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Schema Markup comes in handy where you need technical SEO for your website. It allows browsers such as Google to crawl better and, more significantly, adequately acknowledge the information in your website to generate relevant results for the queries proposed by users. Then again, it is among the best strategies you can implement to enable you to be exceptional from other competitors aiming to rank higher on search results. Therefore, it is worth going for because only 30% of web pages on the World Wide Web implement when marking up their web pages. As such, implementing the schema markup to your website gives you an edge, thus generating more success for your business.

How to Use Schema for SEO

First of all, you should determine the markup that is appropriate for your content. There are ten types of markup that are predominantly used. Then you incorporate it into your code and test it using Google Structured Data Testing Tool to ensure your data is correctly implemented. Correspondingly, you should continuously monitor the patterns of success using Story Builder and Paper Reporter in bright edge’s platform. That process will assist you in evaluating the influence the markup has had based on conversations and traffic on your site.

 Schema markup is an essential tool that facilitates web admins to create better communication with browsers and, at the same time, helping you take advantage of available opportunities geared towards improving the site in SERP.

Best Schema Markup for SEO

There are approximately hundreds of markups developed because users in search engines also propose very many queries. Then again, what is more, puzzling about schemas is that all the major browsers use the same schemas, yet they are competitors.

It is because there are numerous schemas and standards for creating various types of information on the webpages. Therefore, it gets hard for web admins to determine the most supported and relevant markup to implement. 

Developing a schema supported by the significant browsers facilitates the ease of web admins adding markup again, making it more straightforward for browsers to generate relevant results for users. Below are the ten most commonly used schema markup. 

Person Market Schema Markup

Person Market Schema Markup highlightsanindividual’s information, probably names, birthday’s dates, addresses, and much more. Furthermore, it generates the answer to your query without you having to visit another website.

Product and Offer Schema Markup

Itis usedwhen selling products or services. Both properties facilitate the product’s information delivery, for example, its status and price, however, the product markup needs the name property, and the offer markup needs the price currency and the price properties. 

Organization Schema Markup

It summarises organizational information such as the firm’s logo, location, contact information, and social media profiles. Such information helps you get a snippet of the comprehendible information, enhancing your availability since clients can reach you instantly.

General Business Schema Markup

Ithelps you find crucial information on local businesses, such as their location, address, and branches. It is ideal for local marketing local businesses. 

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Video Schema Markup 

This markup provides google with a strategy to better crawl and at the same time index videos on your site since search engines are unable to do it. 

Breadcrumb Schema Markup

It is responsible for listing path links which direct you towards the most recent page. On the other hand, it helps minimize bounce rates and see their location.

Review Schema Markup

Review Schema Markup is common for buyers to check on product reviews before purchasing online. The review schema markup provides the required information needed by users to decide whether to buy or abscond from executing a purchase.

Recipe Schema Markup 

It is ideal forrecipe sites and enables you to get to see the snippet of the product before they visit the site.

Event Schema Markup 

It is used to offer information such as dates, venue, dressing code, and any other information that might be deemed necessary for a scheduled event.

Schema Markup Structured Data

Structured data are formats for generating information about web pages and classification of page content. It helps lay standards for specific forms of data and online content for evaluations and comparisons with other similar forms of content and data. By keenly defining the particular areas in a page relevant to a specific form of content, the browsers can get information from the web page and be sure of the content quality. is involved in dealing with all structured data requirements in your site. Search engines such as Google pick up the data and present your page more improved if you implement it in describing recipes, reviews, and products. 

Therefore, if you wish to get rich results such as engaging mobile results, listing on knowledge graphs, snippets, or activated-voice actions, you should describe your web pages using structured data.

Rich Snippet and Schema Markup 

Rich snippets are organised data markup that allows browsers to comprehensively understand what a particular section in your webpage is all about. Furthermore, it helps the search engine arrange specific data within the required context.

Moreover, rich snippets are more appealing than the regular search results; therefore, providing Google with the required data to develop a rich snippet that may assist in steering ahead site’s visibility together with clicks from numerous organic searches. 

Equally important is that schema Markup is structured data, set instructions within a file that you will incorporate on your site webpage’s HTML, for Google to know how it will generate the required search result.


In conclusion, schema markup is critical if you are looking to optimise your website. Since it allows browsers to crawl better and, more significantly they adequately acknowledge the information in your website to generate relevant results for the queries inquired by users. Schema Markup also gives you an edge over your competitors, giving your website authoritative command over other sites. Similarly, there are different forms of structured data for markup, like the rich snippet. That makes sure they adequately understand a specific area of your page highlights, thus enabling search engines to format your content in the required manner correctly, thus enhancing the performance of your SEO rankings.

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