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So, thank you for having me. It’s a pleasure and honour, I love this conference. I have so much respect to to to Alexander for doing this and I just want to tell you something. This is the first ever conference that you have not one. But two zealousness. My dad is their first time. So give him a bit of cool. So yesterday, I met some Norwegian people from the furniture industry. It was amazing. Almost

Awesome deals for SEO. We’ll see how it goes. I wasn’t sleeping tonight. So if I will be talking, some Sometimes some bullshit. So please forgive me. My name is Lucas, Arizona, and for last 12 years, I was living and working from London, I was working in many different companies and particularly one I wanted to mention, you switch is a price comparison website operating on many Industries, credit cards car insurance Broadband, mobiles and energy,

Poison. And, you know, that was a very challenging time. I survived are six and a half years and this October last October, my little angel, Sophie Harper been born, so I decided to switch into my own business. So right now, I’m on my own as you look London. And I wanted to share a couple of tactics that you really can take back home, and you can just implement this straight away. There is like nothing, like massive cost involved.

Massive knowledge and so on and so on something that I am offering to my customers and that potentially very often makes them happy.

So yeah that’s me. The first tactic is what I called snapshot. And first step is to exclude empty queries. Sometimes God Knows Why data studio is pulling through apis data from search console and there is lots of empty queries. So you saying exclude queries equal to nothing and you have all these blank where he’s excluded

Then the next step is that you can see here. I have a table with 3 Matrix Impressions, click and click to rate and two Dimensions query and landing page and this is the clue. This is the colleague real 24,000 160 keywords. That wouldn’t be possible to export this through the interface of search console. So when you will plug search console to data Studio, you can do this. Now, we back this, we have this 3 Matrix

And now we exporting this into Excel and the Excel view is pretty much the same, but then the magic will come Excel. Who knows accelerate your hair. Now, job there are in Excel. There is a very fundamental function, that is sort then by then by or episode to attack deleted data. So now we sorting this first by landing page alphabetically from A to Z and then in

That lie by Impressions or Clicks. In this example, I will be shortened by impressions.

And thanks to that, I will have this this spreadsheet really, really in order. And this is how it looks. You can see one URL impressions are going down, there is another URL. Impressions are going down to 0 and another and another and another and another why I’m doing this like that, because I don’t want to optimize each URL 400 keywords that been triggered by buying. The Google is triggering. I want to choose 5 8, 10 maximum per URL that I will,

Optimizing. And this is the creme. De La Creme of what snapshot is Snapshot is pretty much you finding keywords that are already ranking and you trying to push them a little help. So then I’m building trigger and everything is given in the spreadsheet. At the end of the presentation, there will be a URL. And I’m saying, like, if that the current

The current cell.

Equal the cell above then increased rigor by one, otherwise reset trigger to be 1 and that will help me to calculate how many times one URL Exist by different keywords. And then I’m narrowing this in this example, to five keywords per URL. And I’m pivoting the stable. And you can see here that the most important for me is not really keyword. The most important for me is the URL, and I have a URL like fine.

See, your clients? That’s one of the article that I’m using and I have here.

Five most popular keywords, that figured Impressions and you can see that the first one on this list, how to get SEO clients without cold calling important, and no one wants to. We are marketeers here, we are not salespeople. We are marketeers. We need to make sure that people are coming to us because they want to work with us. Not because we chasing them. And now what we see here is that we have five keywords and we have

Some of you are clicks, forty seven, two, and two. So we can see that only one cure is performed what I need to do just push them up. Another example a bit of inception. We have here SEO snapshot method, what I’m talking about right now and take a look. I see a snapshot because well, as an Insight zelazny, okay, I see a quick check as your status, there are some Impressions but no clicks.

Implementation is very simple. Implementation means that we simply need to write another paragraph and so on and so on and so on and now think about this.

Who knows? Senator?

