Best SEO for law Firms – How to Rank High?

We are living in a smart era where every business needs an online presence. The purpose is to attract savvy clients who only choose a service after following its reviews and ratings. The same applies to the Layers and their firm and those who want to outreach their clients online.

Are you holding a well-maintained website, but it is not having enough traffic, neither growing ahead to bring leads?

Do you want to bring people to your lawyer website searching for the services you are currently offering?

If yes, then this guide on best  best SEO for law  firms will going to be much helpful for you. It is about knowing everything about applying SEO techniques on a website related to Law based Services! But, first, it is good to understand the importance of SEO for the Lawyers.

There are many important considerations to keep in mind. They will result in bringing potential leads and more possibilities for future conversions. Many factors are responsible for the overall SEO law firm. It can be any online property, either it is a video, website, social profile, and many more.

The crucial ones include;

  • High precision keyword research
  • Managing great content based on the relevant keyword
  • Building links and signals to boost the reach of your content in front of larger audiences
  • Social media sharing

All these are important to entice both the existing and potential clients.

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Why Lawyers need SEO?

It doesn’t matter whether you belong to a large firm or a law practitioner. You can still target your potential local clients based on any location.

SEO is necessary for a law firm too;

  • Increase the website’s potential to generate business.
  • Boost the inquiries and traffic.
  • Enhance the prominence in Search.

Why not leverage the benefits of the internet to build the online presence of the business further?

What must be the Right SEO Campaign for Lawyers?

A successful SEO campaign for a law firm can;

  • Ease the frustration and stress of not getting enough growth of online presence.
  • To help bring more targeted leads and inquiries that will generate more revenue for the business after their conversions.
  • Increase lawyer website visibility and traffic to many people and hence more possibility to bring new cases.
  • Generate an impressive return on investment. It is due to reduce in the cost-per-case and many other factors that can save unwanted expenditure.

Aid in optimizing a website to make it friendly to the search engines and for desktop and mobile human users.

4 Basic Steps to Apply SEO to a Law Firm

It is essential to optimise everything in a website to get higher rankings for it in Google’s related search results. Like any other businesses, law firms also need targeted audiences and visitors organically from Google! Following is the stepwise procedure to achieve it;

Keyword Research

There is no SEO without a Keyword. It is a basis by which a law firm can connect to its potential clients using these key phrases to search for similar services. Finding out relevant keywords that are having low completion and higher searches is not an easy job.

It demands proper tools and much brainstorming to filter out keywords that can be used to apply SEO tactics on a lawyer’s website or any other URL. One thing to note here is that you cannot depend only on one or two keywords. Instead, you can try with different related key phrases that most of your potential audiences generally search.

Start with targeting your local area like what law firm SEO experts suggest, find, and focus on such keywords. Further, you can continuously enhance your reach. It is to improve the conversion process and get the necessary boost in return on investment.

Content Building

There are a set of SEO tools that can help one audit the content of any URL of a web platform or page and fill-up the left part. It can meet up to both the viewers’ everyday demands and the search engine to get more traffic and rankings.

So to make sure the content will be going to work well, there is a simple checklist that many strategists are following and recommending to others;

The content must be;

  • Should be based on the targeted keyword.
  • Accessible to a crawler-bot.
  • Ready to be used on multiple devices.
  • Deliver the best user experience.
  • Must be having updated related schema markup, meta-data, and authorship.
  • Can be easily sharable via social networks.
  • Must provide unique value to its readers.

All the above factors need to be updated with changing keywords or requirements with time. The content should be linkable from other platforms or webpages.

Many of us put content wherever possible, like private login screens, flash plugins, slideshows, or behind the images. So this can make that particular content non-linkable and does not contribute to getting a good rank in a search engine’s search results.

Now here comes the off-page strategy that we will look ahead in this post sooner! It is about making social bookmarks, citation building, social media signals, link building, and much more. They generally work as growth-drivers for an online platform.

SEO Tactics

Generally, the processes and techniques related to search engine optimization change with time. After all, Google algorithms always update with time. There are two main kinds of SEO processes that can be applied on any website or any other URL.

One is White Hat, and another is Black Hat! Today, grey-hat and black-hat practices do not work for a lawyer’s website to gain Google’s attention for ranking purposes. Google is becoming smarter day by day using its advanced programs that regularly update with time and need.

