Tracking keyword ranking is essential when it comes to weighing and monitoring SEO efforts. Many individuals question which keyword tracking platform is perfect on the market, and they get various information that might leave them confused. Tracking keyword rankings is a vital tool for running a successful SEO campaign. Instead of just Googling the search term you are looking for and seeing where your website appears, keyword tracking software enables marketers to track and measure many keywords at a go. They can view which pages are ranking for each specific search term and measure changes as time goes by. You need to begin with SEO software when you want to track keyword rankings.

How to track keyword ranking?

Before you begin tracking your keyword rankings, you have to comprehend what you need the rank for. A large part of SEO involves ranking websites depending on keywords. SEO professionals will do keyword research to get their expected keywords, put them in their content, and check if their websites start to rank for their target keywords. There are various ways to get started when you want to track your rankings, from using data to measure the success of your SEO campaigns to sharing progress with your clients. So what steps are involved in monitoring keywords ranking?

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Step 1: Google Search Console

If you already have Google Search Console in existence, then you are good to go. Within Google Search Console, you can check for what search words your website has already picked up clicks and impressions. You will need to add these keywords to the search terms list for tracking.

Step 2: Keyword Research

The second step involves the research of which terms you will wish to rank for. This can be done by first making a list of what you think your clients are looking for in Google. After having this list, proceed over to Google AdWords. Keyword planner tool can be used to paste in your list of keywords within AdWords, and it will come up with an additional list of ideas alongside the number of monthly searches for every word.

Step 3: Tracking your chosen keywords using the software

In the final step, you need to take your complete list of keywords and add them

to software for tracking keyword rankings. Such software will immediately notify you of where you are currently ranking for these terms and track how they change as time goes by.

Keyword position monitor

The Keyword Position Monitor helps individuals track and chart their rank in search engine results for a particular keyword over time. Using a keyword position checker will always ensure that your pages are found higher on Google. When you have completed publishing your content, it is not the end; you need to monitor and assess your page. This can be perfectly done with the aid of a keyword position monitor.

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Powerful graphing indicates every keyword for each search engine you have selected to see if your site is going up or down. The keyword position monitor is connected to your traffic system to quickly add keywords that people use to access your website and monitor them.

Keyword position monitor allows you to track your page’s rank for keywords on the search engines. It examines how your pages are faring, enabling you to adjust different areas in your page. It will also be essential in your PageRank, where the overall gauging of your site takes place and increases traffic. Traffic will make your site more significant, which will be of much importance in search engine rankings that will enable you to get your target audience.

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Keyword position tracking tool

Are you conscious enough to utilize the power of a focused keyword whether it fulfills the expected position on the Search Engine Result Page? You are. Maybe you have been using various keyword position tracking tools to observe the development of your SEO. This is mainly because keywords are crucial in the post to secure the position ahead of your competitors. SEO loses its meaning when it lacks a keyword. It is critical to know various keyword position tracking tools that will help you check keywords rank in the SERP. Several position tracking tools are found in the market. They include:


SEMrush is an essential tool when it comes to tracking keyword position in the SERP. It offers the rank and displays the keyword ranks of the competitors, tracking campaigns anywhere in the world in many languages, and particular local data supporting local SEO. SEMrush will solve all marketing issues within one platform, for it’s a complete tool.


This is a crucial rank tracker all over the SEO tools universe, and it offers better and accurate services. It tracks keyword position very fast, depending on any location and device for any domain. SERPWatcher will economize your time with conventional rank trackers.


This tool is free, and it shows you the Google search engine ranking position depending on your input. It is a straightforward tool and offers exact results within a short time. SERPROBOT shows data for every domain but upon different keywords used in your content.

SEG Google Rank Checker

This tool is quite different from the rest since it is a free keyword position tracker. It does not need any registration, no limitation is given on keywords, and geolocation is based on various countries available. The SEG Google Rank Checker is straightforward, has a simple interface, and offers quick and accurate results.

CleverStat SERP Checker

CleverStat is free to use, and it’s a SERP tracker tool for Google. You just expected to input a domain name, one or various keywords in a different line and conclude by choosing the range to be checked the rank within. It is also effortless to use, offers accurate and fast results.


To conclude, SEO is a continuous process to maintain the keyword rank in the correct position if you want any significant outcomes for your search traffic in any competitive business arena. Even though tracking keywords performance may not sound important when it comes to SEO, it may save one from a lot of stress resulted from SEO issues. The search can as well inform you if the SEO efforts you are dedicating to your site are working or not.

How to track keyword ranking

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