Are you looking for a search ranking tool that can help you improve your SEO strategy? Then look no further than AccuRanker. AccuRanker will help you track your progress and see how your changes are affecting your rankings.

Plus, it offers a range of features that rivals other top-rated SEO tools on the market. So, in this review we look at who AccuRanker is, how it works and more importantly how it can improve your SEO strategy.

What Is AccuRanker Keyword Rank Tracker?

AccuRanker is a keyword tracking solution that helps companies track their keyword rankings. Over 32,000 companies use the platform worldwide to improve SEO strategies. Moreover, companies use AccuRanker to improve their organic search performance. It is a full-featured keyword tracking solution that is very affordable.

Established in 2013, AccuRanker has seen steady growth over the past decade and is today one of the industry’s most trusted high-performance rank trackers. Furthermore, AccuRanker puts you in control in a competitive online marketplace by being able to adapt quickly to market changes.

What Can AccuRanker Provide You?

AccuRanker provides in-depth analysis of your performance, allowing you to make informed decisions about future optimization efforts. It lets you filter the data quickly and easily, so you can focus on what is most important to you while making it easy to find what you are looking for; A huge time saver when you need to track thousands of keywords. It also provides you the ability to see how much of the market you own.

You will be able to see a wide range of relevant metrics, including pageviews, organic traffic, social media shares, and much more. The overview gives you an in-depth look at your overall website performance over time, so you can identify any areas that may need improvement. Available in a variety of languages, so everyone can use it with ease.

AccuRanker understands that to have better control of your SEO strategy, you need regular updates. That is why with daily updates and on-demand data all up to date information is readily available. And you can refresh keyword rankings whenever you need them. View the historical search volume for any keyword and see how the search trend changes.

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What Are the Features of AccuRanker?

AccuRanker has a wide range of features which will benefit your SEO strategies. A cloud-based platform makes it possible to get great insights on keyword performance for both desktop and mobile, no matter whether you are keeping it local or going global.

AccuRanker has servers in every country they support, meaning they can deliver 99.9% accurate data, locally and globally. And historical data can be imported from other SEO tools into AccuRanker. So, all your previous efforts do not go to waste.

Now, let us now look at the other features in more detail.

Search Engines

AccuRanker offers an extensive range of data from several search engines including YouTube, Google, Yandex, Baidu and Bing. So, no matter the search engine, AccuRanker has you covered.

Competitor Tracking

AccuRanker is a great tool for tracking competitor SEO strategies. The tool offers a range of features for tracking website analytics, competitor ranking data, and more. This makes it easy to see how your competitor is doing and what strategies they are using.

You can use AccuRanker to track your competitor’s rankings and share data on their share of voice, winners and losers, and rank distribution. This can be beneficial in replicating a competitor’s success if you notice a sudden growth in their rankings.

AccuRanker allows you to track an unlimited number of domains. So, you can track as many domains as you like, with up to ten competitors per domain.

AccuRanker Reporting

Reports can be generated for a specific domain, keyword, and location. These reports can be generated daily, weekly, or monthly. So, effectively they can be done on demand. And with advanced reporting you can put your logo on the reports. Thus, allowing you to include the data that your client is interested in and schedule it for automatic sending on any given period.

SERP History

You can build your organic visibility by targeting various SERP (Search Engine Results Page) features on Google. This allows you to gain a better understanding of which SERP features drive traffic to your site and then you can evaluate your next move.

Unlimited Users

The cost of subscribing to AccuRanker is based on the number of keywords you track. So, whether you have one team member or a dozen it costs the same. No user limits apply. You decide how many team members you want using the AccuRanker platform.

Organic Site Explorer

Dive deeper into your competitors’ pages by seeing how you rank against them with similar landing pages. For each landing page you can see how many keywords you track and how many are indexed but not tracked.

Search Intent

With search intent, you will be able to know the user intent behind all keyword searches. Searches can also be filtered to include and exclude the intent. This makes tailoring your SEO strategy a whole lot more productive.

Landing Pages

By collecting data at a URL level, you can combine data from AccuRanker with Google or Adobe Analytics. By doing so, you can obtain deeper insights for your landing pages and their development over time.

All AccuRanker users can access the Landing Pages tab and see the number of Keywords and Search Volume data for each URL. However, more in-depth data is available to users with subscriptions of 1000 keywords or more. 

AccuRanker Tag Cloud

The AccuRanker Tag Cloud is a tool that helps you find and analyze the most popular keywords across your website. It can help you find which keywords are driving traffic to your website, and identify which keywords are more effective at driving conversions.

