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Google is a web browser where people go to get their questions answered. As such, it requires billions of information and an understanding of all the facts and statistics that users might require as part of the answers they inquire from the search engine. Therefore, the Google Knowledge Graph acts as the database for all the browser’s information to answer the users’ queries. Similarly, the Google Knowledge Graph understands what every information within the database entails and even how the information might relate to each other, should there be a correlation aspect. Therefore, the Google Knowledge Graph can be seen as the brain behind every solution offered by Google to its users.

What is Google Knowledge Graph?

Google as a search engine requires a huge database for quickly processing information that can enable the search engine to provide accurate and relevant results to your queries instantly. The Google Knowledge Graph conveys billions of data of literally anything you can think of, such as people, places, and so forth. 

The factual data is categorized as entities, and Google has over 5 billion entities correspondingly with more than 500 facts about those entities. All these facts and statistics are embedded in the Google Knowledge Graph and recognize every entity and comprehend how the entities interrelate with each other. Therefore, it acts as a think tank or a human brain handling all the information and data in the browser’s database. 

Where Google Knowledge Graph Facts are retrieved from?

 The factual information in the Google Knowledge Graph is retrieved from various sources with compilations of factual information. It is also sourced from public sources; Google has legal license data to provide stock prices, weather forecasts, and sports. The browser is also licensed to acquire information from content creators and patent owners. 

How the Browser Corrects Information from the Google Knowledge Graph? 

Google corrects and removes information from the google knowledge graph through automated means. Since it could be impossible to handle such a task manually due to the enormous processing of information that takes place every day. Thereby the browser employees search algorithms and electronic systems to handle such tasks.

Moreover, the Google systems are designed to ensure that they do not disseminate information that might violate its organizational policies. However, because errors might occur, Google has always provided its users with a public complaints platform where you can report should you come across any violations.

Finally, Google scrutinizes the data obtained from the public complaints platform and moves to retract content that goes against their policies. Equally, they might use the complaints to build on future improvements to their systems.

Benefits of Google Knowledge Graph 

The Google Knowledge Graph has many benefits to the users and the browser since it avails information to users and helps bring more traffic to the search engine due to its effectiveness and efficiency. Below are several other benefits that the Knowledge Graph offers.

  • The Google Knowledge Graph enables users to get quick and relevant results to their queries, simultaneously answering other questions without executing any more clicks.
  • It provides local google maps packages, which display on top of the organic results, and offers great visibility of local sites competing for top SERP rankings. 
  • Provides business reviews to users, thus they can make choices of where to get whatever they are looking for.
  • Offers you free video thumbnails.
  • It helps build trust for potential users since trust is essential for your website to excel. If your site is always popping up in the Google knowledge graph, you are assured of more users’ attention and ultimately increased traffic.
  • The knowledge graph enables you to be followed on social media platforms. Thus, facilitating you to communicate with your clients and build more networks and thereby helping add to your business success. 

How the Google Knowledge Graph Impacts SEO?  

 Google offers direct answers to users upon pulling down the results page; you don’t need to click other links to get whatever you are inquiring about. Notably, that translates that the visits made to your website due to particular searches are executed together with the click-through rates.  

Then again, the knowledge graph is meant for answering questions; the search engine will fast check on the pre-existing information on its graph, and then, later on, check on the open web; that aspect shrinks organic opportunities. Since users do not need one click to get their desired results, thus sites end up losing traffic. 

Steps that enable Google Knowledge Graph have Positive Impacts on your SEO.

 As mentioned above, the Google knowledge graph might affect your SEO in both ways, either negatively or positively, depending on how your site is structured. For example, adding schema markups and be connected to Wikipedia, and Google could go a long way in ensuring your SEO efforts are safeguarded.

  • Adding Schema Markups- This might appear confusing; however, it’s not complicated as it sounds. Schema markup enables your content to be tagged in a better way that google can comprehend it since that could avail your content to the preferred searches because structured data could earn you higher rankings.
  • Being Connected to Wikipedia and GoogleMost of the information from the knowledge graph comes from Wikipedia. Being connected to both sites could earn you a place at the top of the knowledge graph and thus, improves your SERP rankings.


In conclusion, the Google Knowledge Graph is the brain behind all google searches, and it is where all the information that Google has is stored, processed, and managed. The Knowledge Graph is the database for all the information that the browser uses to answer the users’ queries. Therefore, it is important for all stakeholders involved, the users, to provide instant answers to their questions. The website owners provide them with business reviews and free video thumbnails, and the browser itself for processing and managing its database. Additionally, it can also help you improve your SEO efforts if your website is properly aligned with its working requirements.

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