In this manner, it can deliver the right SERPs for a given keyword. You cannot trick the search engines at present; neither can you increase your rankings using some inorganic methods.

Only the white-hat methods can payoff longer for your work, and there would be possibilities for future improvements. So the SEO techniques have to be white-hat. It can deliver in-depth, valuable content, a good user experience, and have high authority.

2 Types of  best SEO for law  Companies

Let us move ahead to understand the basics of law firm SEO marketing. We can divide it into two subcategories; these are Off-page SEO and On-page SEO. You can continually grow online prominence by working on both off-page and on-page SEO factors;

a) On-page

You might be creating a new website or enhancing the traffic and rankings of an already created one. In both ways, you need to optimise almost everything if an online property, either it is a website, video, or anything else.

It is a process of working directly on the web pages or updating them with the essential stuff to uplift its search engine rankings. It includes but is not limited to optimizing the URL, Meta Title, and Page Content. So you need to check and work on the following factors to ensure a website will have the right On-page optimization;


A URL needs to meet specific standards to get it eligible to get a good rank for a particular keyword. So if you are looking ahead that your website should also rank well based on a set of keywords, then first, you need to check for its SEO status. The next job is to find the missing things that need to be performed to make it ready to be ranked on Google.

It is essential to have a well-formed URL structure with relevant keywords but with a specific limit. For instance: is a better URL for SEO. But, or (overstuffed) will not be going to work!

So it is essential to first have a great URL structure at the time of preparing a new website and then building the content onto it. So this would be the right procedure to gain Search engine rankings for your firm.

B) Content

The Entry Points (or main landing pages) of your website or any other online property must be rich in both quantity and quality of content. Legal sectors are the most competitive. So highly valuable content is a must to acquire profitable and relevant online inquiries.

Many people who are searching for your services are newbies and need helpful information or fulfill a demand. Thus, if you want any of your online law platforms to rank well in Google, you first need to conduct keyword research. After this, with the help of analytics, you choose the keywords to focus on first.

The priority should be to write informative and thorough content about your service and related topics. It should also offer much information about that keyword. Let say the keyword is Divorce lawyers in London.

Thus, the content should include much info about the tasks of such a lawyer. It should provide answers to who can be benefitted from it, what the procedure is, and how the lawyers of your firm can assist people!

Not only this, the content must deliver extra value. It includes the main legal terminology, common pitfalls, and top tips that can help your clients build a high level of trust in your law company. Make sure to provide your unique brand proposition distributed everywhere in your content. It can be either your website, video description or social media post.

C) Multimedia

We all know that images and videos can attract our attention more than a piece of text. You can better educate your target leads using multimedia resources. It can be done using some YouTube, QnA, Advice, or How-to videos to increase their engagement on the page and lessen the bounce rate.

So multimedia should be included on the URL or platform that needs to be optimised. You also need to stuff the targeted keywords on the Title, Tags, Description, and other possible multimedia properties. It is to make them optimised and help to gain traffic from different online mediums.

D) Meta Title

After preparing the well-optimised content, the next vital factor to consider to compose a URL to rank well is the relevant Meta title. It should include the user intent and experience with the keywords.

The title is significant not only to make the first impression on searcher’s minds but also to entice the search engine bots. It is to define or summarize what your page is about or includes.

For SEO purposes, a Meta title on a page is equally essential for browsing and social sharing. It is displayed after hovering the tab on the browser when on this webpage. Optimally it should not be too long, neither too short and lies between 50-70 characters.

It must consist of relevant keywords in clickable and readable language. The title must be formed by considering its ideal searchers or user’s intent, relevant keywords and should be within the limit.

The title must include the company’s name, keyword, cities, case type, and department for a law firm. By stuffing the keyword in it will help in the necessary SEO boost and make it more clickable.

E) Meta Keywords

Today these are not general in use but years before work great for ranking purposes.

F) Internal links

You can put a maximum of 4 links on any other page on your website to land on your targeted page directly from them.

G) Social Shares

Well-written content can be used to attract the attention of your contacts from many social media channels. It can be any platform like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and more.

H) Images

High-quality pics and videos with proper alt text are equally important. It is to let Google crawlers and people know what the webpage is all about if the image will not get loaded successfully.