The Tag Cloud also provides information about the competition, so you can see how well your website ranks against others in the same industry.

Integrations with AccuRanker

Integrations are made easy with AccuRanker’s easy-to-use REST API. You can access, display, and analyze all the data you need at lightning speed.

AccuRanker has integrations with various third-party reports. You can use these integrations to access more data or to import and export data from AccuRanker.

Google Search Console

With Google Search Console you can import the keywords you rank for into AccuRanker. By importing your keywords, you get a more accurate picture of your SEO performance.

Google Analytics

With Google Analytics, you can view your AccuRanker data in conjunction with your website traffic data. This can help you to see how your rankings are affecting your overall website traffic.

Looker Studio

Looker Studio (formerly known as Google Data Studio) allows you to create custom reports using your AccuRanker data. This can be helpful if you want to create a report that is specific to your needs.


Databox allows you to connect your AccuRanker account with other business tools. This can be helpful if you want to track your ranking data alongside other important business metrics.

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics allows you to connect to AccuRanker, so you can see your organic traffic, how many visitors your website gets from each traffic source, and how much revenue you gain from each traffic source.

Adobe Analytics integration provides deeper insights for your landing pages and tag cloud, and their development over time. Organic visitors, average time spent, average load time, bounce rate, goals, and revenue data for each URL and tag will be visible in Landing Pages and Tag Cloud tabs.

FREE AccuRanker Tools 

AccuRanker provides a couple of free tools for all to use. So, there is no need to be a customer. If you are just starting out with SEO, then these basic tools can help you get started on the road to SEO success.

Google Grump

By monitoring your website’s progress, AccuRanker can help you identify changes you need to make to improve your ranking.

However, it is important to note that during large Google algorithm updates, AccuRanker may show massive ranking fluctuations. For this reason, it is best to wait until the update is over before checking for changes.

And with Google Grump you have a clear indication of the fluctuations with four categories: chilled, cautious, grumpy, and furious. The grumpier the mood, the higher the fluctuations. What is more, you can use the filters to track changes by country and device. 

Live SERP Tool

This allows you to see how your website is ranking for certain keywords in real-time. This is a valuable tool for keeping track of your website’s SEO progress and for identifying any potential issues that need to be addressed.

How Much Does AccuRanker Cost?

There are two plans available: monthly and yearly. Monthly plans start from USD$129 per month where 1000 keywords can be monitored. If you pay for a year in advance, you will receive a 10% discount.

You can monitor as many keywords as you like. And downgrade (or upgrade) your subscription at any time without added cost and without losing any data. Managing your account is easy with the AccuRanker platform within the Account tab.

Final Say

AccuRanker is a smart choice if you want to improve your SEO strategies. You can expect to get almost instant ranking data with AccuRanker, making it one of the fastest rank trackers available.

New users can try out AccuRanker for a free 14-day trial period before buying it. The user interface is easy to understand and navigate, making it an ideal tool for beginners or those new to SEO rankings.

Achieve SEO Domination with Accuranker | Features, Pros, And Pricing

Internet and websites have become globally accessible to most remote regions worldwide. Therefore, the importance of SEO continues to grow continuously. A business without an SEO campaign is nonexistent to the clients, market, and all the competitors. The company lacks the confidence and the strategies 2 introduce itself to the market.

Given how important SEO is, let us introduce a robust tool, so your business does not go unnoticed. Accuranker will provide facts, data, and an accurate representation of your market presence. Its SEO insights are irreplaceable. Here is a detailed review of everything you need to know about today’s most reliable enterprise rank tracker tool.

What is Accuranker?

Accuranker is an intelligent rank-tracking software that targets SEO professionals and agencies. The service provider claims to be the most rapidly growing and accurate keyword ranker in the market today. It tracks website engagement from Google and Bing.

Accuranker’s resulting data is highly accurate and available whenever the client request. One of the reasons it has established client loyalty in the market is its on-demand services. The analytics also provide extensive insight into market happenings and competitors’ movement to focus on the SEO campaigns and successfully combat market changes.

As you continue, you will discover that the software is exceptionally intuitive. It has made it possible to combine relevant data in a singular platform. Moreover, the enterprise rank tracker is cloud-based, so there is no need to download the software. The client does not need to wait for installation either.

