Nowadays, video content is commonly being used in SEO due to its engagement capabilities with clients. The main reason why videos are the most preferred medium to engage customers in SEO is that they convey and disseminate information at a larger scale and in a more effective way, compared to other mediums. Correspondingly, videos are also concise and accurate in the manner with which they send messages. They narrate stories to the target audience, as such the memories of view a video impact more as compared to reading facts. Similarly, clients can easily remember watching a video as opposed to reading about a product or service.

What is Video SEO?

Video SEO is the method through which the visibility and ranking of a video in a search engine are improved. Enabling it to appear higher than others during video searches or within the first page of the search results. The process consists of introducing video Metadata that is inclined to user intent. Coupled with generating video content that is compelling to increase organic traffic.

It is part of digital marketing that is intended to optimize effective information dissemination and attention retention of users. Video SEO are more likely to entice customers to view a certain content compared to written hard facts. Which appear dull and tedious to read through, thereby making visitors get bored easily and leave the site without getting a grasp of what you are selling.

Does Video Content Improve SEO?

Yes. Video are an integral component in searching engine optimization and internet marketing since they help increase the ranking and interest aspect of your content; with regards to customer viewership. Additionally, videos form a large part of the social media platforms and blogs, with almost 62% of the sear4ches on google being videos. Here are five main strategies on how videos can improve your SEO.

  1. Google Algorithms– is one of the major factors that determine how you improve your SEO, since google checks on the quality of your video content and the relevance to one’s general search terms. Therefore, if your content has both combinations it appears more informative as such offering your SEO services an edge over the others.
  2. Captivating content- Your content needs to be captivating to generate more traffic. Then again, so that other people conducting similar searches will also find your content interesting. This way you will be able to improve your ranking since google checks on the amount of organic traffic that have to determine your domain’s ranking.
  3. Click Through Rate and Watch Time Rate- Many search engines considers the time visitors stay on your site to help them determine domain rankings.Videos unlike pictures make customers stay longer on your site. As such having more quality videos on your site will enable you to improve your SEO and rankings.
  4. Backlinks The more users connect your video content to your site, the greater the authority you command. Correspondingly, the greater the authority you command the higher you rank on the search results page.
  5. Choice of platform for publishing content- when you upload your content on platforms such as Youtube and Instagram can help you get more traffic. Consequently, helping you improve your rankings due to the nature of their massive and heavy traffic.

What is Video Optimization in SEO?

Video optimization in SEO is the process by which video content is used to optimize SEO results. Such that videos are predominantly used to optimize SEO than pictures and words. However, videos alone cannot be effective in the maximization of SEO instead they are used together with transcribed words to effectively send the required message across to the users.

How to Optimize Video for SEO

Videos are currently becoming the most preferred form of digital marketing, companies that are using video marketing have an edge over other companies that are not dedicated to using this platform. Thereby enjoying greater brand recognition and revenues than other sites that are still affiliated with pictorial content branding. Here are some tips for optimizing video for SEO that will help you earn more revenue and brand awareness.

  • Increasing Video Metadata Files- labelling or putting titles on your video content helps google display your content compared to those video contents without such attributes. Thereby getting more viewership and correspondingly improving your rankings. The video titles should have the following characteristics;
  • Be captivating to promote click through rates
  • Be sensible to the content
  • Have keywords that are similar to the user intent
  • Have titles with at most 55 characters
  • Have a meta description of 150 characters at most.
  • Apply Schema Markup– Not all online visitors use google video search others use schematic vocabulary. As such the results will appear the same way providing a video length and thumbnail. Encouraging your users to use the schema markup enables you to validate it with the high snippet tool. Thereby, improving your SEO functions hence increasing revenue generation.
  • Generating Keywords that Dominate Video Searches- Coming up with keywords that are commonly used by other video content users will place you at an advantage. Since online visitors might get to view your content as they are searching for related content. As a result, increasing your click-through rates and views.
  • Choosing the right video hosting platforms- Different platforms enable you to do different things with your content. For example, some platforms will enable you to gain new leads and organic traffic, or brand recognition and dominance. Therefore, the hosting platform will determine your success on SEO matters based on what you intend to market.
  • Make the Video to be the Page Focus- such that the users do not have to scroll or struggle for the video. It should be easily visible to all, to avoid inconveniences. Similarly, most users go for what they view first hence they will not go through the trouble of searching for your video if it is not easily accessible.
  • Add Video Sitemaps– After choosing the video hosting platform it is relevant to ensure that the search engine recognizes the particular pages that the videos are contained, as well as other pertinent information about the video. This can be attained by creating sitemaps, which help lead the searching engine to where specific information that the user might be inquiring about can be found.

Lately, social media platforms and many blogs have adapted this trajectory of using videos since they appeal more to users than other forms of non-visual digital marketing strategies. Videos have also helped to increase the time customers spend on the site thereby offering ample time for them to click through other attachments that might be placed next to the videos. So, companies are now using video SEO to build their digital presence.

Are Videos Good for SEO

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