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If you’re the owner of a successful website, you must be familiar with the usage of backlinks. Backlinking is one of the factors that are highly essential for the success of a website. Besides other aspects of your website, you can’t avoid backlinking anyway. Otherwise, your website stands chances of getting behind in competition with other websites.

Do you know what backlinks mean? Backlinks are the links that redirect viewers from one site to another. Suppose you’re visiting a website for getting information, and you find some backlinks on that website. By clicking on those backlinks, you will get redirected to other websites.

The number of quality backlinks is very significant for that website. As a website owner, it should be your priority to circulating your website in such a way that several websites backlink to your site. The following portions of the article will describe how to build backlinks.

  • The greater number of backlinks you manage to earn, the more popular your website will become. A greater number of backlinks indicates that your website is getting popular as a good number of websites are backlinking to your website.
  • The SEO ranking of your website also depends upon the number of backlinks your website gets. The SEO algorithm of Google determines the SEO rankings of websites on the basis of the number of backlinks. That means a higher number of quality backlinks can ensure a good SEO ranking for your website. The websites that hold top positions in SEO rankings include a lot of backlinks.
  • The audience-base of your website will increase if some famous and reputed websites are backlinked to your site.
That’s why backlinking is essential for every website to become successful as per SEO standards. You have to backlink your website to other famous websites to gain more web traffic.

As mentioned before, building quality backlinks to your website is the smartest way to achieve a good position in the SEO ranking. However, building quality backlinks to your website is not an easy task.

You are likely to imply some effective strategies to build quality backlinks to your website. Quality backlinks mean that some established websites will be backlinked to your website. But do you know how to make that possible? Here we are going to explain some smart strategies that are going to explain how to backlink your site.

  • The broken link-building method is very beneficial in terms of building backlinks to your website. In this method, you have to contact the owners of different websites and report broken links on their websites. Now, what does a broken link mean? Well, if a website is backlinked to another webpage that no longer exists, the link will be considered as a broken link. While reporting some broken links on a particular website to the owner of the site, you do him/her a favor. In return, you can ask the website owner to backlink his/her website to your site. This is one of the most convenient methods that will definitely help you in building standard backlinks.
  • Including infographics in your website content is a great way to have famous websites backlinked to your site. The demand and craze for visual data and information are very high in search engines. That’s why you increase the chances of building effective backlinks by including infographics in your website content. Anyway, you should select infographics based on different niches and topics. There are some online publications on the internet that publish a lot of infographics on a regular basis. Try getting more audience by utilizing versatile infographics through such platforms.
  • Guest posting has always been the priority of website owners for building backlinks to your website. You should also consider using this technique for the better circulation of your website. You have to write engaging guest posts on other reputed and established websites. If your content is catchy, you will get appreciation from the audience. As a result, the web traffic of your website will increase rapidly and significantly. That’s why you keep writing guest posts for other websites. Some website owners will also backlink their websites to yours as a reward for writing on their sites. Undoubtedly, that’s an efficient way of successful backlinking.
  • Interviewing has always been a great option for promoting websites. Besides that, you can get more backlinking opportunities as you use this method. You have to interview some famous bloggers and website owners to build a good rapport with them. Being interviewed by others will also be a good option for you. By interviewing and getting interviewed, you make acquaintances with owners of reputed websites. Naturally, backlinking other websites to your site gets way easier if you use this technique.
  • Following your competitors can also help you know unique backlinking strategies. You should hire a team of analysts who analyze the backlinking strategies of your competitor websites. Besides conventional backlinking strategies, some websites innovate new backlink building techniques as well. A thorough analysis can help you understand those strategies, and you can apply those for generating free backlinks.
  • Creating internal backlinks can help you navigate the visitors in the right direction on your website. As a website contains a lot of articles, navigating the users towards their desired articles is necessary for the success of your site. Therefore, you must create internal backlinks for the betterment of your site. In this case, you won’t even have to depend on other websites.
  • Promoting your content successfully is key to earn high-quality backlinks. However, you can’t get the desired reach unless you promote your website content appropriately. Marketing your content smartly can help you build effective backlinks that can increase the standard of your website. Emphasizing content promotion can be a friendly option for you, indeed, if you’re looking for a new backlink strategy.

These strategies are definitely going to help you if you don’t know how to create a backlink.

