Why Hire Fintech Digital Marketing Agency?

Technology has changed the world. It has also been instrumental in changing how everyone does business. To keep up with this ever-changing world, you need to hire a fintech marketing agency. The changes are coming too fast and too furious for investors and business people to keep a good handle on the market.

These changes mean that any top or lower-tier fintech business needs a good approach to marketing. Digital marketing has surged to the top of all the strategies available, rendering traditional methods almost obsolete.

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Banks and other financial institutions are seeing the wring on the wall. They know that they have to change and embrace the new digital revolution that has permeated the world for them to survive.

If you want your business to grow and succeed, you have to adapt to this new marketing trend. The way to do that is to join forces with a top fintech branding agency.

You have a better chance of business survival when you go with the experts. A top digital fintech marketing agency has the knowledge and the tips to ensure your business gets a fighting chance in this ever-changing world.

Please take a few moments and see why it is essential for you and your business to hire a financial marketing agency skilled in the fintech industry.

What Is Fintech

By this time, most people will know and understand what fintech is. But for those who don’t, the term fintech combines the terms finance & technology. These terms tell you that this industry deals in financial matters using the best modern technology available today.

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Most of the technology involved in this industry is relatively new. Many people may not have heard about them or fintech. It is a developing industry, and most people who have heard about it are already in the financing business.

The core purpose of this industry is to provide better financial options in faster, more secure, and better ways. This technology that helps financiers make better financial decisions are comprised of apps and tools that streamline the process that make quick lending decisions a reality.

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Every aspect of the financial industry, from buying stocks to doing research as well as watching your portfolio performance, is enhanced through fintech technology. Also, this developing industry puts just about everyone on the same playing level.

Small companies have as good a chance as the more prominent companies to make the right decisions and deals.

Why Use Fintech Marketing

If your business made it through the Covid scare, you would understand why you need to be involved in the fintech marketing revolution. Businesses had to work hard to find new ways to market their company and services.

Traditional marketing strategies were not effective, or of much use during that time; however, this new way of doing business marketing helped build strong relationships between financial companies and customers. It also made a lot of trust.

So much so that the approx. One hundred start-up fintech companies have already grown so much they have a combined worth of over $400 billion. The rapid growth involved in this industry convinced many other institutions that this was the financial marketing strategy of the future.

Plus, when people started moving online, the fintech marketing companies were already given a larger audience to target. As a result, they could also get creative in their marketing strategies.

Because of that creativity, financial institutions looked to these fintech digital marketing agencies to help them advertise and gain new customers. Now that the trend has become somewhat accepted, it is good news for the fintech marketing agencies.

But it takes pros to navigate this new and fast-growing industry. So first, you need to talk to and hire a good fintech branding agency. Then, you need to get known, and they know how to do it right.

Signs Your Marketing Strategy Is Ineffective

There are some red flags that tell you your current fintech or other marketing strategies are in need of a boost. A good fintech marketing agency can spot these signs and take the proper steps to correct the problem and get more traffic and business sent your way.

1. Poor Quality Web Traffic

This is a vital aspect of your business. If the quality of your website’s visitors is relatively low, you need to fine-tune the website and your marketing options. To correct this problem, you need to analyze what your website visitors are doing when they visit your site.

If you find that most of your visitors are moving on quickly, then you know your marketing strategies are not working and attracting the wrong people. You have to make reasonable changes to attract exemplary visitors ready to buy your products or services.

2. No New Leads

Another vital part of your company’s success. The more new leads you get, the more chances you can convert them into paying customers. Conversely, if your website records a drop in further information, you have a problem with visibility or uninteresting products and services.

This sign tells you that you need to make a marketing strategy change. Growth takes new leads and new conversions. People won’t stop and sign up if they can’t find your website or do not find your products, etc., compelling enough to investigate further.

3. Leads Are Not High-Quality Or Ineffective

There may be a problem with your marketing strategies. For example, you are getting plenty of leads, but for some reason or other, they turn out to be low-quality or have to be disqualified for some financial sense.

The marketing strategies attract people with some money but not enough to participate in your products or use your services. This means that you need to change your fintech marketing agency and search for a new one that can develop strategies that bring in your target audience

4. Your ROI Is Disappointing

When you do advertising, whether traditional or digital options, the primary purpose is to drive sales and revenue, if you are not getting the ROI you were told you would bring or expected, you need to make a change.

