Monthly SEO tasks are important for all businesses to stay ahead of the competition. Search engine optimization can be a daunting task, but monthly checklists make it much simpler.

On this monthly checklist, we will discuss what you should do each month to maintain your search rankings and beat out competitors in your industry. This is great for companies who want to increase website traffic through SEO!

What Is A Monthly Checklist?

A monthly checklist is a list of monthly tasks that you need to complete for your website so it can stay in line with Google requirements. Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the process by which websites are ranked high on the search engine results page through organic keywords and backlinks.

Once you have completed these monthly tasks, they will be automatically incorporated into your site’s optimization.

Update Your Website Content To Reflect The Current Trends.

Every month you should be updating your website content to reflect the current trends. This will help improve SEO rankings and get more people on your site, which is great for increasing traffic overall.

Check For Broken Links On Your Website And Update Them If Necessary

A step of your monthly SEO checklist is to check for broken links on your website and update them if necessary. This task ensures that you have a clean link profile with no missing or dead backlinks pointing at your site, which can impact both rankings and traffic from external referring sites.

It’s best practice to run an audit every few months so there aren’t any surprises when Google comes calling. You can use free tools such as the Open Site Explorer by Moz (login required) or the SEMrush Link Audit tool. These services will help you find all pages of your site that are linking outwards, then provide data about where those links live etc.

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Check Your Competitors Monthly

Take some time and research what other websites in your niche are ranking for and brainstorm ideas around those topics: – How do I find these keywords?

Once you have identified at least five or more different phrases, start thinking about ways that you can create content around each phrase/topic.

Create A Blog Post Or Article With Unique Information That Is Relevant To Your Business And Website.

Make sure all of your articles are well researched so they come off as trustworthy, informative pieces of content rather than sales pitches or advertisements for products/services you offer – this is why creating unique information about things related to what you do will prove most useful!

Link back to any previous posts that provide additional value or depth into something discussed on a newer post.

Evaluate The Quality Of Your Content

Evaluate the quality of your content by looking at how well it matches users’ intent and the search engine guidelines and getting rid of low-quality pages. Read the user queries. Identify those that have a low click-through rate to determine how well your content ranks for these terms and phrases as compared to other results on the first page of SERPs.

Analyze Keyword Rankings Monthly

Another step to increasing your website traffic is by identifying the keywords that you want to focus on for this month. By doing so, it allows you to get a better understanding of how you can utilize SEO strategies and gain exposure from search engines which will ultimately increase your monthly web page views.

Once your website is already ranking, the next step would be checking on different factors that are affecting those rankings: If any changes have been made during the month which may affect your current rankings, a new month is a good time to adjust accordingly so as not to lose page views or potential customers through organic searches.

Review Monthly Analytics

Review monthly analytics to identify opportunities to improve your site, its content, and your marketing.

What are some things to look for? Look at keywords that users searched to find your site, and then see how many people visited based on those searches. What do the numbers tell you about where you need improvement? Which pages get traffic but don’t engage visitors? This gives insight into both high-level (what type of content is drawing them) and low-level (how well does each page perform?) areas of opportunity.

It’s important not just to consider overall traffic levels, but also how much time people spend reading individual posts or viewing individual images/videos when looking at analytics data.

Keep Up To Date On Google Algorithm Changes And Update Your Site Accordingly

You should also make sure that you’re staying within Google guidelines for best practices. There are certain rules that every website needs to follow to be successful, such as keeping pages under 50MB or having popups appear over the content of a page when it is opened.

Monthly Social Media Update

Update your profiles on all major networks monthly to keep them fresh and active. Create new content monthly for each network based on the month’s theme or holiday if applicable, as well as reposting some of your best work from previous months that you have not shared in a while. Update readers on any website changes by including an “update” section at the end of every monthly blog post encouraging people to click through and read it before they leave the site (and then subscribe).


To stay relevant in the digital marketing world, there are several steps you should take to keep your website up-to-date. One way is by updating content on your site every so often.

Another essential step is checking for broken links and fixing them if necessary. By keeping track of these monthly SEO tasks, you can make sure your site is always on the right track for more traffic and better rankings.

These monthly SEO actions will also save you time in the long run because they are simple enough to do over a few hours every month instead of having to put together one big project that takes days or weeks!

How to Increase Website Traffic through SEO

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