If the main point of discussion is about creating a Website, then myriads of options are there in terms of which CMS would be the best for it. One of the critical deciding factors is to choose one that can ease you in building and maintaining an SEO-friendly site. After all, getting a higher search engine ranking is not so easier than creating a website from scratch. By considering the future perspectives to increase the traffic on a Website, WordPress is most recommended, but. Why? Let us be aware of all the facts behind – Are WordPress sites good for SEO!

Why is WordPress good for SEO?

Here are some facts about WordPress making it convenient to be used to build a website that is totally SEO friendly;

  • Around one-third of the total active websites in the world are based on WordPress.
  • You can customize your WordPress website in any way possible since you can find almost all types of plugins to get your job done. In case of any difficulty, you can ask your query in the WordPress community. It is a platform where thousands of volunteers and technicians are ready to offer support and advice free of cost.
  • WordPress comes with SEO-friendly tools, plugins, and themes.
  • As per many experts, WordPress is a secure and safe website development platform.
  • Well-developed plugins and themes are based on clean codes. So, using them on your website will make it easier to index by the search engine bots.

Why WordPress is best for SEO Friendlier Sites?

Following are the 3 main reasons behind the popularity of using WordPress for creating, and optimizing websites. The main aim here is to get higher Search Engine rankings;

1. WordPress has Ease of Integration

Once a website is ready you need to add many software tools to it for different functions. WordPress can help you to ease your job to promote your site online and get more attention from the targeted traffic. In this case, you can use the following;

Yoast (to configure your post and pages with SEO features),

Google Analytics (to check the regular performance of your website),

G Suite (can help you to easily deal with emails),

Google XML Site Maps (to help Google bots in understanding the structure of your website),

and, Sucuri (to ensure safety).

In the same manner, you need to integrate your website with Social Media. It will help you to enhance the reach of your site in front of your potential viewers. By the way, social media campaigns play a major role in today’s era to increase SEO rankings.

WordPress can help you to easily create social media icons and buttons on your website from where a reader can be redirected to the social account/page. People can further share your content with others. You can automate the social media campaigns and add a news feed to your site for more engagement.

WordPress was initially formed as a blogging platform. Hence, a website can be made more dynamic and attractive by adding a Blogging feature that can be integrated very easily.

One can also further add other related possibilities on the WordPress website. It includes email subscriptions, RSS, commenting options, or showing the recent posts on the home page of the site.

2. WordPress is User Friendly

One must create a responsive website so that people can easily access it both on Mobile devices and PCs without hassles. WordPress can help you to use the themes or design in a manner that can be convenient to its visitors. It also plays a big role in the overall SEO metrics of a site.

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Additionally, either it is a human or a search engine bot, the time to load a website while accessing it matters a lot. So, WordPress can help you to use some tools or Plugins to make sure none of your site users will be annoyed with the page loading time. For instance, WP-Optimize, and ShortPixel Image Optimizer can be of much help in this scenario.

One of the main factors that contribute the most to the page load time is the use of multimedia (photos) on it. So the images need to be in proper size without compromising their quality. There is also a big significance of using alt text for every pic on your website that is highly noticeable for the search engine crawlers.


WordPress is a Time Saver

The overall design of a website also matters the most for SEO other than the keywords and metadata. It can help one to impress the search engine spiders and rank well on SERPs.

So, this can be made easier by choosing a nice SEO-friendly theme for your website from plenty of available choices in WordPress. You do not need to waste your time playing up with and testing the performance of a website by tweaking any coding.

It does not matter how much knowledge you are having about website coding and development. You can create a complete WordPress site from scratch to the one ready for the launch overnight, but.

You can also easily form attractive permalinks for each of its web pages. So, including the targeted keyword within the permalink can help much in increasing its rankings on the search engine.

WordPress CMS can also help you to do the required changes on your website with time. It is either to change the complete theme; to edit some parts as per change in any purpose or function, or to update the content within less time. After all, users are generally attracted to a website that is updating as per new trends and technology.

Likewise, to manage the content on the WordPress website there are different kinds of editors available. They can make your job even easy than using MS Word to create and customize the webpage content.

More than one person can work on a website and reduce the time to complete a website in case of emergency. There are possibilities for one to assigning the freedom of access to each user to do either administration, author, or editing work.

So, not only time but, building a website using WordPress can also help one to save much money as well.

Bottom Line for the question “Are WordPress Sites good for SEO”

After its launch in 2003, WordPress is one among the preferred CMS of many professionals. People use it to develop a simple and secure SEO-friendly website for themselves or for their clients as per different needs. WordPress is rich in Features and Tools that are not present in any other CMS platform.

You can always find new and exciting set of plugins and themes launching for the WordPress with time. Every business wants to rank its website higher on SERPs that can be made easier by building it using WordPress CMS. Optimization of a website is necessary to help Search engine crawlers understand its purpose.

A regular approach of SEO is a value for money long-term business strategy to earn digital foot traffic that will result in higher ROI. A well-maintained and attractive WordPress website can help you lessen your average site bounce rate and increase its SEO rankings.

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