How to Write SEO Optimized Blog And Article for Website

This is a world of digitalization where the content of all forms is available everywhere. Be it quality education or cringe-pop, be in noteworthy content or doodled scribbles, be it poetic musings of your dear product reviews- everything is available at the click of a finger and a few swipes. However, in a pool of millions of fish, how do you become Nemo? So How to Write SEO Optimized content?


How do you make a mark when free content is flowing almost everywhere? The trick is simple. To differentiate yourself from others and stand out of the crowd, learn SEO content writing. Not only would this boost your website ranking, but would also make sure that your voice is heard. And that is why we write seo content, right?

We want ourselves to be heard. We want to contribute at least a drop in the huge sea of knowledge, to guide those who might need it, and to inspire many. Before proceeding further, it is vital to know what SEO writing is.

How to define SEO Content Writing?

SEO, short for, Search Engine Optimisation. In other words, it is a way to optimize your website copy and blog articles in such a format that your website is visible on search engines. With clever and mindful techniques, the effectiveness of your content can be enhanced.

That might make it appear more frequently, more easily, and more promptly to the target audience, as compared to the other websites with similar content.

Their content might be better, or more well- versed than yours, but if you have SEO optimised content, you definitely have a better chance to make your place and leave an imprint in people’s minds.

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Every time you think of a question, or ‘google’ something, you get a series of answers. These answers appear according to the optimization of various websites.

Your task is now to become an SEO writer with great awareness. You would also need to keep yourself up-to-date with the ever-changing Google algorithms.

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How to Write good, optimized SEO Content for a Website?

To begin smart content writing, it is essential to, first of all, look up for keywords. Do your research, your homework of the most popular, and the common keywords that the audience might want. Then, select the keywords relevant to your ideas or school of thought.

Then, with a fine blend of the common keywords and your choice of selection, write content. Remember, never give the audience all you have, give them what they need.

When you go out for fishing, do you feed the fish the ice-creams you like, or do you give them the worms they relish, to attract them? Worms, right?

Lure the audience towards you with what they want, not with what you have. This simple hack would take your content and your website to heights. With these SEO researched keywords, a lot of people would be able to reach you.

They would tap on your ideas. If found worthy, they might even share your content on their social media handles. You’re sure to catch the sight of the world, buddy!

Google’s algorithm decides to promote the pages and websites based on various diverse factors and more than 200 ranking signals, which are influenced by the placement and weaving of these keywords. Never take SEO lightly. Remember this!

What is the SEO Copywriting Technique?

A lot of people wonder about the simple question, what is SEO copywriting technique. We’ll make it easier for you. To begin with, copywriting is a form of marketing that pushes, convinces, persuades, or prompts a person to either buy or utilize a product or a service offered by the company.

A copywriter has to be very careful in choosing the words, which not only render true to the product or the service sold by a business but also help in attracting a vast customer base. A copywriter is a catalyst for action to take place.

The words are woven together into phrases, sentences, and paragraphs by the copywriter who should definitely be familiar with the way Google might respond to each and every nook and corner of the website.

The google algorithm must be taken into account before anything else. The Google May 2020 core update began to roll out on 4th May 2020 and it completed the rollout on 18th May 2020. On Twitter, Google publicized “the May 2020 Core Update rollout is complete”.

Google Algorithm Update

According to this new Google algorithm update, long and informative content would be given a higher weightage. Your content should be such that it answers many questions of the reader. But to make it lengthy, the SEO writer should not beat around the bush.

Google would prefer content that is crisp and goes straight to the point. Using reference links is another takeaway from the new Google algorithm.

According to

An SEO copywriter is someone who can look at a set of keywords, figure out what someone searching for those phrases wants to know, and write it clearly and succinctly. A good SEO writer also must be able to use keywords effectively to help the reader find their content in search engines.

How to Write SEO friendly content?

In order to write SEO friendly content like blogs, articles, or even website copy, one must be equipped with not only a good writer, but also a writer loaded with knowledge about SEO friendly techniques. The elements of an SEO friendly content must comprise an important list.

To begin with, having a good headline with a targeted keyword is important. It is the first impression that the reader gets to your blog article or your website.

The first impression

It’s like a face that should exhibit a good personality. The first impression is definitely the last impression. John B. Bremner, the late University of Kansas copyediting professor and author of Htk says,

“The headline writer’s tool is not a hammer, but a chisel, the fine semantic chisel of exact language with exact meaning and exact dimension. The precise headline writer must learn to be fluid with solids. Into solid substance, he pours liquid grace.”

Without a good headline, catching the reader’s eye is difficult. A headline is the most difficult to craft too. It should have an essential keyword, the worlds of meaning condensed into a single line, and must be very attractive.