Of course, you will have to talk to your fintech digital marketing agency and get them working on new ideas or find someone who can create better marketing options for you.

It is a brutal world in the financial industry but making the tough decisions make your company perform better. This is a tough decision, but it has to be done.

5. No Data To Analyze

Another problem as you do not know how your marketing strategies are performing. Without data to go over, you cannot make any decisions to strengthen your weaknesses or underperforming marketing strategies or strengthen the ones that are performing well.

An excellent financial marketing agency should provide you with all the necessary data to see what is or is not working. They will also help you analyze to make sure you understand the data to make the right decisions for your business’s future.

6. No Strategy To Begin With

This is a standard error. And when you have not taken the time to develop a strategy, your business will not do very well and not go anywhere. Often financial companies let their products and services speak for themselves.

This is not an excellent route as this industry is highly competitive, and the people who develop good strategies often take home the prize. It would be best if you had a good marketing strategy and a top fintech marketing agency could develop those strategies for you.

Reasons To Hire A Fintech Digital Marketing Agency

These companies are professional and know this industry very well. They have been at it for years and know what it takes to succeed with marketing in this industry. All the reasons we will list here are why you need to hire professionals.

Everything we put here needs to be discussed in further detail with potential fintech agencies.

1. Know The Audience You Want To Reach

This is very important. Attracting customers is not like cooking spaghetti. You can throw everything at a wall and sees what sticks. You need to know exactly who you want to reach, and that means knowing the following:

  1. Age
  2. Gender
  3. Location
  4. Purchasing habits
  5. Online habits
  6. Social media platforms

Knowing this information helps you develop effective marketing ads. Of course, youYou do not want to take a machine gun approach to the market. But limit the people you want to target to save time, money, and effort.

You need to be able to meet your target audience’s needs and you can’t do that if you are trying to attract a wide range of people. Your new fintech marketing company can help you with this problem

2. Finding The Problem You Want To Solve

Another top reason why you need to hire a good fintech marketing agency. These people are good at identifying the problems that need to be solved. This is what fintech is all about. It is selling a product or group of products that solve financial issues.

Providing the best solution possible helps your company attract more customers. In addition, knowing the problems you want to solve allows you and your agency to create specific marketing strategies that reach your target audience and get them to respond.

Make sure not to create these strategies to earn money. Instead, they need to be centred on solving the financial issues of your audience.

3. There Is Always Research

You may be too busy trying to run your company to do any deep fintech SEO research. That is okay as the marketing company you hire does have the time. They also have the skills and expertise to find the right SEO data to employ in your marketing strategies.

They know which SEO option to use to boost your rankings. They also know what to look for to achieve that objective. Their experience and knowledge can be put to good use, which saves you the time and the frustration of doing it yourself. Always hire to cover your weaknesses.

4. Content Is King

You also may not have the time to develop, write, and publish the needed content to attract new customers or leads. But, again, this takes a lot of time, and the content has to be on various topics to keep your visitors’ interest.

Outsourcing this task is an excellent step to keep your website exciting and pleasing to search engines. But, of course, visitors are not the only people your website has to impress, and a good fintech marketing agency can keep your content top quality.

The content can include the following:

  1. Explainer videos
  2. Blog posts
  3. Ebooks
  4. Podcasts
  5. Whitepapers
  6. Videos
  7. Email marketing
  8. Customer testimonial videos
  9. Infographics
  10. Knowledge base articles
  11. Off-site content, including guest posts

5. A Good Social Media Strategy

People love to be on social media outlets. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or some other outlet, this is a big area to find your target audience and gain visibility. Unfortunately, not everyone can do this type of marketing, and again, you may not have time to keep up with the demands of being fresh every day or week.

Hiring a professional fintech branding agency can make this a viable option for your company. Additionally, these professionals can help establish a good level of trust with your target audience. That is what you want when you want to be a success in the financial world.

6. Be Flexible, Be Mobile Friendly

More and more people are moving to their mobile phones to surf the net. This includes a large portion of your potential target audience. Reaching them with your products and services is essential.

