Are You An Immigration Lawyer? Learn How To Rank Higher In Google

When you enter the digital world and want to attract new clients, you will find that no matter the profession there will always be competition. Getting ranked in the top 5 spots is going to be difficult even for immigration lawyers.

The reason for that is that not only does Google keeps its parameters a secret but also because there are a lot of immigration lawyers, even in your local community.

To hopefully rank higher, the following information should help you improve your SEO strategies and get your website ranked closer to the top. It is a dog-eat-dog world even in the digital realm.

SEO For Immigration Lawyer – Here Is What Google Has To Say

One of the things about being a part of the digital world is that the rules for everyone are the same. Google only plays favourites to those who follow the rules and make an honest attempt at ranking.

While their algorithms and other parameters are held close to the vest, you can get some idea of what to do from Google itself. Here is what that search engine company has to say about ranking better:

1. Enter Complete Data About Your Business – All the contact and location information and so on.

2. Verify Your Location(S)- Make sure you let Google know you are legitimate and in a real physical location.

3. Make Sure Your Business Hours Are Always Accurate- If you make changes for holidays or unexpected events, etc., put it on your website.

4. Respond To Reviews- This shows that you value what your customers are saying about your work.

5. Add Photos- Your picture, the picture of your office, and other related images will help in a big way.

This is not all that Google says about getting ranked higher. The search engine puts a lot of emphasis on relevance, distance, and prominence. The latter refers to how well-known your office and practice are.

If you want to know more details about those key points, just click on this link.

SEO For Immigration Lawyers – The Right Strategies

It takes a good working knowledge of SEO practices to get your immigration website ranking higher. Here are some of the more well-known SEO strategies you need to work on or employ.

1. Use Top Keywords – Always an essential part of top ranking. You need to know what keywords internet users use to find an immigration lawyer. A good keyword tool will help you in this regard.

2. Find Search Intent – Look at your practice and see the key elements that would cause people to search for an immigration lawyer. Then find keywords that could be used in those types of searches to gain traffic.

3. Do Good Technical SEO – The different search engines need to find, crawl and scrape your website to be able to rank it. If you do not do good technical SEO then this is not going to happen and your website won’t get ranked.

4. Content Is Still King – Low-quality content is going to turn off the people who could use or recommend your services. Make sure your website has a top-notch quality that is second to none.

Make sure you know what you are talking about and that you are telling the truth in an honest way. Backlinks will help show you are an expert on a subject.

5. Use Internal Links – Not only do these internal links bring your visitors to similar topics that you have already written but they also help search engines index your website

6. Don’t Leave Out Information – When you write your content, make sure to cover as many sub-topics related to the main subject as you can. Cover the topic in full so your website visitors get the answers they seek and can see that you are an expert in the immigration field.

7. Keep Your Website Updated – People just do not want old news. They want to know what is happening today and what they need to do to solve a problem now. Information from 10 years ago may not help as laws and regulations change.

8. Google E-A-T – This is another one of Google’s guiding principles. It helps the search engine determine the ranking worth of any given website. The three letters stand for Expertise, Authority, & Trust.

This criterion is used to judge those websites offering medical, legal, safety, and financial information. If you are going to be dishonest with the advice and content you provide, then do not expect to get a high ranking on the different search engines.

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9. Watch The Bounce Rate – The ‘bounce’ is where your visitors land on your web page and then quickly return to the search page results. This is not a good thing as your website will be punished for the loss of visitors.

You have to make sure your content is compelling to those visitors to keep them on your website. Plus, you need to make sure your website is easy to navigate and attractive.

Design is important as are practicality and function. This will take work to achieve.

10. Use Videos – Many internet users today do not like to read the content. They want to watch it and videos help boost rankings as well as cut down the bounce rate.

Just keep the video as compelling as your written content or people will not remain to watch the video until the end.

11. Use Stats– This is very helpful information that helps get your point across clearly as well as easily. It takes less time to view stats than written content and makes your website more interesting.

Also, using stats is one way to help create great backlinks to authoritative sites. Those are the type of links you are looking for.

12. Improve Onsite SEO – This takes a little work on your part as there are several categories that need to be addressed and kept up to current standards.

For example, use H1 to 6 tags in their proper order with the title getting H1 and the subheadings and lesser headings getting the lower H tags in their proper order.

Other on-page SEO includes using an interesting URL, creating interesting meta tags and descriptions, as well as optimize your images

13. Avoid Duplication – One of the website dangers is duplicate content or duplicate web pages. While it may be great information on the web pages, you need to be original all the time.

If you have duplicate content, you can merge the two web pages or link the weaker of the two pages to the stronger one to boost your ranking. Or remove the weaker web page and incorporate it into the stronger one so you get a powerful presence that impresses the search engines

14. Track Your Rankings – This needs to be done so you can edit and improve any non-performing SEO strategies. If you are not getting the rankings or your website is dropping on the results page, you need to know about it so you can fix the problem that is causing this drop.

The problem may be that you are using the wrong keywords or not enough of them to get your website in front of internet users’ eyes. Ranking will take work.

15. Use Long-Form Content – Not everything has to be written in 500 words or less. Not everything has to be written in 500 words or more but the longer the content, the more the search engines think you are an expert on the topic.

While you should vary your content as not every article needs to be 2000+ words, do not exclude long-form content as many topics need a lot of clear, coherent, and valuable explanations to help solve your website’s visitors’ problems.

SEO For Immigration Lawyers- The Good News

While all of this can be seen as a daunting task to complete, there is good news. You do not have to do this on your own or do all the work. That is time-consuming and you could lose valuable time for your clients as well as your family if you go it alone.

There are some excellent SEO tools available that will do the work for you and all you have to do is analyze their results and plug in their suggestions in the right spots. These tools take the work out of improving your ranking.

All you have to do is look the tools over and pick the best ones you can afford.

Some Final Words

When it comes to SEO ranking for immigration lawyers, give our office a call. We have over 10 years of SEO experience and can help you improve your website so you have a fighting chance over your competition.

You are an expert in immigration law and may not know SEO at all. That is why you call us. We are experts in SEO and can do for you what you can do for your clients.

SEO for Immigration Lawyers

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