Sometimes it is okay to devote a large amount of time, simply to figure out the right headline. If you have a great headline you can even surpass the ranking, because the reader would be attracted to your work.

Body content

The next one is the body content. People want useful content which is why they search with particular keywords. Search engines also want to give the audience the best results and that’s the reason one must keep updating content on their website.

The most important aspect of your article, blog post, or website is the content. The basic reason why Google and other search engines are important to people is that they provide reliable information to the reader.

Now having a good amount of keywords is important, but what also matters is how you present them. Never overstuff your readers with a lot of content.

Give it to them, in a presentable way. Do not throw cotton bits at them, weave it into a fine colorful blanket, and voila! When you serve food, do you just put the key ingredients on a plate and serve them?

Questions to answer

Or do you wash, clean, cut, cook, and garnish to present a delicious platter? Similarly, serve your words on a garnished platter. You must remember a few points before you begin to write.

  • Who are you writing for?
  • Who is your niche audience?
  • What is the target group of your words and what is the receiving end?
  • Why are you writing for them? What is the problem that you wish to address and provide a solution to?

Be a good friend, guide, and philosopher and help your reader with something that they might be struggling with.

People would only wish to click on a link that promises to give them something.

After your article is written, it is important to provide it with good meta tags that summarises what you have in store for the reader.

Meta tags

Meta tags are also vital parts of content writing. The meta tags should convey what your content is exactly about. It should give a clear picture to the reader what he is going to get from this article. The ideal meta description length is under 150 characters and page title is under 70 characters.

It is important for the SEO content writer to do the keyword research and use appropriate keywords in your content. Remember not to stuff your content with the keywords. Use them wisely and at appropriate places.

Another important detail to keep in mind is to ensure that you provide and quote other sources.

Page Links

Page links should be carefully chosen and linked. The page links that you choose within or outside your own website should be linked to appropriate anchor text.

Link only to the relevant pages. As said earlier for keywords also, unnecessary stuffing should be avoided here too.

The number of outside domains that are linking to your website matters. Agreeing with, disagreeing with, or sharing other sources not only shows that you are well aware, but also that you acknowledge the presence of other sources of information.

Google is helping you, helping it back by sharing, accumulating, and spreading information worldwide. It is important to monitor your activity, to check the way you people are reacting to keep working on your work, and keeping it dynamic and change friendly. For monitoring your seo optimised content, read our guides on using google analytics.

Site Speed (Page Speed)

Lastly, have a good site speed. Various studies reveal that most people would hit the back button if the website or the blog takes more than two or three seconds to load. Our world is moving at a very fast pace, in such a situation, don’t stay behind.

User experience is largely based on the promptness of the website or the blog. Keep technically updated and monitor the speed of your website. Try to ensure that it does not take more than two seconds at all. You might have the best, the most informative, and the quirkiest data. But if you can’t meet the user’s expectations, your work might never see the light of the day.

Speeding up your website through tests, history checks and site development can help to attract a large user base.

Why is Content Writing the Best SEO Practice?

It is very important to learn SEO content writing to boost your website ranking. It is also to be noted that content writing is the best SEO practice because it helps one include LSI keywords or semantically related keywords, and if you’re a good writer, it helps to convince the reader better. But what makes one a good writer? What makes one a persuasive writer, good enough for the reader to be interested?

Here are a few tips to become a good SEO content writer. As mentioned earlier, do your homework. Know your audience, the main purpose of the article, and the answers you wish to provide.


Do your research well, incorporate keywords, weave them well, and create a masterpiece. However, these are only a few tricks and tips to become a good writer.

Remember that your audience is hungry for stories. Become a storyteller, don’t just feed them with facts, present to them interesting stories, experiences, and feelings for them to get attached. Add a crisp of humor.

Who wouldn’t love a pinch of laughter in this gloomy world? You’re not there to just answer questions, you also have to please the readers, don’t you?

Provide them with good case studies, graphs, figures, and diagrams to represent the factuality of your work. Quote others, provide sources, help the entire wide web and you’ll be good to go.

Featured Snippets and Writing optimized Content for SEO

how to write a SEO optimized blog

Appearing as a featured snippet in Google can be really helpful for on-page SEO. Nowadays, the purpose of optimising the content is to get ranked as featured snippets in google.

A featured snippet is a short text that is shown in Google search results and answers the queries of the searcher quickly. It can be in the form of a table, definition, list, or some steps 

This might seem like a lot. But like every other exercise, it would get better with time. But you have to stay consistent with your efforts. Get optimized!

how to write seo content

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