We live in the well-known era of digitization, which is why more and more companies are investing in digital marketing strategies for their promotion and expansion in the national and international market. Undoubtedly one of the best ways to achieve this is through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on web pages, this, in order to position ourselves in the best search engines to increase traffic organically and this means attracting the largest number of people without the need of breaking your budget.

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Let’s talk a little about what Search Engine Optimization is: it is defined as the strategies that are used to optimize the visibility of the website in search engines such as Google.

Remember this phrase: if the content is king, SEO is the soldier. Good content will not be enough without good SEO that allows you to optimize the website. It is important to use all three types of SEO (SEO on-page, Technical SEO and SEO off-page) to achieve the best results.

SEO on-page refers to the content of the website that can be viewed by people once they access it and this is why the information that is provided to visitors must be outstanding, which is why it is essential that the web pages have valuable keywords so that search engines understand the content and can tag it as relevant.

Technical SEO is related to all the elements of the structure “Back-end” of the website. In simpler words, they are corporate systems that are responsible for the collection and management of data, not only to facilitate the administration of companies with respect to inventory control, purchase orders, user subscription, among others. The “Back-end” structure also includes the systems that improve the user experience on the page.

Off-page SEO is undoubtedly the most complex of all and can in some cases be a real headache, but it is still important as it allows the site to gain authority and credibility and this means that the website will be positioned on the first pages of the engine.

Between you and me, who reviews more than two or three pages of results in Google? I’m sure most of us don’t.

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Why SEO Is Important?

Companies that use SEO as a digital marketing strategy manage to increase the visibility of their brand locally and internationally, attract qualified traffic, a greater probability of sales, because users are shown what they need at the right time, positioning of the brand and differentiation from the rest of the similar brands, instruct the market and improve the investment returns of the company, it can be said that it is more for less.

We have talked about search engines, but it is no coincidence that the best known of all is Google, the company founded on September 4, 1998, developed by Larry Page and Serguei Brin today generates 90% of world traffic of the web from mobile devices.

Google receives hundreds of millions of inquiries every day from users around the world. Among the countries that use Google as their main search engine are the United States, France, Germany, Cuba, Portugal, Brazil, Venezuela, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Australia, India, South Africa, Morocco, Egypt, Japan and the United Kingdom of according to the Statista 2020 report.

Its great popularity and global reach have made it a widely used tool by marketing professionals. Google, in order to improve the results of each search, constantly updates its algorithms. The most prominent Google algorithms for the positioning of websites are:

  • Google Panda: In 2011 Google began to analyze websites based on the quality of the content, encompassing aspects such as grammar, duplicate content, original and verifiable content.
  • Google Penguin: The content of value is an important element, but there are other factors such as link building (techniques to generate links in external domains), which is why in 2012 there was an algorithm to analyze the external links of the sites and check out if they were of worthy quality.
  • Google Hummingbird: Content classification through semantic systems and of interest to users.
  • Google Pigeon: In 2014 Google began to classify the results by the geographical locations of the users, to provide them with the correct results for their needs.
  • Google Mobilegeddon: Did you know that websites that are “mobile-friendly” are the ones that rank best? This is due to the Mobilegeddon algorithm.
  • Google Rank Brain: The algorithm developed in 2015 is responsible for the positioning of the most relevant content based on the search intention (navigational, informational, transactional and local) of the users.

SEO and Google are tools that go hand in hand in any effective digital marketing strategy. However, as in life itself, not everything is rosy. Google penalizes those pages that do not meet its SEO requirements. It is guaranteed that no company wants to be blacklisted by Google (last search pages).

What Are Google Penalties?

These are the measures that Google imposes on all those websites that violate the company’s guidelines. Sanctions are directly reflected in the search ranking.

The creation, management and permanence of company websites is a practice that takes its science; therefore, it should not be treated as retail without much significance. Imagine this scenario for a moment, your website has good content, your traffic is more and more frequent and broad, and sales have increased exponentially, so far, right? Suddenly that situation changes in a not very positive way, your traffic is lower as well as sales, you are not in the first search results or worse your website is not found in Google, this would only mean that you were sanctioned by Google.

The algorithms developed by Google become more intelligent over the years, giving some truce to those sites that violate their terms, Matt Cutts, the former director of Google Spam, stated that they take measures to eliminate Spam on the web, that is why If companies do not want to be sanctioned, they should not resort to deceptive or harmful techniques to deceive the search engine and position the site in the top ranking.

Sanctions can be classified into two groups, according to the level of the sanction or according to the type of sanction. In this article, we will only focus on sanctions according to their type, since they are the most common classification in the medium.

