What is WordLift?

WordLift is the first SEO software that helps companies speak the same language as Google by converting content into structured data, a format easily understood by search engines. 

WordLift uses AI and machine learning to analyze content, identify the most critical topics, and organize them into entities. Each entity describes an idea, concept, person, or place covered on the website. Then, WordLift relates the entities in the vocabulary and turns the information into linked data, creating a Knowledge Graph.

The Knowledge Graph is the backbone of a website. The data behind a website adequately enriched with the necessary information. Understandable to search engines, which can index the content more easily. Moreover, because the information on the website is well organized and contextualized, it provides users with a relevant experience that makes them stay longer on the website’s pages. 

A higher ranking on Google allows the website to get more organic traffic and an optimal user experience, which can positively impact conversions.

WordLift can be used with WordPress and other CMSs and provides APIs and webhooks if you want to integrate proprietary CMSs. 

Why Use WordLift? 

Structured data adds another layer of data to content, contributing to the growth of a business in several ways, regardless of its size. 

  • Help Google and search engines better understand the site and rank it higher in search results;
  • Increase click-through rates and organic traffic to the  website;
  • Control the way a brand appears in search results (Rich Snippets, People Also Ask, etc.);
  • Provide users with relevant information (what they are looking for), making their experience optimal; 
  • Improve content strategy through internal links;

WordLift is a tool that allows you to automate SEO by adding structured data to a website’s content and creating a knowledge graph. In this way, it is possible to gain the benefits mentioned above and competitive advantages that only the power of structured data can unlock

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Get Started With WordLift 

WordLift allows you to add structured data to a website. This way, Google and search engines know what you are talking about. 

Once WordLift is installed and the plugin is launched, artificial intelligence analyzes the text of any content on the website and suggests which concepts are relevant to that particular business. Then, you can add schema markup to these concepts, representing entities in the Knowledge Graph. 

The entities are then part of your vocabulary. They can be linked in your articles to enrich your content and create a dynamic environment. Users can navigate and find information relevant to their search intent. 

Using WordLift is simple. Watch the video to take your first steps with us.


WordLift Features 

Structured Data Automation 

WordLift enables structured data automation. By using AI, it sets up entity recognition and markup at scale. This means better, more scalable, and more accurate markup of structured data across the site. Marked entities are also connected to the data network and form the organization’s custom Knowledge Graph.

Custom Knowledge Graphs 

WordLift creates Knowledge Graphs and Product Knowledge Graphs for e-commerce, giving companies access to future SEO.  

The Knowledge Graph is a website’s backbone, making it eligible for search engines and voice assistants. In addition, it enables the creation of well-contextualized and related web pages and articles, transforming data into linked data and making the user experience more relevant. 

Image SEO

Optimizing images for SEO means that they help users and search engines better understand the content of an article. WordLift automatically creates the three versions required by Google for each image, as long as it has at least 1,200 pixels on the smaller side of the picture. Since this is not always possible, the WordLift team has developed an AI-powered Image Upscaler; a model trained to enlarge and enhance website images using the Image Super-Resolution technique.

Content Recommendation Widgets

With WordLift, widgets can enrich content to include recommendations and cross-references to the latest published content, strengthen internal links, and make the user experience relevant. 

In addition, WordLift offers dedicated widgets for e-commerce websites, such as Product Context Card, Product Navigator, FAQ, etc., that enrich the user experience and help increase online store sales.

Semantic Reports 

With WordLift for Google Looker Studio, it is possible to create Semantic SEO reports by loading data from your Knowledge Graph right into Data Studio and blending it with Search Console or any other web analytics platform. 

It allows you not only to have all your data in one place but also to learn more about your audience and their behaviour and discover new ways to optimize your content strategy and make SEO more effective (e.g. further search queries and search intent for content optimization).

To learn how to create semantic SEO reports, you can watch the video 👇

Create a Semantic SEO Report in 3 steps

Other WordLift Features 

Semantic Keyword Analysis (SEO Add-on for Google Sheets™)

SEO Add-on for Google Sheets™ by WordLift is an extension that allows you to perform semantic keyword research and create a JSON-LD; because of that, Google understands what your content is about.  

In a few simple steps, you can install the extension to analyze the SERP and find the most relevant entities for your business and search queries, optimize your existing content and create new content that will rank high on Google and drive more organic traffic to your website.

To learn more about the SEO Add-on, you can watch the video👇

How To Use SEO Add-on for Google Sheets™️by WordLift

WooCommerce SEO 

WordLift has also developed a special plugin to automate structured data entry in a WooCommerce store. 

Once installed, Woocommerce SEO by WordLift adds product markup and all vital information to e-commerce pages, allowing products to be displayed in rich snippets.

It adds automatic internal links and nice product recommendation widgets like Product Navigator and Product Context Card to blog posts. So capture your customers’ interest when they want to learn more, and then boost your conversion rate by suggesting the right product at the right time.

A Product Navigator showcases your best products related to the page’s content.


A Product Context Card adds a link to a product mentioned with a card that allows the user to preview the effect.

WooCommerce SEO by WordLift allows you to quickly generate FAQ markup for pages, giving you another opportunity to get more pixels on Google search results pages. See how answers to frequently asked questions can be opened directly on Google. You can also enrich them with internal links!


Pricing of WordLift

WordLift offers three different subscription plans: starter, professional, and business+e-commerce. 

  • The Starter plan allows you to use the software on one domain. This plan includes 10 Schema Types for adding structured data and building the Knowledge Graph. It also has AI content recommendation widgets. 
  • The Professional plan is a complete software version, suitable for those who manage between 1 and 3 websites. It includes 18 Schema Types, including FAQPage and LocalBusiness. It also has AI Content Recommendation widgets. 
  • The Business+E-Commerce plan is for those who manage up to 10 websites, such as agencies. It has more extensive functionality, including all schema types and the Match Terms feature, which lets you convert existing tags and categories into entities. It also includes the SEO Add-on, the extension for Google Sheets that enables you to perform semantic keyword research to optimize existing and new content on the site. It consists of the AI Content and AI Product Recommendation widgets.

Software like WordLift also has a VIP program that offers customized solutions. It includes advice and support from its team of SEO experts and an Enterprise SEO Platform aimed at large companies. 

WordLift Reviews 

The WordLift Solution is considered one of the most innovative SEO tools. It drive more organic traffic to the website and increase audience engagement by using AI and machine learning. Here are some reviews from Capterra and WordPress.

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Final Verdict 

WordLift is an SEO automation tool that benefits individual practitioners and companies. Small to large corporations want to be the first to use new technologies to serve the business. 

With WordLift, you can add structured data to the website and create a Knowledge Graph. This will give you better rankings on Google and the search engines, increasing organic traffic. By giving users the information they are looking for, you make their experience relevant. As a result, you ensure they spend more time on the site. This leads to an increase in conversion rates, which shows the business’s success.  

Constant research and innovation make WordLift the number one SEO solution of the future

Wordlift Review

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