As a website owner, your responsibilities don’t get finished as you create backlinks to your website. Monitoring the backlinks to your website is also one of your major responsibilities. Let’s check out why you should monitor the backlinks to your website.

  • Major websites spend a lot of money on backlinking. As backlinks are significant for websites in terms of occupying higher positions in SEO ranking, websites bear huge expenses for backlinking. Spending your money on low-quality backlinks won’t be a good choice for you. Low-quality backlinks won’t help your website get the desired SEO ranking. The amount that you spend on low-quality backlinks won’t help your website anyway. You can understand whether the backlinks to your site are efficient or not only by checking those backlinks regularly.
  • Poor backlinks can affect the reputation of your website, as well. If your site is backlinked to websites that don’t exist anymore or got banned, the reputation of your site will get harmed. As high-quality backlinks improve your website’s SEO ranking, poor backlinks can have negative impacts on your site’s ranking. The reputation of your website depends upon the quality of backlinks to your website up to some extent. That’s why regular monitoring of the backlinks is mandatory for your site.
  • You might have to face penalties if your website contains spam backlinks. Google has introduced an SEO algorithm named Penguin sometimes back, and that checks for spam backlinks on a website. If your website contains a number of spammy backlinks, Penguin will detect that. As a result, you will have to face penalties. To avoid such a condition, you have to check the backlinks to your website on a regular basis.
  • As a result of including low-quality backlinks, your website might get blocked or de-indexed by Google. The latest statistics clearly show that a huge number of websites got suspended by Google as those sites were containing bad links or low-quality links. Even if you own an established and reputed website, it might get blocked or de-indexed if it contains poor backlinks.
  • Have you heard about negative SEO? This can happen if your competitor sites spam your site. This can make your website go downwards in the SEO ranking. Obviously, that’s not good news for your website. Therefore, you must monitor the backlinks to your website for your website protected.

For these reasons, it is mandatory for you to check the backlinks to your website on a regular basis. This way, you can prevent your websites from losing its position in SEO ranking.

There are two main ways of monitoring the backlinks to your website. Both methods are efficient in detecting poor backlinks. You have to select which method you would choose. The two methods of monitoring backlinks are- manual backlink checking and automatic backlink checking, respectively. In the following points, we are going to describe both the methods of monitoring backlinks. Go through the following points to determine the suitable method for yourself.

  • In the manual backlink checking method, you have to check each of the backlinks to your website yourself. You have to click on each of the backlinks to confirm whether the backlinks are authentic or not. Though most of the backlinks are authentic, some broken backlinks also remain on your site. In the manual method, you have to delete those broken backlinks from your website. It would be helpful if you make a spreadsheet and add all the backlinks to your website there. This way, you will make your backlink monitoring task easier. You must have understood that this method is quite time-taking. Well, monitoring backlinks using the manual method takes several hours.Besides that, removing the broken backlinks from the site consumes more time. Anyway, this process is comparatively cheaper than the automatic backlink monitoring method. Despite being lengthy, this process is easily accessible for all types of website owners. No matter what the size of your website is, you can monitor the backlinks yourself and remove the broken backlinks.
  • Automatic backlink monitoring tools are way faster than manual backlink monitoring. Such a tool can check all the backlinks to your website and provide a complete report within an hour. The best thing about such a tool is that you won’t have to put additional effort. The tool is efficient enough to check backlinks and monitor those.Apart from monitoring the backlinks, an automatic backlink checking tool offers a detailed analysis of the backlinks to your competitor sites as well. This way, you can analyze the backlinking strategies of your competitor sites. However, an automatic backlink monitoring tool will cost you a good amount of money. If you’re ready to spend money on the backlink monitoring of your website, an automatic tool will be a better option.

It’s not at all hard to determine what a good backlink is. A lot of website owners remain confused while determining good backlinks to their websites. But what does a good backlink mean? How you can determine whether a backlink is good or bad for your website.

As you have already known, the importance of good backlinks for a website in terms of securing a good position in SEO ranking. If you have no idea of what good backlinks are, here we are going to help you understand that.