That is an excellent reason to hire a good fintech marketing firm. They know how to make your website and data mobile phone compatible. Their work helps you avoid missing out on a large portion of your target audience. These are the important areas the professionals can address to reach your audience:

  1. Page loading
  2. Image loading
  3. Page response times
  4. Text size

7. Create A Bold Fintech Brand

This industry is highly competitive, and the timid do not often walk away instead of these prizes. Instead, these customers tend to go with a company that is not afraid and is brave enough to make bold moves through solid financial strategies.

Your website’s visitors should remember a bold company who doesn’t play it safe. Instead, they like a company with confidence. That attitude gives them the confidence to make bold moves and achieve their goals.

As long as it is not too aggressive or over-confident, the bolder you should attract far more visitors, leads, and customers. However, please do not overdo it, as you may appear too bold and scare potential customers away.

8. Create Effective Ad Campaigns

This is not for everyone. Not every business person or traditional marketing firm can create effective ad campaigns for the digital industry. It takes a lot of talent, skill, and experience to develop these ads and make them effective.

This will also mean doing a lot of paid advertising on the internet. A good fintech marketing agency can handle this responsibility with relative ease. They also know how to get you a good deal on advertising rates. These paid advertisements can improve the following:

  1. More traffic
  2. Higher conversions
  3. Improved brand awareness
  4. Increased retention rates

9. Build Backlinks To Your Business

Another essential responsibility that helps bring visitors to your website. But, again, not everyone has the know-how to do this, which is an important reason to hire a good fintech marketing firm.

While SEO strategies change from month to month or year to year, you need someone to have your back and implement these backlinks to benefit you and your company. Good judgment is necessary to know when and where to use this SEO option. An expert can do it fairly quickly and make sure your website gains value.

This option aims to make you and your business authority on your end of the industry. This boosts your reputation and interest in your business.

10. Videos Have to Impact

To make sure your website is exciting and reaches your target audience, you can always add videos. These are not always difficult to make but they are time-consuming. You should pass on this duty to a fintech marketing expert to handle.

Going to YouTube and creating videos than posting them on your website and that outlet provides you with better visibility and helps people understand who you are adding. In addition, these different videos can build some trust between you and your potential customers.

More Reasons To Hire A Fintech Marketing Agency

The above reasons are not the only ones that should convince you to hire a promising fintech digital marketing agency however, this list should provide you with more compelling reasons why this is a good idea. While the agencies may cost some money, the expense is worth it.

  1. They Will Save You Time– Their knowledge and experience let them do the same tasks quicker and easier than you and your employees can do it.
  2. You Get Better Results– Their experience and knowledge tell them what will work best for your company. Results are what you are after.
  3. They Watch Your Competitors For You– This information helps you see what is working and give you ideas on how you should construct your marketing campaigns.
  4. New Pair Of Eyes– This is always an asset when marketing campaigns are not going as planned. The experts can spot top sub-niches to help promote your products and services to a better audience.
  5. Custom Marketing Campaign– Your ads and strategies should be unique to you and your business. With the help of a pro, you can achieve this goal and stand out from your competitors.
  6. It Is Cheaper– It has been said that hiring a marketing agency for fintech visibility is about half the cost of hiring a new employee to handle all the work. Hiring the agency is 1/4 of the cost of hiring a team, approx.

Do You Hire A National Agency Or A Local One?

This is a very fair question to ask yourself. National agencies may not know your company, its reputation, or be interested in your success. They may not communicate with you very well either.

A local fintech marketing agency is the better hire of the two. They will be familiar with your business, be interested in your success, and be easier to communicate with addition, they may have fewer clients. Hence, they have more time for you and your business.

Plus, a local agency can construct a good marketing plan that gives your business a high chance of success. Also, you may not get quality marketing ads from a national marketing company.

But, investigate both as there are always exceptions to the rule.

Some Final Words

When it comes down to it, to meet your fintech marketing needs, you need a top fintech marketing agency at SEO.London, we have been in the business for over 20 years and know this industry well.

All you have to do is contact us and ask your questions. We are happy to answer them and give you the information you need to know. It only takes a few minutes to see why we stand out from our competitors. We deliver reliable service to you and your company.

Call us now so you do not miss out on what we can do for you.

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