  • Algorithmic penalties: Through Google’s automatic algorithms, suspicious activity can be detected, which can be harmful to users. The consequences of this type of activity are usually sudden drops in the positioning of the web.

Depending on the severity of the case, the search engine only notified the decrease in the ranking; otherwise, if it is a greater fault, Google announces to the Webs mater that its page has been sanctioned and that they must take measures not to suffer Delisting, in a few words to not be removed from the search index.

  • Manual penalties: These are those that are carried out directly by a Google professional from the Search Quality or Web spam departments, without algorithmic intervention.

Frequent reasons for being sanctioned by Google professionals are: user-originated spam, hidden spam, content of no value to users, unnatural backlinks, and links with suspicious activities and misleading advertising that may be harmful to users.

Ok, we already know what kind of sanctions Google can impose on websites. However, what are the penalties in itself that a website may suffer? There are several but we will focus on the typical ones such as: PageRank reduction, loss of 30, 50 or up to 950 search positions, search engine page de-indexing, search engine domain de-indexing.

I know, it looks like a scene from a horror movie, doesn’t it? But we should not worry about this problem as it has a solution, but it is not a job that anyone can do, so we must trust the expert minds of penalty consultants.

Now I will tell you the six reasons why you should hire Google Penalty Consultants.

Before we start talking about the reasons why you should hire Google Penalty Consultants, we must first know what they are.

SEO consultants are experts in the area with the responsibility of ensuring that a website is positioned in the best way in search engines, knowing in depth the technical aspects of the search engine (Google) and the website itself. Among one of its functions is the consulting of websites that have been sanctioned and provide the best solutions so that the website can position itself in Google without setbacks.

SEO consultants know exactly how search engines work; however, they focus a little more on Google due to its enormous popularity worldwide, they could be classified as the anonymous heroes that give it the impetus that websites need.

SEO consultants work in two phases to perform the analysis of a website, the first phase is the on-page and technical SEO analysis, then the off-page SEO is studied.

The first phase consists of the internal optimization of the site and during this phase, the content and its relevance for users are studied, compliance with Google technical criteria, image optimization, URLs, use of keywords, spam content, original content, taken from sources, page response among other factors including the structure of the internal site.

In the second phase of analysis, the consultant is in charge of carrying out the study of SEO off-page, in this phase the quantity and relevance of external links (backlinks) are analyzed, the authority that external link websites have to generate traffic that conforms to the search engine guidelines.

Now you know what SEO consultants are, how they work, what their skills should be, knowing in detail how Google works make them the perfect allies to achieve the recovery of the website after a penalty by the search engine most used in the world.

Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Hire Google Penalty Consultants

  1. Auditing your website to find flaws: It can be difficult to find out for yourself what errors you are making on your website, coupled with the lack of knowledge of how Google algorithms work. Penalties consultants analyze every last detail of the page, managing to determine if the sanction was taken by SEO on-page or otherwise, everything is fine in your SEO on-page but your external links are not supported by reliable pages.
  2. Quick results: Recovering after a penalty imposed by Google can take a while, especially if you are not an SEO specialist, coupled with the constant changes that Google algorithms undergo. However, knowing the failure of the site, the guidelines of Google and how to solve problems satisfactory results can be noticed in less time, thus saving time and money, and, as Benjamin Franklin said, time is money.
  3. Personalized action plan: Nowadays there are programs that can make an SEO study of websites and improve certain aspects, but in a very general way, which for sites that have been penalized is not feasible. On the other hand, consultants elaborate an action plan based on your site reviews, user needs, and company goals.

They reinforce the quality and credibility of the sites in the eyes of Google.

  1. Website optimization: The action plan is not enough if it is not carried out and the penalties consultants make the pertinent changes to abandon the Google blacklist of penalized sites.
  2. Mediation of results and continuous monitoring: Unfortunately, Google does not notify when you are sanctioned or when your site is again in the process of study to remove the penalty; therefore, it is necessary to keep a closed follow-up on the behaviour of the site based on the results once the results have been executed actions.
  3. Contribution of knowledge and experiences: Working with consultants allows the company to acquire knowledge regarding how to create original content, avoid spam, the importance of having a secure site, what are the weaknesses of the site that should be improved, and on the other hand, the human contact and sharing experiences is a plus that could not be achieved with digital programs.

Sanctions by Google are usually difficult to eliminate if you do not have a specialized team that identifies the problems of the website and works to solve them, in the most suitable way to make the passes again, so to speak with Google.