I) Meta Description

It is the short paragraph that we generally see with Titles in the SERPs for any online platform based on the relevant keyword. So it plays a significant role in getting the attention of your target audiences.

J) External Links (comes under off-page strategy as well)

It is good to have some external links on the webpage pointing to highly authoritative resources. These sources can improve or benefit the experience of a user. But it must be performed very carefully since linking out to poorly optimised or low-value sites can harm your SEO.

K) Headline Tags

A web page should have all kinds of headlines like H1, H2, H3, and more to provide a great user experience. However, it should not be overstuffed. Everything, including the ones stated above, must be done correctly, like the expert of any law firm SEO agency. It is a must to avoid waste of time working on the same pages again and again.


The SEO strategies are not limited to On-page tactics. A website must get authoritative and relevant external signals to be on the top priorities of Google. So, continuous off-site or off-page link-building is equally essential.

It is to maintain your online presence while dominating your competitors in the market. They are also recognised as backlinks or links coming from other sources to your website. These are essential factors that can’t be avoided while working for its SEO.

Search engines keep on learning about a platform even after assigning rankings to them. In this manner, they can update their lists regularly and show the latest to their searchers. So external links work as authority votes for your online firm’s website.

Now, the backlinks or votes can help maintain your website’s dignity or any other online platform. But it does not mean you can build backlinks to anywhere that may result in spam, over-optimised anchor text, and the penalty for your ranked URL.

So, your primary focus should be to gain links from highly authoritative relevant sites. Avoid tons of links from irrelevant platforms or link-heavy (or low quality) websites.

However, after the penguin update of Google, everything is useful in a specific limit only. Targeting too many relevant links from specific online platforms can be harmful to your website’s ranking.

Website design and on-page only help up to a certain extent for a law firm’s online platform. Hence, backlinks to a website can help search engines to keep on learning more about a URL. There will be more possibility for a site to develop or maintain greater higher rankings.

How to Gain Quality Backlinks for a Law Firm?

There are different methods to get backlinks to the website of a law firm. Here are some highlighted ones;

  • Avoid using negative or black hat SEO methods. Instead, follow or use only white hat SEO techniques. Black hat methods might work to rank a rank fast but will last for a more extended period. There is a higher risk of the site being penalised.
  • Regularly search for the relevant directories and make the necessary submissions in them.
  • Focus on building less but high-quality local links acquisitions to rank well on Google+ Local, Google Places, or Google My Business. It is the best approach than thousands of irrelevant links from other countries that can demote your website’s rankings.
  • Use the right form of creating the anchor text on other online platforms to meet the current Google standard to rank a website. It can be a URL itself, an exact targeted keyword, or same anchor text, or variations.
  • Composing high quality and valuable compelling content is necessary. You can also share it through many other online channels possible naturally to get useful links in return.

Analysis and Improvement

You cannot generate sufficient traffic for the needed conversions by ranking the website using one or a set of keywords. So with time, you need to regularly update your keywords that are trending among the people searching for Law based services.

Regular monitoring and updating of the SEO strategies as per the site performance are equally important. You can use Google analytics to get necessary insights about the conversion rates and bounce on your website.

In this manner, you can pinpoint the pages that are not doing well and improve their optimization. By the way, you can use the call tracking feature to track from where your calls or queries are coming from on your online platforms. Similarly, you can find out and fix the errors on the 404 pages if there are any on your website.

It is not a one-time process! The SEO demands both time and effort to prepare and apply well-planned strategies on an online platform. In this way, a law firm can be ranked on popular search engines like Google.

The strategies need to change with updates in the algorithms. You must be having proper knowledge about the potential adverse effects of applying a method. It is to make sure you are moving ahead in the right way to achieve consistent higher rankings for your targeted URL in the search engine results.

How to Boost Law Firm SEO in 2021 and Further?

Today Google is facing more on showing the local search results on top than others. Hence, this had made the local SEO very important for every business. It is crucial to increase the possibility of a higher click-through rate. Your official platforms are also listed on top of results for searches about the legal services you are offering.

People generally look for a law firm that must be reputable and real whenever they are searching anywhere. So Google can help them to show genuine local businesses only if it has some proof.

Now, this proof is the local citations. In this way, Google will tell others that your business is located at a specific address physically. It would be better to have genuine client feedbacks on your local listings on Google. These small things can forward potential leads to your site and further help your business boost its rankings. Structured local citations should be consistent.