  • The quality of the source of a backlink is the main factor in deciding whether the backlink is good or bad. Every search engine focuses on delivering the best search results to the users. There are millions of websites on Google, and someone is creating a new website every other day. It is quite possible that you can find tons of websites whose content is similar and relevant to your content.But while choosing a backlink to your site, you have to remember that Google SEO algorithms don’t give priority to sources that are not trustworthy and reputed. The source of a backlink to your site has to be authentic and trustworthy. If the source of a backlink contains irrelevant, invalid, or wrong information, it won’t be considered a good backlink.That’s why inspecting the content of the resource page is necessary before backlinking that page to your site. The authenticity, reputation, and relevance of the source of a backlink determine how good the backlink is.
  • Always remember that valuable backlinks aren’t easy to get. At the initial stage of your website, you won’t be able to backlink high-profile pages to your website. Webpages or websites with high web-traffic won’t allow you to link your site with them for free.Free backlinks might seem quite pleasing to you, but those might not be effective for your site’s ranking. Instead, you must focus on backlinking well-established pages to your website for better results.
  • The main purpose of backlinking is dragging more web-traffic towards your page. That’s only possible when the resource page of a backlink has better reach and a greater audience than your site. You don’t earn any benefit by backlinking small websites to your site. Rather, you help those small websites in getting an increase in their web traffic.You can’t consider a backlink as a good one unless it is capable of increasing the number of your visitors. That’s why it’s advisable that you should backlink pages with better reach and higher web traffic. In that way, you can attract the web-traffic of those websites towards your site.
  • Try to look for in-content backlinks as those are the most efficient ones for increasing the SEO ranking of your page.

These are the ways to detect the right backlinks for your website. Keep these points in mind while you’re checking the backlinks to your website.

You must not want bad backlinks to remain on your website as those are harmful to your website’s reputation.But how can you identify the bad backlinks to your website? Apply the following ways to check whether a backlink is bad or not.

  • Before backlinking a website to your site, check if the domain of the website is listed in Google’s index of not. If you don’t find the domain of the backlink’s source in the Google index, that means the website is banned or penalized. In such a case, linking a banned website to your site will impact the ranking of your website.
  • MozRank of the source of a backlink. Using the SEO matric of the toolbar, you can determine whether a backlink is good for your site or not.
  • Backlinks from spammy networks can be extremely bad for your website. Before backlinking a page with your website, check whether the page has a unique hosting IP.
  • Checking the TLD of the source website of a backlink is also a convenient way to detect if the backlink is good for your site or not.
  • Remove the backlinks that connect your website to adult sites or gambling sites. Backlinking to such sites can harm the reputation of your website.

These are the ways how you can detect bad backlinks to your website.


When it comes to backlinking tools, Majestic will definitely come at the top of the list. The large database of Ubersuggest helps you understand your backlinking needs. You will be able to get as many high-quality backlinks as you want with the help of Majestic. The user-friendly interface of Ubersuggest allows the users to reach their backlinking goals pretty easily. You can assess the backlinks of your competitor websites in a single click. To do that, you just need to input the domain name of your competitor website in the search bar of the homepage of Majestic. The backlinking tool of Majestic will generate the backlink reports of your competitor site. Apart from that, the tool provides a complete analysis of all the properties of your competitor website. Ubersuggest is the tool that is used by most successful brands websites. You can also improve the quality of backlinks to your website using Majestic.

Check My Links is a Google Chrome extension that is quite helpful in terms of backlink checking. This tool is the best one to suggest the most suitable backlinks for your website. The fast interface of this tool is quite efficient in analyzing the backlinks of the input domain name. The good quality backlinks will show up in green while the poor one will show up in red. You can also keep track of the broken links that are on your website. Apart from that, this tool allows the website owners to get more high-quality links that can improve the SEO rankings of their websites.

If you’re concerned about fixing broken links, Broken Link Builder is definitely a good option for you. This effective tool saves a lot of time on your behalf as it detects the broken backlinks in seconds. Using this tool, you can also inform different website owners about the broken links on their websites. This way, you can request them to link their websites to your website. You can scan over millions of web pages. This way, you can find out the pages that include content that is similar to your website content. You can find out the broken links that are related to the main subject of your website. This tool can enhance your SEO ranking by generating high-quality backlinks to your website.

These are the top choices among the backlinking tools that are available in search engines. Also, there are other backlinking tools that offer a medium to high performance in terms of backlinking. However, we insist you get the best backlinking tool at your service. That will help you in improving the SEO ranking of your side and the number of audiences as well.

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