When at useBouncer.com we’ve started our cooperation with SEO.London, our main aim was to grow our visibility on the Internet, by providing value to our readers. It was crucial to make sure that our traffic is growing because of well-executed content, supported by the technical part of the SEO (not the other way around).

And SEO.London not only understood but fully supported our process and showed a real holistic approach to it. From day one of our cooperation, we were surprised by the engagement and knowledge that Lukasz shows. They have their heads full of ideas, and constantly testing new solutions that could help you scale. You can just feel the years of experience plus the desire to constantly develop and learn more. Which is essential in outsourcing SEO agency – so many tricks that worked yesterday, today is not worth your time.

SEO.London knows it and continually follows the new trends to keep your business on the first page! We loved the fact that Lukasz was eager to go the extra mile to make sure that we get those numbers in, Their engagement led to a consistent month over month increase in web traffic as well as increased conversions.

SEO.London by Lukasz Zelezny cooperates effectively with the client, establishing a smooth workflow. The team is responsive, hard-working, and dedicated. It doesn’t feel like you are outsourcing those tasks to an agency – rather like they are part of your team.


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