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SEO Services For The Accounting Industry

Gaining more clients – is the goal of any business. Accountants are no different. They want enough business to make sure they can make a good living, expand their services and live a better life.

There is a way to do all of this. All you have to do is practice good SEO for accountants or hire a company that offers good SEO for accountants industry. The world is moving past traditional marketing strategies into a digital world.

You need to keep up and move with them. By using the digital marketing world to your advantage you can achieve all three goals. But you can’t just do this move once and forget about it. You have to keep doing it or hire someone to keep doing it for you.

Keep reading to see how you can benefit from SEO for accountants and expand your business.

Why Is Accountants’ SEO Important?

There are 4 important reasons why you should consider taking this big step. If you do not take this step, then your competitors will and you may end up losing a lot of clients to the other guy.

Higher Visibility

Just like the old days when you see the same ad over and over during your favourite t.v. shows, you know that you need to increase your visibility. If the people do not know about you and your business, or what you do, they cannot come to your office.

They need to know you and your business exist to take advantage of your skills and knowledge.

Pick Your Clientele

By that we mean, you can target key segments of society and use your website to bring in the desired people you want to work with.

This control over who you help makes your life and work much easier. You may be happier as you are not dealing with people who cannot pay their bills.

You Get A Business Edge

This is important as you won’t be losing clients to your competitors. They may be losing theirs to you if you practice the right SEO for accountants.

Getting known and having your target audience trust you, is an important competitive edge that helps your business over the long run.

Build Your Revenue

This is why you started your own company in the first place. You want to make money and the way to do it is to drive traffic to your door.

The more people know your business the more chances of higher revenue you can make. More people equals more conversions, and more conversions mean more money.

The Big Picture

In the accounting field, there are over 1.2 million accountants and auditors. This means that you are facing a lot of competition for clients and you need to get that edge to have your piece of the accounting pie.

To get that edge you need to use the right strategies. Did you know that the keywords ‘near me’ for accountants see 27,000 monthly searches? Or that the top 5 positions on the results page get 67% of all clicks?

Then that 97% of people learn about local accounting agencies through their online searches? It is important to tap into that growing market and make your own niche. You can’t service them all but you can get a good chunk of that pie.

If you want to meet your goals, then you have to modernize and delve into the digital marketing world by using great SEO strategies.

Tips To Help You Get That Edge

You may not have time to do all that is involved with SEO for accountants. That is why you need to look for top accountants’ SEO services to help you get into the game and start making your way up the rankings.

Here are tips to help you find those top accountants’ SEO companies:

They Need To Know How To Set Your Website To Be Optimized For Local Searches

Not many people are going to be looking outside their city for accounting help. You need to target your geographical area to draw in clients. The company you hire should know how to do this and use the right tools to get this done for you.

Solid Content Is King

This has been a top SEO requirement for some time now. It is unlikely to change as people are looking for solutions, they want questions answered and they want to find an accountant they can trust.

If your content is good, then that should happen for you. Your SEO consultant should be able to help you write or write the content themselves, so you come across as an authority on accounting and similar topics.

You want the best content to get that edge.

They Need To Know How To Do Good Keyword Research

Next to content, you will need the best keywords in your website to attract visitors. The content keeps your visitors on your website while the keywords do the hard part and send traffic to your doorstep.

The two go hand in hand and if your consultant can’t do top keyword research and implementation, then move on to the next accountants SEO companies on your list.

The SEO Consultant Or Company Has To Be Able To Do Backlinks

Backlinks help build credibility for your website. Plus, they help your visitors see that you are an authority in the field. Good backlinks are essential to getting traffic to your website as well.

Also, your consultant should be able to research this option well to make sure your website is not penalized.

They Need To Know How To Use Internal Links

This SEO option links your current web page to previous web pages on similar topics. Plus, the more web pages linking to the same previous page, tells search engines that it is an important page and your ranking should go higher.

Add Speed To Your Website

Searchers get turned off by slow-loading web pages. The best SEO consultants should be able to redesign your website to speed it up and make it more user-friendly.

They should have knowledge of the tools available that focus only on speeding up your website loading speed. They are handy as everyone wants everything now.

SEO Consultants Should Know Technical EO

Another behind-the-scenes important task. This is done to please the search engines and you need to do that. The reason you do not do it is that you may not be aware of what pleases those search engines or if those requirements have changed.

Good accountants’ SEO services should be aware of which requirements need to be met and which have been changed to something else. If they do not keep up with these requirements, your website could be penalized.

Must Be Experts In On-Site SEO

This is just one of the tricks of the trade. With the right tweaking, your web pages can be boosted in the rankings and appear higher for more people to see it. Your consultant should know which options to use to boost on-site SEO

Meta Description Improvement

These are little snippets that tell searchers what your website or web page content is all about. They need to be written in a very concise and interesting manner. Or the poor click-through rate will tell the search engines that the content is not very good.

Get Your Website Mobile Ready

More and more people are using their cell phones to do their searches. If your website is not cell phone compatible, then you would be missing out on many members of your target audience.

Having a good SEO consultant means they know how to do this task. They will search for your site on their mobile phones and see how easy it is to read and navigate. If it is not good, they should know how to fix that problem.

Get Reviews

This is another important step to optimizing your website to get good rankings. Have your consultant ask your clients to write a review. The reviews need to be honest or your website may be penalized.

Have Your Consultant Optimize Your Web Pages

If they are good, then this should not be a hard task for them to do. Once optimized, they should show up favourably in the search engines and also boost your ranking.

The SEO company should own the tools that do this job specifically. If they don’t have them or do not know about them, then move on to a company that does.

Some Final Words

If you need help boosting your accounting business, give us a call. We have over 20 years of international SEO experience. Our knowledge and experience can help your business in this highly competitive field.

Our prices are reasonable and should fit your budget with ease. Give us a call today so we can start helping you right away. A boost in your business is just one phone call away.

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