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Photographers Need SEO Help As Well

Tired of taking baby pictures, you know you need help when the bulk of your portrait business are little babies and their moms. This may be cute and fun for some photographers but not everyone can talk baby talk all day long.

When you get in this rut, you need help from a good photographer SEO consultant. These professionals can make sure your name and talent get known in your local region as well as on a national or even international scale.

Photographers’ SEO is a great way to move up in the rankings and attract prettier, wealthier, and better clients. When you use SEO for photographers your photography business can be given a shot in the arm.

That is what you want when you love taking photographs and want to expand your photographic reach.

Should Photographers Use SEO Experts?

Why not? This business is very competitive and there are more than enough skilled photographers that take baby pictures in your city. If you want to be more creative, and get innovative projects that showcase your talent, you need to get known.

The only way to do that is to use SEO for photographers and drive the traffic you want to work with to your website door. Here are some reasons why you can’t do this on your own.


It takes a lot of time to do the right research to get all the information you need to start directing traffic to your website. Then it takes time to convert those website visitors into paying clients.

This is time you may not have, although photographers may have a little more free time than other businesses. Even with that extra free time, you may not have enough to handle all the SEO duties you need to do to get top ranking.

Here are some of the duties that require a lot of research and development time:


Without the right Keywords, searchers won’t be able to come to your website. You will be so far down the ranking page that no one will ever find your website.


As we have told everyone else, good content can’t be beaten. The information you write has to be good for visitors to your website to see you as an authority and build some trust in you. It takes a great amount of time to write top-quality content.


This is looking at your site and seeing what needs to be fixed and what needs tweaking or what needs to be left alone. This takes a skill many photographers do not have. Crunching the numbers may not be for you and that is a reason why you entered the photography profession.

Technical Details

Not everyone is skilled at handling technical details. There is a lot involved when you try to use SEO for the photographers’ industry. You may find this too difficult and boring and your website suffers because of it.

Building Your Reputation

Building your reputation and maintaining that reputation takes a lot of work and a lot of work takes time. This is time you may not have or you may be overwhelmed when someone posts negative articles about you and your business.

Long-Term Strategies

This is another area that takes a lot of work. You may not think about where you want to be in 5 or 10 years but to get the right visitors to your website, you have to think in these terms.

SEO is not an overnight project. It takes time to build up traffic and a customer base. It could take months before you start seeing any results and in the meantime, you have to do auditing to see what is or isn’t working. It is not a good fit for most photographers.

You have to be patient and give your strategies time to get moving and start driving traffic to your door.


This is not always SEO’s fault. Sometimes the reason your SEO strategies do not work is because of you and your way of thinking. It will be your attitude and decisions that undermine any SEO effort you or your photographers SEO consultant do.

Here is a list of those attitudes and decisions that can sink your SEO work and business goals:

  • Keeping the content and text bare bones. By refusing to add text, your visitors can’t get to know you and you do not build trust with them.
  • Keeping your business address a secret- Some say not putting it on GMB(Google My Business) is a mistake and can hurt your business.
  • Leaving out contact information- A phone number is essential to get website visitors into your studio’s door and help convert them into paying customers. You need to let potential clients contact you and ask their questions.
  • Failure to narrow your specialities or web pages- Being too broad means the quality of your work may suffer. Or the website suffers from confusion as there are too many web pages and too many options to choose from.
  • Forgetting to put information on the website- Visitors want to see the information. That lack of specific content can turn potential clients off and move on to your competitor.
  • No price list- This is essential as many people want to see if they can afford your services or not. Having a price list helps convince people to use your service over someone else.

There are more reasons why SEO strategies fail. You can talk with your photographers seo consultant about them. Once he or she explains what they are and what they can do to your business, you have to make decisions.

Fixing The Problem

Not everyone is good at creating and maintaining their websites. They think they can just build and forget, then concentrate on their work. It doesn’t work that way as an out-of-date website, or one that is hard to navigate or is unattractive turns off searchers quicker than anything.

When it comes to fixing the problems on your website, there are two stages. The first stage is fixing your website’s current problems. You have to identify them and then make wholesale changes if the original site was really bad.

Those fixes come in both the technical side and the organic side of SEO. You need to make the website prettier, easier to navigate, and make sure your visitors have a good user experience.

The second part is taking advantage of tools as well as opportunities that help you improve and gets you into the future on a good note. This is the toughest part of the SEO business.

You need to pay the money to have photographers’ SEO services do all of this work for you. It may not be cheap but when you hire professionals, you get professional service.

Do not be afraid to talk money with good photographers SEO companies. That is the way to get the best deal on the work they will do for you.

What You Need To Do

There are different things you need to do before all this takes place. The first thing is to learn the basics of SEO. That way when you talk to a consultant, you know what they are talking about and can converse with them on an intelligent level.

Plus, you understand what they want to do and basic knowledge helps you make the right business decisions. The second thing to do is find an photographers seo consultant you can trust.

Not everyone in this business is ethical or honest. It will take some time but once you find that person you can trust, the SEO work will go smoother and better.

The third thing to do is do the first step first, the second step second, and so on. Do not get ahead of yourself and start with the website audit. That way you know what needs to be fixed and what needs to be left alone.

Once you have that knowledge, you know which strategies to employ and so on. Finally, hire an expert. While it is a good thing to hire someone who is just starting out, the experts will be better, faster, and know all the search engine regulations and so on.

What We Can Do For You

The good news is we can do all of the above for you so you can focus on using your creative talents for your photography work. We take the burden so you can concentrate on more important aspects of your business.

Our company, SEO.London,  has over 20 years of international experience and we know SEO. Our consultants can walk you through everything, answer your questions and help lay out a good plan.

The bad news is you will have to discuss our fees and pick the option that you feel best fits your financial status at the moment. Take your time and think about it before you make your decision.

We are not going anywhere and we will be glad to have you as a client. Call us today and talk to us about your SEO needs.

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