey. It’s about sharing, linking, taking your news viral—and ultimately, driving engaged people to your primary selling platform.

SEO training

Working with Lukasz is almost a training exercise in itself. Even if you don’t ask, you will be fed details of how the systems he’s using work, and how you can help him achieve the best from them.

If you have a team of marketers, content creators, or an in-house SEO manager, they all stand to learn by working with Lukasz. Creating strategies as a team, or following his command and wealth of expertise, he helps everyone grow, and ultimately, that growth will be reflected by the figures and metrics for traffic, rankings, sales and ROI.

How you choose to engage in Lukasz’ expertise is up to you.

He performs and delivers information at his own SEO deliveries and meetups. He shares tutorials and deep-dives online via his website and YouTube videos. And, as and when travel allows again, you’ll see him at some of the biggest industry conferences and events all over the world.

SEO consultancy

Many hands make light work—or so the saying goes.

Lukasz is a great believer in the SEO community as a family. It is a point of note that has come up in many of his online interviews; one he firmly believes in to share the knowledge.

Unlike many industries, SEOs seem to welcome each other into their community. The sharing of ideas, strategies, software trends and usage are areas of fascination to be discussed, to be developed—to better understand their industry.

With search engines protecting their algorithms like a hand of cards held tightly to their chest, this community, working within those regulations, needs every tool they can lay their hands on to achieve the results required by their clients and for their own peace of mind.

Delivering outstanding methods to boost your metrics via consultancy with your business—this is where Lukasz thrives. But, he’s a man of many methodologies.

If you’re an agency (digital, and in London, ideally) who would like to join forces, to boost your existing campaigns with alternate outside information that you may not have considered, or a content provider running dry of high-scoring keywords and phrases, Lukasz will integrate himself with you to add an extra level of expertise to your operation.

Digital marketers, content planners, social media marketers and influencers—he brings something new to everybody’s area of expertise. New ways to promote customer engagement, new avenues to drive sales, all with a desire to deliver the tools to land you at the top of the search engine result pages.

Why SEO.London, and why Lukasz Zelezny?

What makes Lukasz and SEO.London different to any other digital maketing agency in London?

Well, he’s a Clutch award winner in three different industries for SEO. He has appeared on Wired, SEMRush, SearchMetrics, Search Engine Land, Politico, Marketing Tech, Forbes, DeepCrawl and more, and if you’re looking for references that outline exactly what he brings to the table, you don’t have to look very far.

Take a trip down his 5 star Trustpilot score. It includes everything from tech analysis and website performance to consultancy collaborations and more.

The word ‘expert’ comes up over and over again. He is described as transparent, professional and passionate. His love for his work is contagious, and the respect from his peers is obvious.

Bouncer—an email validation and checking software service, had this to say about his involvement with their visibility and traffic:

“SEO.London not only understood but fully supported our process and showed a real holistic approach to it. From day one of our cooperation, we were surprised by the engagement and knowledge that Lukasz shows.”

They go on to say how valuable his understanding of how trends and techniques change, what was most valuable to them during their campaign—areas that wouldn’t have been a year ago—and how, with Lukasz’ constant monitoring of the system, he knows precisely which areas to attack.

The ultimate compliment comes towards the end of the testimonial, “It doesn’t feel like you are outsourcing those tasks to an agency – rather like they are part of your team.” Doesn’t that sound like someone you’d like to work with?

Lukasz Zelezny – a one-man marketing agency of a worldwide community

When you choose Lukasz to take on a project, you’re taking on board almost everyone in the SEO community he’s a part of, all the associates who deeply respect his knowledge, influence, passion and delivery. SEO.London may be headed up by one man, but it’s the sum of many parts.

Professional, punctual, dedicated and efficient. On-page, off-page, auditing and implementing. You’ll receive everything from one-off fixes to complete campaign strategies—from a born teacher, a sharer of information, a deliverer of knowledge—and of course, results.

Without the results you need, he would be just another face in an overpopulated marketplace. What he brings to the table is something unique, something special, and it’s all backed up with the data and the experience of a fascinated mind, hungry to beat a system and to keep learning every best practice to make it happen.

The real winners are those who engage with him and his practices. They’re the ones at the top of page 1. They’re the ones with steadily climbing graphs for engagement, conversions and ROI.

What business doesn’t need all of those things? And if you’re really lucky, you might even get a drum and bass track or two thrown into the mix.

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