A website makes it easy to connect with people from different corners of the world. But the process of building a website isn’t an easy task. The process takes tons of hard work, patience, and time. Other than the basic steps of deciding the purpose, main goals, and target audience; page layout; content creation; coding; test, review, and launch; there’s a lot that it takes to build a prosperous website.

Your mind must have a lot about the process of website creation, but do make sure to devote time to keyword research to possess the idea of content sharing and attract the targeted web traffic to your website.

What are Keywords?

In simple words, keywords are those groups of words that internet surfers type into the search boxes of a search engine, such as, Google or Yahoo, to find out the websites that have stored their desired content. They showcase the ideas and topics that shape the content of your website to drive internet surfers to your websites for free. While some keywords get thousands of searches a day, others get only a few. Amongst them, the most common keywords bring in a lot of competition online as many website owners are trying to get referrals and attract traffic from users when they search for those keywords.

Why are Keywords Important for your Website?

It is important to understand that keywords are not only about your content but also your audience. They bridge the gap between what people are searching for and the content of your website to fill that need.  Your primary aim as a website owner is to attract traffic to your site from the search engine result pages and your chosen keywords will regulate what kind of traffic your website will get. So, it is of utmost importance to put some of your valuable time and thought into researching top keywords for your website.

Choosing the right keywords for your website can make your website soar on the search engines and if not, surfers will have less chance of finding your page even if they are looking for the same content that your site provides.

To choose the right keywords for your content, you will have to understand the target market, the need of the traffic, their language, and the content type they are looking for. To do so, digging your mind for few guesses won’t suffice at all.

You can opt for paid high-level keyword suggestion tools or instead rely on these good free tools online to compile the most popular keywords on search engines based on your content. These tools will provide you with insights on the most searched keywords; a sense to what keywords you should focus on for your website and how effective they will be for you to earn a profit.

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Are you ready to dive into some innovative approaches and take advantage to find the most popular keywords for your website? Well then! Let’s get started.

Google AdWords: Keyword Planner

This is a favourite free tool for many. It can be your best buddy when you embark on the journey of starting a website. It will stand by you as you grow and prosper. Using this tool, you will be able to draw information directly from the most targeted search engine, i.e., Google when optimizing your website. To use this tool, you can simply type in your keywords into the search box. You will then be provided with many other ideas related to your search terms. While some of them might be extremely useful for you, others might not.

So, paying close attention to all of them will be your job. Along with the list, the tool provides additional information about each keyword such as their average monthly searches, competitions (categorized as high/medium/low), and suggested bid. So, if you are looking for additional data on keywords, this is the right tool for you. Try out Google AdWords: Keyword Planner


If you depend on Google Keyword Planner to search for top keywords for your website, then friendly advice for you is to always run an Ubersuggest search after going through Google Keyword Planner. This tool will display a list of keywords and help you to take a firm decision because it provides you with additional keyword suggestions that are unavailable in Google Keyword Planner.

The tool generates a long list of keyword ideas giving you tons of options to choose from. The striking part of this tool is the way it shows its list. It organizes the search results alphabetically giving you a better platform to review every keyword and not miss the gem for your site.

While Google Keyword Planner is too mainstream and often sought for, you can use this tool to stand aside from the crowd in shaping your content marketing strategy. Learn more about Ubersuggest

Keyword Generator

Voila! Keyword Generator provides you not only with as many as 150 keyword ideas to your base keyword but also their estimated monthly search volumes. It will fairly provide you with the data of top searched keywords clearing up all your confusion.

Along with the list of keyword ideas, you will also find an adjacent list of question-type keywords. In addition to that, for the first ten keywords on each list, you will also see the Keyword Difficulty score. Keyword Difficulty is the process to determine how difficult it is to rank a keyword in Google’s organic search results. In other words, it tells you how much competition there is for a particular keyword.

A score is a number that varies between 0-100 which estimates ranking difficulty. Higher the number, the harder is to compete with others using that particular keyword. You can use the score to filter out the keywords and choose the best ones for your website. Try Keyword Generator

Google Correlate

Even though it is an underrated tool, you will be surprised to know that it possesses the power for producing a large keyword list. In addition, it also provides you with related phrases and words that go with your base keyword.

Using this information, you can definitely elongate your keyword list. Hence, you can create your content based on some or all the co-related keywords. Know more about Google Correlate.

