Google has long been the top search engine, and it is no surprise that they are trying to take over other aspects of your business. If you haven’t set up Google My Business yet, then this article will show you how! This article provides an overview on how to make a google listing for your business as well as some tips on how to use Google’s various features like their mapping service.

What Is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free tool that helps you manage your business’s online presence. It lets you add and edit your business information as well as improve how customers find, interact with, and rate your business.

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It allows users to interact with the various components of their listing such as verifying or claiming a company page, uploading photos & videos for more exposure, allowing customers to leave reviews about products & services they’ve purchased at the location.

Google my business also provides analytics regarding who’s viewing listings so owners can learn where potential clients are looking for them in order to effectively market towards those demographics. It’s an effective way to stay connected with consumers by responding quickly when someone has questions or wants to leave feedback.

Why Should You Set Up Your Business On Google My Business?

One of the easiest ways to get found by customers is through Google search. By setting up your business with google my business, you can boost visibility and appear on top in local searches. This will help people find you easier when they are searching for products or services that you offer within their defined location (zip code). If somebody has a question about where to go locally, they will likely start their search online before heading out into the world so it is important for them to have an easy way to discover what businesses are around them.

How To Set Up Your Business On Google My Business

First, go to google my business and sign in with your Google account.

Secondly, add your business name by selecting the appropriate category for your type of business.

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Thirdly add the location of your business, if you have a physical store your customers can visit, include it there.

Fourthly fill in your contact information; you can add your phone number, email address and website.

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Finally, click on the finish button to complete your google listing for your business!

Verifying The Account

After you have chosen a name, location and category for your business, it’s time to verify the account.

Verifying the account is as easy as snapping a photo of your business using Google’s phone number verification.

When you open up the app, navigate to “More” and tap on Business Listings.

You will see an option for “Add/Verify a listing” and then choose whether you want to verify by phone or postcard (this method is slower). For this example, we’re going with “phone” because it requires less time and effort. Once you’ve decided how you would like to verify that you own the company, insert the verification code provided.

Please note: If you go with postcard verification it may take up to seven days before they reach out!

How To Claim My Business On Google My Business

Google My Business is a great tool for local businesses to help advertise and optimize their appearance on Google Search and Maps. It’s very similar to how you would claim your Facebook page. Claim your business through google map

-Log in to google my business and search for your business, after which you confirm ownership.

-Locate the listing of your business on the map and you click manage listing

-Click on this business after finding the business listing in google search.

How To Optimise Your Google My Business

– Take advantage of all available tools to get connected with users who are looking for what you have on offer right now!

– Adding quality photos is just one way businesses increase their visibility via Google. Contribute regularly by sharing content relevant to your industry which will not only attract new visitors but also help share out from other authoritative local sources online too.

Optimise Metatags – Google uses certain keywords from the title and description, use this as an opportunity to include words that will help drive traffic back to your site over time. It’s also important to provide relevant information for visitors so don’t forget about including details such as opening hours, location etc.

– Reviews are just as key on Google my Business listings too, it can be easy enough to ask friends and family but getting honest feedback from actual customers is going to be more beneficial in gaining trust online.

Troubleshooting Common Issues With Setting Up Your Account

If you are having issues setting up your Google My Business account, there is a chance that this might be because of the following reasons.

– Someone else may have previously set up an account with the same name but used different contact information or website address which would result in one being preferred over another when they both exist at once. This will cause confusion among users and prevent the visibility of certain content on search pages if it has low ratings/reviews compared to others. For example, someone else could claim their cat salon was better than yours based on reviews etc., even though they never went to your actual location!

– If you have a free website address, the automated system that is used to check for existing listings can sometimes create one with your business name, different contact information and location.

– If you own multiple locations of a company, this will cause an issue because Google needs to know which listing belongs to which physical building/shop etc. – The main thing they look at in these instances is who owns the actual real estate as it determines where your ‘home base’ should be listed under.


Setting up your business on Google My Business is a simple process, but there are some steps that you need to follow to verify the account and claim it. It’s also important for businesses with multiple locations or franchises to ensure they have accurate information listed about their company so customers can find them when searching online.

Optimising your listing will improve how high-ranking you are in local search results. With these strategies applied correctly, setting up your business on Google My Business should be easy as pie!

How To Set Up Google My Business

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