What are you looking for? The answer to that question may surprise you. You want high volume keywords with low competition, and there is a way to find them!

When trying to optimize your website it is important to focus on using relevant keyword phrases, which have both decent traffic levels as well as little or no existing competition from other websites vying for ranking positions in the SERPs.  This article will teach you how to identify the perfect keywords for your business so that you can rank higher in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs).

 What Is Low Competition Keywords?

First, let’s try to understand what exactly is meant by high volume keyword. A high-volume keyword is a search term that has high monthly search volumes making it attractive for you as an affiliate marketer or blogger because more searches mean potentially higher earnings.

On the other hand, low competition keywords are those with little competition from other bloggers and website owners who also want to use these same terms in their content. The result of this very desire means that there might be fewer results on Google since not everybody will rank well for your chosen phrase/term related to your blog post topic, which ultimately makes it easier for you to achieve better rankings resulting in greater traffic going to your site(s).

 Who Should Aim For A High Volume Low Competition Keywords

– The main types of websites that should aim for a high-volume low competition keyword are:

Beginners who have just started blogging. Creating a website and using the right keywords will make it easier to rank higher on search engines, which makes your page more popular. If you use the wrong set of words or phrases, then people won’t be able to find your content easily.

So targeting long-tail keywords is an excellent way to start as it can help you gain traffic from people looking for specific things related to what your web page offers, over time this builds brand awareness up and helps you get noticed by other users in your industry.

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Companies trying out new products or services. If you are a business owner, then trying new products or services can be an excellent way to see if they have potential.

By using the right keywords phrases on your website it means that people looking for similar products and services will find them easily. This is because of how Google ranks websites high up in their search results according to what words users type into Google itself, so making sure these match with your site content ensures that it’s easier for people to visit your webpage; this ultimately leads to more conversions over time as well which makes it worthwhile overall!

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– Large businesses who want high volume low competition keywords with ease. If you run a large business such as Coca Cola or Nike etc… then targeting long-term keywords can be beneficial, because due to the sheer size of your brand name it will help get ranked higher on Google than smaller companies trying out new services and products.

This way larger brands have the upper hand but at the same time still need to keep their website updated regularly if they wish to retain users/customers interest and stay relevant.

Bloggers, businesses that want to rank for a specific niche or those who have been blogging for a while but haven’t seen the growth they would like can all benefit from writing high volume low competition keyword articles.

Ways To Find High Volume Low Competition Keywords

Come Up With A List

The first step to finding high volume low competition keywords is coming up with a list of topics you want your blog post to cover. You also want to create a list of long-tail keywords with lower competition so you can later optimize your website content to rank better on those specific key phrases, this means less work & more money!

The only thing left now is finding out if they’re easy or hard to rank for based on their number of words/length. This will help you determine whether or not it’s worth spending time or money to rank these articles.

 Go To The Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool.

You can use it for free if you don’t mind using their suggestions as keyword ideas that will help your ad rank better in paid advertising campaigns on Google.

If you want a more complete list of keywords and traffic volume, I recommend going with something like Long Tail Pro, which will give you accurate search volumes. There you can see how many people are searching monthly for your keyword and which ones has higher traffic than others.

Google Search Console

You can also go directly into Google Search Console and try typing in some variations of phrases from your niche within quotes. This is especially useful when trying to find long-tail keywords where there’s not too many.

Have A Targeted Niche

For the title, articles and content of your website or blog posts to rank well in search engines, they must be targeted towards specific niches. This means choosing a topic (or several topics) and creating focused content based on those subjects will make sure people looking for information related to what you’re writing about find you when searching online.

Check Your Competitors Site

 Look at your competitors’ websites and see which topics they rank well for using SEMrush (or another keyword research tool).

Find Out What Questions People Ask On Google

Check the “People also ask” section under popular search results or use one of many free tools like ‘Answer The Public’ that shows related questions around specific key phrases.

Google Trend

 Once you’ve found some keywords, check out Google Trends to see if the search volume is still high enough. If it’s low or has decreased in popularity over time, then that could be a sign of lower competition too!


If you’re looking for keywords that are low competition, then consider aiming for a high volume of lower-competition keywords. You can find these by searching the Google Keyword Tool and checking out their keyword difficulty score or simply take your best guess at what words people might be using in search engines to get closer to your products.

With all the information we’ve provided about finding high volume low competition keywords, we hope you have decided to make some changes!

How To Find High Volume Low Competition Keywords

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