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Are private blog networks safe?

This is a question that every blogger asks themselves when they are considering whether or not to use them. Private blog networks are often an attractive marketing solution for those looking to promote their business online.

However, there is a lot of suspicion surrounding them because they can be used as spamming tools. In this article, we will discuss whether or not private blog networks are safe and what you should do if you decide to use one.

What Is A Private Blog Network

A private blog network, or PBN, is a collection of websites that are owned by the same person. These sites are used to build up backlinks for other “niche” websites to make them rank higher through search engine optimization (SEO). A PBN is usually built for this purpose, but sometimes they are used to get around black hat SEO (like buying links or participating in link schemes).

Reasons You Should Use Private Blog Network  (PBN)


You have complete control over what is said in your network and who will build the backlinks (no middleman involved) A niche site has its own advantages but private blog networks give complete control over what is written on them i.e The owner decides their topics etc. This will help businesses build links without disclosing personal information & hence more benefit.

It’s all about relevance

Your website must meet certain criteria before a PBN owner will accept it into his/her network – which means that both sites should share similar topics and audience demographics. This helps ensure that any traffic sent from the PBN site comes with high relevancy scores (and therefore likely contains valuable visitors). The higher the relevancy, the higher chance that your website will be rewarded with high rankings.


You don’t have to disclose your identity or website information if you use an effective Private Blog Network (PBN). This allows businesses to build links without having their brand associated with the linking site. It’s also crucial when dealing with grey hat SEO techniques because Google can penalize websites/blogs that are caught exchanging money for links through blackhat methods such as buying links and participating in blog networks.

Reasons NOT TO Use Private Blog Networks (PBNs)

Over Optimization Penalty

This penalty can affect both domain level as well as page-level; so even if you create separate websites using different PBNs, algorithms may still identify and penalize your websites.

Dilution of Brand Authority

If you own a website that is built around PBNs, it will take away the value from your real brand by diluting authority with low-quality backlinks coming from these secondary networks.

Your Competitors Will Clobber You (If They Find Out)

 Once people start using private blog networks to rank higher in Google results, other companies or individuals looking for SEO traffic will definitely discover this practice eventually; so better not overstep boundaries set by search engines since they would soon find out about them if done excessively.

Google Has A History Of Penalizing PBNs

You may have seen some websites being penalized for using private blog networks, so it is better not to take a risk.

Your Account May Get Terminated By Google If They Catch You

Not only the website’s search engine ranking can get affected by this major penalty, but also your main account with Gmail or AdSense could get banned from using any paid service from Google. This would be catastrophic!

Private Blog Network SEO

This  is a method of optimizing your website to get higher rankings in search engines. The end goal is for the PBNs link juice to transfer over onto your site which will result in more clicks and higher conversions. PBNs are created when you purchase an aged domain from someone else with backlinks already pointing toward it. You then add content, images and videos without any links so that Google doesn’t penalize your site or delete it completely if they find out what’s going on. If done right they are safe but if you get caught it can be very bad!

PBN Sites Examples

The bloggers exchange

This site claims to offer the highest quality PBN sites on the market. They claim that their process is a completely white hat – no spammy links or redirects are used at all which they believe makes them one of the safest networks available today.

Green life blog

This site claims that it is one of the most trusted networks on the market related to green life. They claim that their network is one of the safest because it includes no spammy links or redirects.

SEO Assassin

Their blog states how to choose a PBN, what common mistakes people make when choosing sites for their network and why you should avoid free hosting services.

The Future for Private Blog Networks

Bloggers have been using private blog networks to promote their sites for a while now. Some people think that this is the safest way possible, but it might not be as safe as they think. In fact, Google has been cracking down on these types of link building strategies in recent years and the trend doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. Using a PBN will get your site penalized because you are doing something against Google’s guidelines.

Final Thoughts On PBNs And Whether They Are Safe Or Not

PBNs can be an effective way to drive traffic and rankings. It is important to consider the risks of using PBNs so you don’t get penalized by Google’s update or other ranking penalties. If your site is already built, it may still be safe to use a few expired domains as long as they were not involved in spammy link building practices like paid links or keyword stuffing, but if you are just starting then I recommend that you build quality backlinks without resorting to private blog networks for now until more data on whether PBNs will pass Penguin filters becomes available. Overall, each SEO should decide whether the potential gains from using PBN’s outweigh the possible risks based on their own analysis of the situation.


Private Blog Networks are a way to use the power of social media in marketing without having to build your own blog. It can be used for driving traffic, increasing search engine rankings and building an email list.

If you’re not sure if it’s right for you, there are many reasons why they might not be worth using which we’ve covered. However, with all that said, PBNs do have their place when done correctly so make sure you know what you want out of them before deciding whether or not this is something worth exploring further!

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