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How to do digital marketing in Poland.There is a lots of big companies like sections that are in Poland of the very big companies and they understand… Video automatically transcribed by Sonix this watch video file was automatically transcribed by Sonix with the best speech-to-text algorithms. This transcript may contain errors.

Welcome back to website and TV. I’m Gemma Houghton today. I’m joined by Lucas the lesney head of online, acquisition at you, switch and online marketing specialist. He’s originally from Poland and still operates in the Polish market and in the Polish SEO industry. So is here today to tell us a little bit more about that market and why it’s interesting for international businesses. So high leakage. Hello. Nice to be here. Great, to have you.

So you are based in the UK and have been for quite a long time, but you must from Poland, originally and you still attend conferences, in Poland, you still have, you know, connections and engagement in that up in the Polish, kind of SEO industry. So what how is that industry the moment? How is online marketing in Poland and how was online behavior in general? The Polish people, so it’s evolving. I’m quite well connected with a CO people. And, you know, the first of

Paul, we have a big week history of this in Poland of being kind of a black hat SEO. There was lots of these people who are trying to play with algorithm and so on and so on. So but then the influence from the Western Country came and those of people also from Poland, good connection with UK SEO industry. And they figure out that this, what we call enterprise-level SEO, looks totally different. It’s not. What positions is

What are your ranking is not about that. It’s more about long-term Marathon, so they also appearing in brightness younger. They these people are coming visiting here for workshops and thanks to this, this knowledge from London, which I think is a top level right now is blending very well in Poland. You have lots of agencies and lots of Acquisitions this day. There is lots of a big big fishes that are coming to the Polish market.

And buying some agencies and then building, kind of a big, big, big agencies and just just for the future. So, overall, I would say it’s evolving, but, you know, we have this history like in Poland. We are trying to be very proud of, you know, like breaking algorithms and, you know, any math. This kind of old-school time so so that, that gives a bit of courage and a bit of understanding, but right now we are in this era of SEO.

Point O in Poland, which means that we will be more similar to Western countries. I think what about the kind of audiences in Poland the consumers online, how are you know, how well developed to they, when it comes to, you know, searching online, buying online, that kind of thing. So we have, we have a couple of big companies that even block the competitors who are trying to come from the Western fancy like eBay or struggling. Because we have Allegra

And, and this is a very similar situation, like, in Russia, you have Google and Yandex and X is bigger than Google regarding to you answering your question. Short form. There is a lots of big companies like sections that are in Poland of the very big companies and they understand how important it is to have an SEO. And because of that, they want to have a local company polish compound, which not only speaks Polish, which is relatively difficult language.

Yeah, you know this and and also who understand the market. Yeah. We understand the market is locally and so on. So on another thing I just really need to shortly mention, there is more and more often I can see a model like UK agency. Got a big section Poland because of the cost of the resources of the employees. And so are still much much lower amount is 5521 comparing to polish zlotys so so so thanks to that, you can

Eventually maybe be a bit more agile and so on and so on, especially when you have a manager who understand how it works in UK, and how it works in, am in Poland near the culture of the work may be a bit different as well, but but not that much. So so overall, you can see a bit of integration, especially, when you have this big Brands, which are doing is hero or social media campaign in UK, and they also want to do for a Polish Division. And I’m talking about big companies,

From top of my head, you know, like I saw maybe molecular, maybe this is not the best best example, but couple of years ago, like Nokia, for example, they’ve been operating on different markets. I don’t know how it looks like right now and they had like, potentially campaigns. I saw that, I just, I’m just saying this because I saw logos of Nokia somewhere on this agency, websites. So, for international Brands here, from the UK, from the US, or the countries, it’s Poland, an interesting Market to start targeting is the potential to

Grow there and kind of be ahead of the local competition pack. I think, if you would like to invent a product potential, you can feel like Poland would be the place to go and start, and I think Central Europe countries are fantastic to start business this way. I have a friend, he’s Romanian his work, he got a platform and he invented.

This platform in Bucharest, in Romania, I’m talking about Romania because there is lots of analogies between Poland and Romania and obviously they they are targeting. Well, they are kind of targeting us. They are targeting Western countries but they are still in Romania. So the cost of everyday work is relatively low. This is what the online marketing, the disabled the online ability to work through only through internet is giving you the same in Poland. So if you would like to open

Potentially, it’s better to open something in Poland and then start offering this to the Western Country rather than Target Poland, as that final final Market. Maybe the economy is not yet that strong, like I mentioned pound 2, slot is 5 to 1. Euro is still very, very high to to post office. But you know, you can flip the model and say like a let’s move to Poland, everybody in Poland. Speak fluently English are very proud of this because it’s only last 15 years. It happened and

You can easily hire people and you can easily start your business. Start up whatever. And I think the growth is amazed potentially very very the opportunity to grow is huge. She’s saying that everybody impotent speaks English and, you know, good level of English. But does that mean that you can Target Poland with English content? Or is it still very important to have published content? I think this is fantastic question. And yes unfortunately it won’t be easy to Target Polish people of English on them. We like to read

News in Polish, you know, Reddit is huge. But in Poland, actually, there is a Vick up and wake up is kind of a very similar concept to read it. But it’s my way more popular because it’s in Polish. So overall, yeah, you would need to have someone who know, Polish language to write because this is how people and and you know, I think you have couple of countries like people are very attached. I think French Market would be the same people like you wouldn’t even dream.

Move targeting France with England English. Are they – no? It’s true, it’s definitely true. And any final tips you could give, you know, for a business thinking, okay? Yeah, that sounds great. I think we should be targeting Poland. What are the key things that they should be aware of? If you are, if you have a product that you really thinking that he’s competitive competitive is new and never before, appeared in Poland, or you can become the only one, the distribution.

Bution who distribute the product then potentially is. But I would rather because we are in this startup field is online marketing field. I would rather encourage people. Like look, you have a brilliant idea. You have a to to open the business you want to do a start-up, consider moving their to Poland to crack off or were so I’m rent a small office and started dealing there because potentially, you know, you can not only go to Country which which

Which is beautiful, you know, and meet new people but maybe that also helped to open the the the the way how you look on the problems and you know make you thinking more more open more Broad and you finally your startup or be more successful, or you can also find a partnership in Poland and start dealing from UK with partnership in Poland because, you know, Polish people also, lots of them speaks quite well. Russian Slovak language is

Similar to polish. And so we can always go to Slovakia and have a nice conversation with people there. So, yeah, that there is like million possibilities. I am quite quite attached. And this year, I’ve been many times on conferences and I hope I have a good relation with my friends in Poland, and I hope it will be forever like that, okay? Well, thank you very much for sharing with us and encouraging us all to move to Poland, at least for a weekend, at least crappy for a weekend. Yeah, thank you very much, thanks.


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