That client can access the account from all devices at any time, regardless of geographical location. Genius enterprise rank tracking tool has simplified tracking keywords in search engines. The task is incredibly time-consuming and challenging to perform. However, Accuranker has made it possible to perform prompt analysis daily.

Accuranker will supervise online business rankings as well as observe competitors. It allows you to expand and scale your operations to ensure you are miles ahead of the competitors. The cloud-based extension will provide metric analysis to actualize your business goals.

Accuranker is an excellent idea for SEO, where local businesses are registered or searched using their city, state, keyword, or postal code. It allows the company to globalize its standing without incurring high costs. 

Accuranker Features

That informative read about Accuranker is incomplete without mentioning its features. These benefits are designed to aid your marketing needs to attain a competitive advantage in the virtual market. Continue reading to learn more about it:

Keyword tracking

Acura anchor is very straightforward to install. It does not take more than an hour before the clients can truly experience its advantages. The client will add the domain with the keywords and the competitors.

The domain interface appears after the client signs up for the software. It will also ask you to enter your location or business name, which Google will register. The next step involves adding keywords. You can do so by manual input, uploading, or Google search. The software also allows you to add valuable keywords to market segmentation.

The tool will track your virtual performance on Google and Bing. Furthermore, it is also compatible with mobile and desktop interfaces. As a result, an accurate anchor will analyze your performance on two search engines and two devices, accumulating to four keyword searches.

Accuranker will also allow you to add competitors. As a result, the software will analyze your business performance against the competition in the market. The data will reveal competitor ranks, voice domination, ranking, and keyword distribution.


The dashboard of enterprise rank tracker software consists of numerous tabs. The discussion below is arranged in no particular order to highlight the dashboard.

Overview tab

  • The software will notify the client when the keyword ranks change. Asa result, the business can modify its keyword searches accordingly.
  • The overview tab will also mention every keyword rank to report the keyword searches on a particular day.
  • The winners and losers section will allow the client to study the shifts in keyboard ranks. It will notify which keyword has moved up, stayed at the same rank, or been downgraded.
  • The ranking tab will distribute the keywords into six categories. As a result, the client can focus on the top three searches to maintain their market presence.
  • Enterprise rank tracking tool will identify the main competitors
  • Lastly, the overview tab will also allow the clients to understand the frequency of clicks on a particular keyword. It will compare the efforts of the competitors.

Keywords Tab

The Keyword tab will offer information regarding relevant keywords entered in the initial setup. The report is created with a time extensive analysis of organic searches. Here are the results you will encounter:

  • The enterprise rank ranking software will assess the landing page and its ranks in the market.
  • The software division proposed top keyword searches and suggestions to improve your SEO ranking.
  • Accuranker will also propose keywords with recommendations regarding their performance and how to boost your online ranking.

Competitors Tab

Accuranker’s competitor tab will analyze your performance against the competitors in the market. The report will mention how your competitors are doing and how they filter keywords based on ranking. As a result, you can employ similar or distinctive strategies to attain a competitive advantage.

Landing page

A landing page is crucial to establishing a robust online presence. It represents the business and its core values for maximum customer engagement. Therefore, the enterprise tracking tool will analyze the organic searches based on landing pages. It will reveal the volume, the voice, the visitors, and the load time. In addition, it will also reveal the amount of time a user will spend on a landing page alongside its generated revenue. The report will also include bounce rates and goals. The report is created with collaboration from Google Analytics and Google search console to provide excellent results.

Tag Cloud

The tool is unique from other tracking tools as it offers a tag cloud page. The tab operates similarly to keyword and landing pages. However, it is different as it provides a combined perspective of keyboards. It will also mention bounce rates, average time spent, and search volume.

Notes Tab

The last tab is the notes tab. It will record any significant changes to the website or the software settings. As a result, the client can compare the present settings with future challenges or dynamic efforts. Common examples of notes include new keywords, launching a new product, upgrading the software, or adding a new section to your website.

Accuranker Reports

Accuranker is a well-known enterprise rank tracker that provides research-based results. Furthermore, the clients can create customized reports that are later communicated to the team regularly. In addition, the software offers for default templates to aid the client.

Personalized reports on the innovative enterprise rank tracking software are straightforward to create with the simple drag-and-drop feature. The eight data blocks offer unique input on report creation. The clients can separately reveal information regarding keyword ranking, competitors, and market standing.

When the report is complete, the client can alter the format, such as PDF, Excel, or Google Sheets. Furthermore, the report can also mention the delivery schedule and an e-mail list.


