High-quality backlinks significantly impact a website’s visibility and ability to rank high in search engine results. Trusted by over 1500 SEO professionals, RhinoRank offers link-building services that promise to increase a website’s traffic.

I invested a significant sum of $3400 purchasing links from RhinoRank. In this case study, I will share my experience and honestly review the results obtained through this investment.

I’ll review the process, assess the links’ quality, and evaluate the overall value of RhinoRank’s services.

Let’s get going.


As an experienced SEO consultant, I always strive to stay ahead in helping businesses optimize their online presence. Over the years, I’ve helped companies enhance several SEO strategies and techniques, including on- and off-page optimization.

While the strategies helped my clients see positive results, I wanted to zero in on link building with curated links by RhinoRank. Curated links is a service that promises to secure links from highly relevant content on existing authoritative domains.

Unlike guest posting on the sites, the curated links strategy takes advantage of existing, aged, and indexed website content.

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Several factors, including the following, influenced my decision to invest in link-building with RhinoRank:

  • Links play an important role in SEO by acting as a vote of confidence from other websites in the niche.
  • Getting links from authoritative websites and relevant content can be challenging and time-consuming, so RhinoRank’s services seemed a convenient solution.
  • Before recommending RhinoRank to my clients, I wanted first-hand experience with RhinoRank.

This $3400 case study on links with RhinoRank gave me valuable insights on making informed recommendations and delivering my clients the most effective SEO strategies.

The Challenge

RhinoRanks offers two main link-building services: guest posts and curated links. I opted for curated links because of their potential for delivering faster results.

As revealed earlier, curated links involve specialists at RhinoRank manually reaching out to website owners to secure a link/s from content already published on the websites.

For the skeptics, RhinoRank assures that links on existing content are okay and they have positive results to back their claim.


I had several expectations in mind that would eventually help us measure results.

They included the following:

Enhanced Link Profile: I looked forward to the curated links provided by RhinoRank to improve my website’s link profile, both in quality and diversification. I expected the high-quality backlinks to contribute to improving my overall authority and search rankings.

Increased Organic Traffic: A stronger link profile increases organic search traffic. I anticipated the curated links to direct relevant traffic to my website and impact my organic visibility positively.

Improved Keyword Rankings: Another important expectation was seeing an improvement in my keyword rankings. With the acquired curated links from authoritative websites, I aimed to strengthen our website’s relevance for targeted keywords and improve my position in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Measurement of Results:

To evaluate how effective RhinoRank’s curated links service was, I employed several measurement techniques, including:

a. Organic Search Traffic: I successfully monitored our traffic analytics to assess any notable changes in organic search traffic during the link-building campaign. By measuring the changes in organic traffic, I could gauge the overall impact of the acquired links on my website’s visibility.

b. Keyword Rankings: I regularly tracked the rankings of my targeted keywords to measure their position fluctuations. Comparing pre, during, and post-campaign rankings allowed me to evaluate the effectiveness of RhinoRank’s curated links in enhancing my keyword visibility.

c. Backlink Analysis: I also analyzed my backlink profile to identify the curated links provided and their quality. The analysis included their domain authority, relevance, and overall impact on my website’s link profile.

d. Conversion and Engagement Metrics: Lastly, I monitored our conversion and engagement metrics, including bounce rates, click-through rates, and time spent on the site. Conversion and engagement metrics are crucial when checking the quality of a website’s traffic since they provide valuable insights into the traffic driven by the curated links.

RhinoRank offers curated links in packages. The packages start from one, with five being the highest or ultimate package. All the packages offer grades five, four, three, and two links.

RhinoRank uses average domain authority (DA) and the number of referring domains (RDs) to classify links.

  • Grade five links have DA of 10-20 and 20-100 RDs.
  • Grade four links have DA of 10-30 and 100-250 RDs.
  • Grade three links have DA 20-40 and 250-500 RDs.
  • Lastly, grade two links have DA 30+ and 500+ RDs.

When it comes to packages, it’s all about the number of different links a package contains.

Here is a breakdown of the number of different links in different packages.

  • Package one: 4 grade five links, 2 grade four links, 1 grade three links, and also 1 grade two link
  • Package two: 5 grade five links, 4 grade four links, 4 grade three links, and 2 grade two links.
  • Package three: 7 grade five links, 6 grade four links, 6 grade three links, and 3 grade two links.
  • Package four: 10 grade five links, 9 grade four links, 7 grade three links, and 4 grade two links.
  • Package five: 10 grade five links, 16 grade four links, 12 grade three links, and 11 grade two links.

Why Did I Pick Package 5?

Packages have been priced differently, with one having the lowest price and five the highest, at $3735. However, RhinoRank has a discount of $335 on package five, which allowed me only to pay $3400 for the service.

I settled for package five for a few other crucial reasons besides the discount. I wanted to experience the full potential of the service and maximize the impact on my online presence.

Package five has the most links provided; the more, the better, since more quality links usually translate to more traffic. You also have the option of creating your package.

Another reason I went with package 5 is because the number of grade two and three links offered is significantly higher than other packages. Grade two and three links come from high-authority websites with substantial traffic, increasing my chances of reaching a larger and more targeted audience.

When link building, anchor texts are crucial in providing context, optimizing keywords, diversifying link profiles, enhancing user experience, and contributing to the overall SEO strategy of a website.