Very good. This is the main social media PL, and versus social media. This is required in this domain and first period before I told my wife, how much I paid for this domain? I was doing pretty much nothing then I was doing a bit of content marketing and then finally, I went into snapshot

And again, someone can say like okay but you know, this is pretty much like keywords that are ranking and so on and so I wanted to be super transparent.

And this is the traffic from Google analytics trap. It’s not like tremendous amount. It’s not a hundred thousand and so on, but it’s it’s decent, it’s increasing. And you can see the same periods in analytics, conclusion, use keywords that are already ranking quite well, leverage quality traffic and play Google game, use Google as your advisor.

Google is telling you what keyword to use.

As your tactic number two. Keyword magic tool, quick question. Did you think about what keyword is the most searched keyword with the lowest your difficulty?



Which one. All right, so that the, the most popular keyword that nobody is doing a CO is how to cook broccoli. So if you would like to build a website with huge traffic,

And do very little to push this website, to be on top right about broccoli. That’s the Holy Grail. I don’t know how you monetize this. That’s another story but so as your magic to anyone is using a Sim Rush, raise your hand, we have a couple of people. So generally you know there is this kind of keyword intent and we always talking about awareness interest consideration, conversion retention, advocate.

So different phases different stages that people are looking for something and so on and so for me it’s a it’s a bit bullshit. I like to simplify this and I’m going this way, the green part is pretty much like questions everything with why how what were yuck jacket did chimo and English on the Rubicon. And that’s what I know.

As long as a couple of shots but then I’m more fluent. And who knows? Who is Simon? Sinek, raise your hand. Good Simon. Sinek is amazing guy. He created this kind of Golden Circle. Start with Y. So, Simon sinek is saying, when you are an entrepreneur, when you starting company, when you starting Building Products, start from, why then go to how and then go to world,

And I couldn’t agree more with Simon sinek. But this view there is context, always this view is accurate.

Only if you’re looking from entrepreneurial perspective, not from someone who’s looking for. So now let’s flip the coin and let’s think how our potential customers are searching for our potential product and I design something which is called SEO search volume Golden Circle. Now, the size of the circle in opposition to what says Simon snagged on is what is important. And you can see that how

In my church is the most important than more than y. And I could somehow feel it that this is right but then I was thinking that I will finish this presentation go there and something like prove me this. So I was like trying to bring you a proof. Bring you something. That is measurable.

So start from how and I took up spot and I want to some Russian side like a summer show me all the keywords at HubSpot is renting in us. And if you, if you exclude keywords, which contain how, what why, how is the dominant question, then what, then why exactly how my circle was the job? And I will draw the circle before I analyze this data?

And then the other key words 1 million, they doing amazing content marketing.

But maybe this is just a coincidence. So I have another example.

There is a software called Shopify, they are absolutely fantastic in terms of content marketing.

And what a surprise, we have a set, exactly the same pattern. How then what then why and if you will go to assume rush and if you will do the same exercise in Polish then Yak is way more popular than KD J channel blood sugar and the same with other languages.

So start from how and when I’m building content, when I want people to click, when I want to have build this intent or if I want to fulfill the intent and always going with how firms or in Polish. Yeah, and so on, and so on.

Here is one example, organized conference, the conference here and here are a good keywords, how to organize conference, how to organize a conference call meeting completely two different keywords mean, completely different things. But you can see, they are there another. The creme de La Creme of the examples, how to cook London Broil on the grill. I said, hey Sandra show me this key words that contain more London and are also questions. And on the top list, I could see that one.

Three, four, contain how I also done the trick. I said, show me this key words, which have keyword difficulty below 50 and sort this by search volume. So that’s are the most popular keywords with with 50 or lower, keyword difficulty. And then obviously broccoli example that I mentioned before, how to cook broccoli, knowing how to properly install and every keyword could be a separate article.