Acute anchor is an innovative enterprise rank tracker with built-in integration. The software uses the following data sources to add value to the product and the business:

  • It employs a data box visualization tool that will export the software reports into an easy-to-understand language.
  • The client can directly transform reports from Accuranker into Google Sheets.
  • Google search console allows the clients to import relevant keywords and understand complicated metrics to unlock SEO potential.
  • Google Analytics offers a more extensive look into the required data, such as website performance, visitors per keyboard, and landing pages.
  • Lastly, Acura anchor also employs Google data studio, enabling advanced tools for further market assessment.

Accuranker Pros and Cons

There are pleasing advantages and unfortunate letdowns to Accuranker. However, the argument is the same for all enterprise rank-tracking tools. Following are Accuranker’s pros and cons


  1. Information is available under a single umbrella
  2. The interface is easy to understand and navigate
  3. Accuranker does not come with a complicated design.
  4. It is popular among SEO novices for its simplicity.
  5. The tool mentions a rank for each keyword. In addition, it notifies you if you are part of the featured Google snippet.
  6. You can tag the business on the most used keywords.
  7. The reports are well-constructed.
  8. Integrated tools and API use.
  9. Accurate data whenever the client refreshes the tool
  10. Cost-effective and affordably priced
  11. Versatile clients consisting of different agencies and brands
  12. Two-week trial period


  1. Refreshing the enterprise tracker tool is very slow. As a result, the annoyed clients worry they are losing valuable market data.
  2. It only offers keyword ranking. Therefore, the client will need to use other SEO tools.
  3. The beginner package tracks 500 keywords. It does not have full features, and the APIs are inaccessible. In other words, the enterprise rank tracker is too expensive for small businesses.

Accuranker Prices

Clients can experience Accuranker pricing by yearly or monthly categorization. However, when opting for the yearly plan, the clients are given a ten per cent discount. They can upgrade, cancel, or downgrade easily without additional costs

Yearly plans are:

  1. 1000 keywords at USD 116 per month
  2. 1500 keywords at USD 170 per month
  3. 2000 keywords at USD 224 per month
  4. 3000 keywords at USD 332 per month
  5. 5000 keywords at USD 548 per month
  6. 10,000 keywords at USD 764 per month
  7. 15,000 keywords at USD 980 per month
  8. 20,000 keywords at USD 1,196 per month
  9. 25,000 keywords at USD 1,412 per month
  10. 30,000 keywords at USD 1,628 per month
  11. 35,000 keywords at USD 1,844 per month
  12. 40,000 keywords at USD 2,168 per month
  13. 50,000 keywords at USD 2,492 per month

Contact Accuranker for pricings for 250k, 500k, and 100k keywords.

Regardless of the keyword plan you choose, Accuranker will provide the following features:

  1. Close collaboration with Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, and YouTube
  2. Tracking data from all devices, such as desktop and mobile, to retrieve local results
  3. Learning more about SERP features and corresponding tracking
  4. Competitor tracking to observe their ranks. The client can add ten competitors to each domain.
  5. Enterprise rank tracker software also offers advanced segmentation. It results in better analysis and detailed comprehension of keywords.
  6. Share of Voice will recognize the client’s influence.
  7. You can review the history for search volume or search trends
  8. The reporting is professional. You can place a logo and include information that benefits the stakeholders. Moreover, automatic sending results in efficient communication,
  9. The software will revise keyword ranking daily. Therefore, don’t forget to analyze the new words for strategic keyword placement.
  10. Enterprise rank tracker will handle numerous domains expertly.
  11. The Accuranker account allows clients to add endless users so everyone can access data quickly.
  12. The clients can access data with easy-to-use API
  13. Accuranker will import data from previous or current SEO tools.
  14. SERP History allows the clients to observe search results.
  15. Landing Page segmentation makes the website high-performing
  16. Google Data Studio integration coordinates with Accuranker to build networks.
  17. Adobe Analytics Integration will maintain extensive records of organic traffic, revenue, and goals and recognize unnecessary keywords.
  18. Google Search Engine Console will import related keywords.

Accuranker offers transparent prices with simple instructions. For more information, visit

Is Accuranker the correct choice for you?

Businesses find it challenging to keep track of their SEO activities. Most of the time, it is overlooked because other matters take priority. Accuranker allows its clients to keep a strict eye on its market presence. 

Visit to start your 14-day trial. Accuranker is trusted by more than 32,000 clients who are highly pleased with its reliable infrastructure. Register today to witness high-performance SEO features at affordable prices.

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