Therefore, I was very thoughtful with my anchor texts to ensure we maximized the benefits they offered.

The following are the types of anchor texts I saw fit the job.

1. Branded Anchor Text

With branded anchor texts, we aimed to establish and reinforce the brand.

Over time, repeated exposure of the target audience to our branded anchor texts enhanced our brand recognition and differentiation from competitors.

2. Exact Match Anchor Texts

I understand the importance of exact-match anchor texts in any link-building campaign, and I, therefore, dedicated 5% of my anchor texts specifically for this purpose.

Exact match anchor texts refer to the exact keyword phrase as the clickable text for a hyperlink. In our case, these anchor texts included keyword phrases we wanted to rank for.

Exact match anchor texts in SEO help emphasize relevance, enhance keyword focus, and contribute to a higher authority.

3. Generic and Natural Variation Anchor Texts

I incorporated generic anchor texts and natural variations to diversify my website’s link profile. These types of anchor texts help balance the anchor text distribution in a website, ensuring they are all diverse and organic.

Generic and natural variation anchor texts also help mitigate the risk of over-optimization and keep the link profile natural in the eyes of search engines.

I carefully selected and diversified my anchor texts to create a well-rounded and effective link profile.  Combining branded, exact match, and generic/natural variation anchor texts allowed me to optimize my website’s visibility while maintaining a natural and diverse backlink profile.

I got 49 links after delivery, and I am eager to share the results the links got me. Overall, the results were encouraging, showing how effective curated links can be while trying to boost a website’s online visibility and performance.

I have divided the results into two, four weeks after delivery and 12 weeks after delivery.

Although four weeks might seem short for a comprehensive evaluation, the initial impact of RhinoRank’s curated links was quite promising. Ahrefs graphs revealed a noticeable upward trend in target keyword rankings and increased organic traffic.

Here is a closer look at the results I observed:

Search engine ranking progress: I witnessed significant improvements in my website’s rankings only four weeks after delivery. Most of my target keywords experienced positive movements, climbing higher in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Organic traffic increase: The substantial increase in organic traffic was quite remarkable. Because of the increased search rankings, I saw a surge in organic traffic, especially from relevant and engaged visitors. Grade two links slightly outperformed the other types of links in traffic boosting.

Enhanced user engagement: I also observed some notable improvements in my user engagement metrics. It was evident that visitors acquired as a result of curated links were spending more time on the website, exploring multiple pages, and exhibiting a lower bounce rate.

A website’s performance on search engines is not always constant because of various factors like competition and updates from the search engines like Google. With that in mind, I extended my evaluation period to 12 weeks to assess the long-term impact of RhinoRank’s curated links.

Here are the results I observed:

Sustained and improved search engine rankings: I can confidently report that the upward trajectory in search engine rankings I witnessed at the 4-week mark remained consistent and further improved. The target keywords I was after continued climbing higher in SERPs, solidifying their positions.

The sustained growth demonstrated the long-term value a website could get from RhinoRank’s curated links.

Steady organic traffic growth: Over the 12 weeks, I observed a steady organic traffic growth to my website, indicating the curated links consistently drove a consistent flow of relevant and engaged visitors to my site. The combined effect of improved search rankings and increased visibility in the SERPs resulted in a continuous stream of organic traffic.

Expanded keyword reach: RhinoRank’s curated link-building campaign significantly improved my targeted and non-targeted keyword reach.  The related long-tail keywords and close variations experienced improved visibility and rankings in the search results. This broader keyword reach allowed me to widen my net and capture a bigger audience, ultimately improving my traffic.

Overall, the 12-week evaluation period demonstrated the ability of RhinoRank’s curated links service to sustain the results they give, including search engine rankings, steady organic traffic growth, expanded keyword reach, and increased domain authority. SEO is a long-term game, and RhinoRank understands how to offer effective and reliable solutions that drive lasting success.

Lessons and Recommendations

Search engine optimization is important for any online venture, and working with RhinoRank just confirmed it. My experience with RhinoRank provided valuable insights into link-building, shedding light on the significance of quality backlinks, the value of professional link-building services, and the need for a strategic approach.

The key takeaways from my case study are:

You must prioritize high-quality backlinks to improve your website’s SEO performance. High-quality links are important to your overall site’s search visibility. Search engines value the quality and relevance of backlinks as a measure of a website’s authority and trustworthiness.

When investing in link-building, always consider working with professionals and experts in the market. My positive results can be attributed to the fact that RhinoRank, a professional link-building service, demonstrated several key strengths.

RhinoRank deeply understands effective link acquisition strategies. They know how to identify relevant and authoritative websites within a given niche and how to secure backlinks from the sites.

The last takeaway is that you must be intentional and strategic when link-building. Successful link campaigns require careful planning, identifying target keywords, analyzing competitors’ backlink profiles, and selecting relevant and authoritative websites for link acquisition. You will get professional help if you work with experts like RhinoRank.

In Summary

It’s worth it to work with RhinoRank for professional link-building services. I achieved my desired SEO results by increasing the website’s search rankings, increasing traffic, and improving its authority.

RhinoRank’s expertise, commitment to ethical practices, customization of strategies, and transparent reporting have all contributed to the positive outcomes I have witnessed.

If you’re considering link-building services, work with professionals like RhinoRank to enhance the effectiveness of your campaigns and propel your website’s SEO performance to new heights.

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