Under this, the Address, Name, and Contact number of your law firm is your online local identity. All these must be appropriately mentioned in the Google local business listings.

In this way, Google will better learn about the information about your business and help people accordingly. But never only focus on Google, since you need to main the same listings on other local directories available.

It is because Google has powerful algorithms that make it intelligent as time passes. So it should look for the website or online platform where all such listings are pointing to the physical location and act accordingly. It is to maintain the same physical address of your firm everywhere.

Why are Local Citations Critical?

It is necessary to create influential and relevant citations in local directories online. All in all, it offers SEO benefits and can help you in gaining a significant online presence and inquiries. Additionally, it would be best to get local citations from different online platforms in your country than only related to a city or town.

Google is also focusing on personalised search results. The search engine keeps learning from our past search history and suggests relevant ones as per our likable interests.

So when a person is searching for a “family lawyer near me,” and if your firm is in its nearby, then your website will get listed with Google Maps listings. Hence, the name of a city or town also matters the most in a keyword to target that particular region’s people.

Therefore, you can get Google Maps listings only when you will be having a well set up “Google My Business” page. They must have well-filled contact details about your office or physical identity on every one of your online platforms. You can verify this listing by Google either by a postcard sent to your marked office or only a telephone call to the office number.

After your firm is well set on Google, you can start targeting different online local directories and fill in the details there. In the case of more than one physical identity, you need to perform all these steps for each one of them.

Your information or details needs to be consistent in every listing, as the Name, Keywords, and categories used to list the business. Start with the main office or practice area and slowly try to build a great online presence for other weaker or less relevant ones.

Why is Hiring Experts for Law Firm SEO Strategy Important?

Whatever SEO strategy that you are following should be robust enough. It meets the requirements of the ever-changing, complex search algorithms of Google. It demands much research and time before finalizing a set of SEO procedures to be applied on any website.

There are risks of adverse effects that can happen if a wrong process was applied. So many prefer to hand over this job to professionals. In case of any confusion, you take the help of professionals. They are regularly engaging in this job and have much experience of which strategy will work and what will not!

So you can easily trust and take the help of one such local SEO services for law firms. It can help law firms boost their online presence in front of a broad online audience, gain traffic, and rank on Google.

An expert of SEO Company for lawyers can also suggest you go for a paid-inclusion program whenever necessary. It is helpful significantly to gain the attention of human-edited search engines like Yahoo if required.

The continuous work on all SEO strategies (listed above and more) can take some months to higher gain rank to a website. In some cases, the law firms didn’t get satisfactory results. Their websites do not rank or get much traffic even after applying all the possible SEO strategies on their online platforms.

The main reason behind this is that Google is still looking for some more from such URLs. Simply, the site does not have enough relevant links to impress the search engine to list for its relevant search queries or keywords!

In this case, an SEO Company for law firm can help better find out the missing things or where the work goes wrong! SEO law partner firms also keep updating their tasks with Google’s changing algorithms and change their SEO strategies. The best part is most of the quality SEO services are available today at affordable rates.

Bottom Line

The right SEO strategy for Law based online platforms will only work if it matches modern link building standards. It should be updated as per what Google algorithms are looking for to decide rankings for their search key phrases.

You need to keep in mind that quality digital marketing tactics need time to deliver consistent results. So never choose any SEO agency for lawyers that asks you to boost the rankings in a shorter period. Neither goes with the one that provides quick-fix solutions to where you are lacking!

You might be impressed with their work, but they do not guarantee what will be going to next after some time. Best SEO practices for law firms will work if they are applied well like those used by the best law firm SEO Company!

Whether your law firm’s site is also not ranking on Google? Do you want to increase its current SERP ranking? If yes, then what are you waiting for now? Get your website checked today itself and find out where it stands in SEO to plan the best for its future benefits!

By concluding everything here, if you want your law firm to rank well on Google searches, then you need to follow these simple steps;

  • Focus on improving the Local SEO by creating genuinely, useful and authentic local citations
  • Target on On-page SEO by updating valuable, relevant content
  • Start growing authority and reach via link-building or Off-page SEO factors

You can follow the ways of best  best SEO for law  firms and improving your strategy every time. In this way, you will surely build an outstanding online presence for your business and gain a competitive advantage over others.

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