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Hi guys, my name is Lucas zelezny and today in a few minutes, I just wanted to talk about a meta description but the description, which is, and very often and on orphaned child of an SEO strategy. The reason why it's orphan child often, it's because Google set in 2009, that meta description is not a ranking Factor per se.

What does it mean? However, is that there are none direct ways to improve your performance with the right usage of meta description. Now, what are these things? The simplest one, the most. Common one is to use properly written with the description and that way, you will be able to increase.

Your click-through rate, but let's go step by step. So, first of all, a very simple rule, that's the rule. Number one that generally despised from the fact, would you see in Google, you should operate with hundred, thirty two hundred fifty characters, length of meta description and if you will see here, I just wrote meta description as a keyword

You see my advice is hundred sixty characters, the author set here and obviously you know, various authors will have a little different opinion, but I think if you will go in 250 hundred sixty characters, you should be all right. Otherwise The Meta description will be cutted. As you can see here or you can see here. The the next thing is what to write in meta description. Take a closer look.

All right, for example, holidays to Egypt.

Then every time, Google will find a meta description that meta description contain. That keyword, the keyword will be bolded. The second thing on the beginning of this, I said that meta description should be written convincing, way descriptive way. You shouldn't share too much because of this to you. At the end of the day, we want a click in that.

Link. So this one that I highlighted great deals on holidays to Egypt, including last-minute, all-inclusive and 20 21. 22, 22, 22 holidays book. Now with a low deposit of just 30 perm pounds per person. So a lot of great information here we have. The there are last minute, there are all-inclusive. We know that they are.

Our current for current year and the year. After the current year, we also have here, the deposit is only 30 pounds per person. So when I will click here and I will go to that page, then I know that if I'm looking for holidays to Egypt that probably will be a good good website, good page and it will answer my the question I have or

Problem. I have it was it will bring the solution for that problem but there is also something else I wanted to mention. It could be potentially considered as a method part of the meta description you have in some cases, this lovely internal links and this internal links are taking you deeper to that page to specific sections. Take a look

You see I've been automatically scrawled into the right place on the page if I will go here.

You see all inclusive for this to Egypt and this is something about culture culture in Egypt. So that's the link. I just clicked. So here is our culture. This links are called by some people jump links and they work like Wikipedia, which you can see here. I just have a word. London is a keyword and here is plenty of jump links. Now you may ask me a question, okay, Lucas, but how can I

Implement something like that on my website. Well, if this is what press, it's very simple. There is plenty of plugins that can generate something like that. Let me mention table of content, easy table of content are talk and so on, and so on. So like I said, jump, links and all this module, we will be calling table of content. So based on your headers h-2a,

H3 H4 and based on how you will configure your website. Then you will get this kind of table automatically generated. So, let me show you an example that my website and I have here article about digital marketing strategy for hotels. And here we have jump links to specific sections. Yeah. And what are the, what does it give us except of

Fact that we have here, this lovely, jump. Rings that I show you. Well, in some cases as the one that I'm showing you. Here there is some additional way of making meta, description, more attractive. I just typed keyword, how to focus on study. And as you can see here on the position 50, I have cognition learning, learn how to increase concentration.

Action and focus while dot dot dot. Title duck is too long, but we are not here to talk about title tag today. But and here is a jump to tips on how to change your beliefs. So let's see where this lovely jump link exists, I will copy this and I'll go here.

And I will go here. And again, the hero of the day, the table of content is here. When you click, then you going into specific specific area that been even highlighted by Chrome, because the new version of Chrome is highlighting this sometimes, especially when you entering to featured sleep at the downside of this is that, unfortunately, there is this

Hush other to URL. So thanks to that. The browser is able to scroll you into the desired section. Like you go upstairs here and we can go into other section and so on and so on. But unfortunately, if someone will enter, visit your website from link like this one, instead of this one, then the URL is different and it's sometimes, build a mess in

Your Google analytics or Google search console. Yeah. So you need to make sure that when you, for example, looking at the performance of specific page and Google decided to show you, this kind of jump links, make sure that you will first exclude everything, what is after hash. And that way, you will get only the core, so that's very helpful when you're trying to aggregate data and that will give you the, the overall traffic. That is there.

Delivered on the specific page.

What else I can say, we were talking about the pedia, maybe not, everyone knows that Wikipedia is refraining from using meta description, so if I will go here, you see Meta there is absolutely nothing. We can go like that. Just to give you a description nothing without

Quotation mark nothing so we can see that in some cases using meta description, may not be essential and lights like that. Generally, because when I will type London, then Wikipedia potentially is giving opportunity for Google to choose what. Google thinks is the most relevant. So we have here, this sentence and

This is the first sentence from this article, you need to remember that meta description and in some cases title tag as well. They may act a bit weird, so if Google decide by some reasons and sometimes only known to Google that your meta description is not relevant, not right property, maybe there are some typos. Maybe there is like too much.

No, you over optimize this meta description, Google reserve the right to choose something else from your page and replace your meta description with that sentence. And sometimes you may be a bit upset because that's are not, maybe sometimes the best part of the text used as meta description. In that case, I would recommend you to rewrite your original photo description following like hundred thirty hundred

T characters and make sure that you are writing this different way. Finally. You know, we started and we were saying about the length and most of the time, yes hundred thirty hundred fifty character works. But in some cases sometimes there are much longer, meta description. So I cannot find this right now but sometimes you will see a block of text. Let me see.

My for example, where to buy property in UK now and you can see that homes and property quickly have this long meta, description, that's way more than a hundred fifty characters and I can do a test.

I will use land and this is 222 characters. But many times, this is not the desired meta description by oath or this is something that Google decided to take and replace. So let's take a piece of this text. Let's try to find, okay? This is the paragraph that been used and now let's try to find what was in The Meta description.

Compact, the description meta description is

Something like in property, has in comedy. Timing is everything very kind of creative, but maybe Google by some reason, decided not to use this one. So, once again, this paragraph, this this paragraph of text books, use and replace the original meta description that you can see here, what kind of Errors you may have, that's quite simple. You going to a CEO to go into somewhere.

I have here a series of London. The crawl was in Saturday, January 23rd. And I can see here. I have to duplicate meta descriptions. So, as you know, meta descriptions the same as title tag. They need to be unique across website. So you cannot have two pages that have the same method description or the that have the same title tag and aside.

This sem Rush is checking couple of more issues, so I don't have any errors here. We can see like zero Pages don't have meta description. So I did not forgot to use meta description. I always set this up. However, in two cases, I set up the duplicated one, which I will fix right after this video. And that is pretty much it. What I wanted to pass, like I said,

Meta description is a little like an orphan child of a CO, maybe only meta keywords are less used. Because, obviously, as we know meta keywords are not working for many, many years, they are not considered at all as any any Factor. But once again, it's worth to follow a couple of simple rules. As a recap, let me say the length hundred, thirty hundred fifty car.

There's make sure that you using table of content because you may get the benefit of extra links. Make sure that you also have a proper internal structure because you will get on the bottom of my description, some site links. Remember that Google have a right to reserve the right to use some other part of the text for your website, from your website, as a meta description. And remember that in some cases like Wikipedia is one of the greatest example meta descriptions are not.

Essential. And that was me look as well as me from Acid London and thank you very much for listening to my short video. Take care.

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