Own A Jewellery Business? Learn 5 Tips To Understand SEO For Jewellery Websites

SEO for jewellers is a must. There is a lot of competition in the jewellery market. It is not easy to have a jewellery business when there are numerous jewellery stores in your area. That is why you need to get an edge.

The correct SEO for jewellers is a must because it gets your store out in front of your competition. The reason you are practising good SEO strategies is that people are not reading print ads, paying attention to other media advertising, and so on.

The way to get your merchandise and your store in front of their eyes is to go online and create a website. Then you need to employ the following SEO for jewellers strategies to make sure your website and its products are seen.

SEO For Jewellery Websites

There is a strategy that you need to follow. People are not going to come through your jewellery store’s door just because you have a website. There are tricks of the trade that you can use to make sure you get visitors to your website as well as your physical store.

1. Use the right keywords

Keywords are those phrases or single words you use that match up with an internet user’s search terms. These can be anything related to jewellery, jewellery store, diamonds, and other jewels, and so on.

Be creative and you can even misspell a few of those terms as internet users are not known for being the best spellers. If you are new to the internet and website use, there are good tools you can employ to help you find those great keywords.

To start off, you do not have to pay for a subscription. Instead, just use the free trial offer to get used to how all of those tools work.

2. Design a great website

This is a must as the more attractive the website, the more likely your website visitors will remain on site and explore your web pages. You want it attractive, not gaudy and the term ‘less is more’ is often better here.

You do not want to pack your website with too many images, writing, and so on, or your website visitors may get turned off by overcrowding. Then, you want the website to be easy to navigate.

This aspect is important as your website visitors will leave if the pages load slowly, the navigation is difficult, and other important mistakes that can be made.

3. Write great content

The good news for jewellers is that they have lots of items they can highlight. Whether it is individual pieces of jewellery like rings, necklaces, or different types of watches, you have innumerable topics on which to write.

The key is to make it interesting and compelling. If you are not a good writer, then hire someone who is. You can find those creative and serious writers at any of the writing services advertised on the internet.

The drawback to using those services is that they are not always populated by great writers. You may have to go through several of them before you find the right one for your website.

4. Use great images

One of the tricks you can use to keep website visitors on your website is great shots of different pieces of jewellery. Let a professional take the best shots of the jewellery pieces you want to highlight and sell.

Lousy photographs, out of focus, too far away, wrong lighting, and so on, will only turn website visitors off and they will move on to the next jeweller on their results page.

The trick to using an image in this industry is not to tip off any would-be thieves who might make you their next victim. Be smart and make sure to highlight the best pieces without bragging about your stock.

5. Do local SEO

While you may want to sell your stock around the nation and the world, no one will come to your store if they can’t find you. Make sure to set up some local SEO so that your neighbours and other members of your city can find your location easily.

They are not shopping across the nation. They want to find a jeweller in their backyard. Local SEO is very important when you want to stay in business. One of the good things about branching out into the internet is that there are lots of credible and legitimate SEO businesses ready to help you.

You do not have to be an expert in SEO or internet marketing. But you should hire one to make sure you get an edge over your competition.

Reasons For SEO For Jewellery Business

This strategy Is not just for traditional jewellery stores. You can use SEO for handmade jewellery or custom-made pieces of jewellery or just SEO for jewellery in general. There is a lot of flexibility in this strategy and internet marketing scheme.

There are several good reasons why you need to practice great SEO for jewellery business. Here are some of those reasons:

1. You gain visibility

While this is not always a great thing for those dealing in high-end jewellery pieces, it will help you attract more business. Don’t worry about the jewellery thieves. It is highly likely they already know where you are located.

But you want more visibility to draw in new clients. They cannot come to your store or website if they do not know you exist. You will want to be seen in order to drive more traffic to your website and physical store.

2. Get more customers

Just like we said earlier, the better your SEO practices are the more people that will come to your website. They will read your content, look at the images of your jewellery, etc., and make a purchase decision.

This is what SEO for jewellery is all about. The more traffic your website and the store get the more chances you have of selling your stock. Just make sure to highlight a variety of pieces as every customer is not shopping for an engagement or wedding ring.

They may need a good watch, a broach for a Christmas or birthday present, and so on. The more traffic you get the more variety of items you can sell.

3. Increase your brand awareness

Just like getting more visibility, the more people know your brand and brand name, the more likely they will remember it when they are talking to friends and co-workers.

Keep your brand name short and simple so it is remembered by your website visitors. Even if people haven’t been to your store or website, the more they see your brand at the top of the search engine results page, the more they will become aware of it.

When they need something like a ring or a bracelet, they can remember your name easier and check you out. This all takes time to develop so make sure you are patient.

4. Keep your website flexible

This will improve your website’s visitors’ experience. Put a variety of content on your website that will capture their attention and compel them to read your articles.

The longer your website visitors remain on your website, the more chances you have to make a sale. This is what it is all about and why you are in business.

Keeping your website visitors’ experience at a top level is the same as providing great customer service when they are in your store. The better the service the more likely they will buy and become returning customers.

5. You stay ahead of your competition

That is important if you want to remain in the jewellery business for a long time. You want to be the first place people will come to when they need fine jewellery or other items.

If you do not practice great SEO strategies, rest assured your competition is. That means they are getting the edge over you and that is not good. To make sure they do not beat you to new customers, it is important to hire a professional SEO consultant to help you get the edge first.

Nothing wrong with getting some good help. Your competition will be doing it so if you want more traffic to your website and store, you need to do it as well.

Some Final Words

For many jewellers, good SEO strategies may be all Greek to them. That is why you take the time to call us. Our company has over 10 years in the SEO consulting business and we know how to give your jewellery business an edge over your competition.

All it takes is one phone call and we can schedule an appointment to see what your needs are. Our rates are reasonable and we have several programs that you can choose from that will be right for your business.

Don’t hesitate to call today as your competition will.

SEO for Jewellers

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