Keyword Sheeter

This tool is quite a basic one but it works magic in generating a lot of keyword ideas in no time. It pulls thousands of autocomplete suggestions from Google.

Per-minute, it can pull around 1000 keyword ideas, and with only one free click you can export the result.  It does not come up with any other details for the keywords but one notable feature. It has positive and negative filters. If you add a word in the ‘positive filter’, it will show words and phrases related to the word. The ‘negative filter’ does the exact opposite.

Any word you put into it, it will exclude queries containing that word. For example, if you own a legal blog and look out for results of the keyword “bar”, you will probably want to seek keywords related to “bar council” and not “club”, “disc” or “restaurant”. So, you could put the irrelevant words in the ‘negative filter’ and vice versa. Learn more here.

Wordtracker Scout

Using the right keywords for your web page will not be enough to outdo your competitions or achieve a better position on the search engines. So, while researching top keywords for your website, it is also important to keep an eye on what your competitors are using as their keywords. To do that, you do not have to use up your time and energy by visiting your competitors’ webpage to dig out their primary and secondary keywords.

Rather, you can simply use Wordtracker Scout which is a high-powered Chrome extension. It will help you to analyze what keywords your competitors are using and give you access to high-level keyword performance metrics. Try Wordtracker Scout.


Are you a fan of Google Keyword Planner? Do you rely on it to choose the popular searched keywords for your content? Well! Then let me tell you what Soovle has in its pocket for you. This free keyword research tool will provide you with the keyword ideas and phrases not just from Google but from other sources too including Yahoo, Bing, YouTube and Amazon.

This will definitely help you to increase your search volume. The tool is quick, efficient, and way too easy to use. You simply have to enter your base keyword and review results. You will have the option to choose your source from where you would like to have the keyword ideas while using this tool. Though Google is by default, you can easily change it from Google to any other source just with a click on the icon of the search engine of your choice that appears below the search box on the tool. The search results of the base keyword will vary from source to source. Click here to try Soolve now.

Answer the Public

This is the free tool that you definitely need to take advantage of. Do not get baffled when I say it breaks down the results into five different sections; i.e., questions, prepositions, comparisons, alphabetical and other related searches.

The question section of the Answer The Public tool will show questions related to the keyword you have entered that are broken down into who, what, why, where, how, which, when, are, and is. For any writer, answering questions forms the very heart of good content. Your traffic will seek answers in your content, and this section will enhance your ideas and inspiration for the questions you want to answer in your content. For example, if you search for “website”, results will display questions like, “How can you create a website?”, “Why do you need a website?” etc.

The Preposition section breaks results into is, can, without, with, to, near, and for. It will give you ideas for new topics to cover in your content. For instance, if you search for the keyword “website creation”, it will display results like “website creation for newcomers”, “website creation to attract traffic”, “website creation for business”, etc.

For comparisons, you will see results that compare your keyword with different ideas or words. For instance, if you search for the words “protein powder”, it will display results like “protein powder versus egg”, “protein powder for muscle building”, etc.

The Alphabetical section will list the results of your base keyword from A-Z.

The last section will brainstorm ideas related to your base keyword wiping out the hard part for you.

In other words, this tool will provide you with near to unceasing ideas for your content so you never run out of ideas, thus helping you to keep your writer’s block at bay. Try Answer the Public.


This tool is for you if you have little or no knowledge about a niche. It pulls ideas of your base keyword from Reddit. It will dig out the titles and comments of threads to find as many as 500 keywords. In addition to ideas, the tool also pulls estimated monthly search volumes for your base keyword which will further give you a fair idea about its popularity. Know more about Keyworddit.

Keyword Surfer

This free Chrome extension will display estimated global and monthly search volumes for the base keyword you have entered into the search box. The tool shows search volume estimated for nineteen countries including the most popular ones like the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, France, and Germany. In addition, it will also display keyword suggestions, related terms, visibility metrics, and on-page data. Try it now.

It is always best to use keyword tools to shape your content strategy. It will also help you to analyze the most popular keywords on search engines and find top keywords for your website; and why to let go on some bucks, when you can definitely find right and popular keywords for your website to attract the web traffic using these free keyword tools along with other data like most searched keywords, keywords used by your competitors, etc. So, do give them a go and ensure your success.

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