And then if someone would come to me and say, like Lucas, you’ve been working price comparison website and building one. I would be like, are you crazy? And you’d be like now shut up and take my money. Then I would be like, okay, I will try to find keywords that are lowest popular that have maybe lower popularity, but definitely low keyword difficulty. And that’s how these keywords I wouldn’t go with best credit cards, or like cheap, credit cards, forget about this. There is

Much competition. But like, can you get cash back with credit cards? How to buy Bitcoin with credit cards, how to cash back credit card works? And so on, so on, so on.

Seo tactic, number three, link and social profiles. The easiest, probably the easiest ever tactic to build links for your websites. So this is a piece of my website as you London and this is my LinkedIn profile. Now, the question is what these two things have in common

The things have in common that my LinkedIn profile have lots of links and my website that should have links have no links. So what I wanted to do it was to contact everybody who is linking to my LinkedIn profile from external website and say, like, hello home. I’m Lucas, I’m a nice guy and I just wanted to ask if there is any possibility and chance that you would rip point that link to my website,

And take a look. This is my link. That was my thinking profile, 21st of May 21st domains or 90 days, 141 back things, that’s where that would be domains.

This is example promoters that is owned by a leader Solace. She done an interview and she linked here to my meeting profile. I could approach her and say, like, hey Linda any chance, you can change this name from my LinkedIn to my website because meeting really doesn’t need more links. I think. And at least I don’t know as much as I love LinkedIn is the best social media ever. You know, no photos of cats and food and

More than enough then then I don’t need to feel like I am link builder for LinkedIn. And then another example here was article on a cure anchor and there was because the lesney LinkedIn and I asked them, I can unique my threatening pay and they were like, yeah, sure, no problem.

So, this is a CO London. After some time, eleven were domains linking to this this domain and 20 fresh buckland’s, 11 unique, IP numbers and there is 11 unique C-Class and maybe this volume is not big. But my point is, whatever I’m doing with a CO. I don’t want to go any way shape or black hat. I’m not the guy who will propose something to customer and generate lots of growth and then

If you Mouse over run away because I know that in next three months, he will get banned and he went, he will find me. I will be in troubles.

I prefer slow steady growth. So this links us for today are in natural organic obviously, maybe tomorrow. They will change rules and that will be legal. That’s another story.

So then I went deeper and I want to my Facebook, I was like, okay, there are two linking domain and then I went to my Twitter almost like, share the fun with 64 domains. Why would I keep them linking to my Twitter? I can report them to my website and that’s pretty easy, and I’ll show you why another profile and then why it works. So well, first point, you mostly know who links to your social media profiles. There was definitely some relation. There was a conference. There was

Kind of you know, webinar or maybe round up, or maybe that’s your calling make that your friend with that your girlfriend. You don’t even know that she linked to your LinkedIn profile, whatever second thing it’s easy to repoint that link. It doesn’t cost much effort. It’s just log into wp-admin and just change. This means another thing is relevant. If you if that link was going to your LinkedIn profile and you want to change this to your website, probably it’s kind of relevant your LinkedIn profile and your website are relevant it.

Organic kind of as long as they won’t ban this. Can you can save tremendous of time? I’m doing this on an entertainment. Every night I’m having a cup of coffee and on repointing him some slack because number four pagespeed who is optimizing your website for Pace. Please raise your hand. Good. Good, fantastic. So I wanted to go into WordPress especially because this is the most popular at the moment. See ya.

Yes. And I’m quite obsessed about optimization for pagespeed, and I can see lots of benefits. So that’s one of the website I optimize my website. And this is basically London is not that well, but I probably don’t need to feel ashamed. And first point, I always suggesting remove all share buttons or all these Facebook, share Twitter, share, you know, as long as your audience is not with the negative IQ, they know that they should copy link and

Post this on Facebook or Twitter every time you put in the boo button, like share on Twitter, share on Facebook. That’s a very big risk that when someone will click on Facebook, will share this article on Facebook. Then we’ll see a photo of cut or in food and we’ll stay on Facebook and forget about your website.