Having recovery consultants of penalties is the best option that any company can take to retake the reins of its business on the web.

Any company that operates a website runs the risk of penalties from Google, either automatically or manual if they violate its rules and requirements, as different online newspapers in the United Kingdom could corroborate that were sanctioned by Google. The apparent reason for this consequence was the purchase and sale of links.

Let’s go into a little more detail in this case that generated a lot of controversy on the web.

In 2013 the flower company Interflora suddenly disappeared from Google search results. What did Interflora do to receive this radical penalty? They resorted to the purchase of links to increase their traffic and sales through advertising reports, from different digital newspapers in the United Kingdom.

It is worth pointing out that in 2007 Google announced that the sale of links was an action that was not well-considered, which could affect the ranking of pages of the sites that were part of this activity of buying and selling links.

Interflora was not the only one who suffered sanctions since the newspapers and magazines that advertised Interflora through reports suffered a decrease in their Page Rank to 0, which means that the higher the number of the Page Rank, the more relevant you are to Google, therefore it will position you on the first search pages.

For all those involved it was a hard blow, from which not all could recover, however, the Interflora company managed to recover after Google penalties thanks to the optimization of the site, which were implemented, thus making the Google search engine reappear.

The Interflora company is one of many examples that suffer penalties, but that can be recovered after a suitable action plan in expert hands such as SEO consultants, who work with analysis and recovery of penalties from Google.

Google Penalty Recovery FAQs

  • How to recognize if my site has been penalized? A simple way is to log in to the analysis section and observe the trend of web traffic. If you observe a drastic drop, you may have been penalized.
  • How can I remove Google penalties on my website? Everything will depend on the type of sanction and the action plan, among the most frequent solutions, is the proper use of keywords, creation of original content and quality, not making link purchases to increase traffic, spam is prohibited.
  • How long can a Google penalty last? The time is very variable in each case; those minor ones may be delayed for a period of 20 to 30 days. Companies should take into account that unfortunately the pertinent changes are not made immediately on the site.
  • My website was sanctioned, how can I recover? It is a job that is not for everyone because it is not easy at all, but with the help of Google penalties consultants, recovery is almost a sure way to success.
  • Can my content be the cause of a penalty? Yes, the Google Panda algorithm is in charge of analyzing the quality of the content of a website, if it is not relevant it may be the cause of a slight penalty.

Final Thoughts

Websites are tools that are used by companies to have a digital presence, obtain a greater reach of users, and generate greater income, brand awareness and distinction from the competition. Successful websites are those that implement excellent SEO (SEO on-page, technical SEO and SEO off-page) as a Digital Marketing strategy.

A five-star SEO strategy provides multiple benefits to the company such as increasing the visibility of the brand, providing valuable content for users, attracting potential customers, high rate of return on investment (ROI), lasting over time, increasing the number of sales and visits.

Websites are one of the best tools of the company for its positioning in the market, but what if the results are no longer as satisfactory as before? That could be caused by penalties from Google.

All companies that have a website are at risk of being sanctioned by Google through its algorithmic or manual analysis, significantly affecting the performance of advertising campaigns, credibility, brand visibility, and reach.

Suffering a penalty on your website by Google (the most used search engine) is something that no company wants. Unfortunately, it often happens in companies of various kinds, depending on the severity of the penalty it can affect certain aspects of SEO on-page such as keyword ranking or a decrease in the level of Page Rank (if it is a 10 or close, it will be important for Google) or temporary or permanent removal from the search engine.

The recovery process after a penalty is not easy and if you do not have penalty consultants, who will help you determine what is wrong with the site and, above all, how it can be solved to achieve reconciliation with Google? Not only that but to also work on repositioning the web and achieve better results than the previous ones due to SEO optimizations, which is something that can be offered by a consulter of penalties.

Shoemaker to his shoes is the ideal phrase to describe why companies should hire SEO consultants to audit the page that has been penalized, for simple reasons such as Audit your website for faults, Quick result, Custom Action Plan, Mediation of results and continuous monitoring, Website optimization Contribution of knowledge and experiences.

An audit of a website by SEO consultants will be divided into two phases to study in-depth each element of the page and determine the faults followed by the action plan to be executed. Once the measures are implemented, constant monitoring is carried out and depending on the results, actions can be continued or modified in order to remove the sanctions from the site.

Hiring penalty consultants allows companies to regain visibility. If you got this far it is because you have this big problem and you need help, don’t worry, at SEO.LONDON we will find the best solutions so that you can once again be a valuable and relevant ally for Google.

Get in touch with us today. We will be happy to help you.


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