So don’t help, Facebook, help yourself. And also every time website is open, then this code needs to be downloaded from Facebook server, Twitter server, and so on, and so on.

All extra script, didn’t how many times there is like, you know, are you using hot jar? Yeah, we were using two years ago and you still loading this for two years over and over it expired. No one knows how to log their but you still have this code remove it. And then finally even more all this you really discuss for comments during comments. That’s the question. So everything removed make your website as light as possible.

Enable gz that is given. You can write this down. I will right now that is given on the Dropbox, as well. You can just copy this and paste into your HD axis.

And then, install up to out optimize Street. I think Frank gasps – who is in my opinion, the master of optimization for pagespeed wrote this three amazing plugins, that works really, really well. I’m using them with passion, but I need to tell you one thing, there is no golden bullet. There is no such thing. Like I can do a screenshot of optimization. This is the best optimization and that’s it.

You installing them all and then you start in tests, you’re changing one thing, and you’re going to diplomatics Lighthouse, and you’re testing your page speed again and then you changing something else again. And you, you changing one thing and retesting because if you will change 3 and your page speed will go up and we’re website will slow down. You will never find out what caused this.

Short pixel. Anyone is using short pixel, raise your hand, we have people very good better than smoosh, much better than smooshing. Don’t you smoosh? Yeah, I have five minutes. I need to speed up. I think so another one perf matter, ‘let’s elope. But remember to use one, not five because they will be fighting between each other and speak it. Another one test, this finally Gonzalez plug-in also a

A good polish plug-in that can help a lot.

Tactic 5 merge. This is probably

This, I always see Samuel Jackson eating this burger, carnauba bear. This is a very good party. So take a look here, match domain into sub domain into subfolder. So much, much sub domain into sub folder. It sounds so simple, but I will show you why this is so important.

I had a client one, I don’t have a clearance, so I cannot disclose. Who is this person? I had a client once and it was like he had a block on the main block and then with the main website and I was thinking, okay, let’s move this block into subfolder and he was like, okay, okay, okay, okay, you think that we’ll be working. Well, I was like, that would be showing this working and he was like, no, no, like this. We will do something as we move this to Route. Was like, Whoa, man. Really Dad.

That crazy. He wanted to move all the particles into root for them as like very brave. Let’s do this. And this is what happened.

He turned of PPC because he’s unable to deal with that much orders that are coming. He become an industry leader and our premiere on the under slide, another one, forums old Forum very little traffic.

Plenty of links. And we move this to forums, the guys were working very hard on many things. And then finally, and then finally, we move this and take a look at the growth,

Then I have two minutes and I’m going to results. So a Dutch e-commerce shop selling power tools. I was having a pleasure and honor to meet demand and gag conference and they are working with me for a year. This is the revenue. I think this is the most important for e-commerce Revenue. You can see, we started working somewhere here, November was the best month because of Black Black Friday, but then they said to me, you know what, that’s not actual anymore, March is right now, the best month.

And you are just optimizing on scales snapshot over and over. And over day, 20 students, who are writing everyday descriptions for a product.

A london-based Indian gold jewellary shop, we love that 500 keywords to sem Rush. The most important, this is the 12th of March. When the algorithm update hit my client, become a leader, and the leader become, probably my client soon. And then this is the overall keywords that, that these two guys are ranking. You can see the Orange, is the number one, the blue is my clients. We are getting closer. I know that they have already added during their office,

But yeah, I hope to change them and catch them under the. And then last last example, another customer who become an industry leader. The one that I moved block from subdomain to supporter, take a look, this is before and this is now orange and the other colors that I don’t recognize, that’s our competitors. And the blue one is my client. He seriously increase traffic by seven hundred percent. And he started from level of five, six thousand. So we talking about from five to 5,000 to

50,000. You had to upgrade seriously server.

And that was me because there is no, thank you very much for him. And one thing there is only a CEO of London /, World Suave /. If you will go on this link, you will be able to download slides.

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