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You can see Rob from smart to Media, little bit of technical difficulties, while everything is crashed, but typical in our first ever attempt of webinar, yesterday's run through always work goes smoothly in today's. Never does obviously, for those of you who don't know who I am, I'm Rob and part smart and media team. We're in SEO and lead generation focused agency based in nearly sunny Swindon today. I had of SEO, Lucas

Hello, Lucas is going on about how we can obviously make your website more profitable. This included tub, couple of different steps that Lucas is going to talk through. And yeah, and we'll take it from there, obviously, the endpoint following on from this later. On today, we'll announce the winner of our free website audit. Some see you again? A massive. Thank you for coming today, we'll be in touch when announced on Facebook or LinkedIn later today and there's a great opportunity there to see how we obviously have

You can grow your website further. So Lucas, I will leave it in your capable hands. Obviously be a nice point to probably introduce yourself. First of all,

Absolutely, thank you very much. So yeah, my name is Lucas and I have a pleasure and honor and privilege to be here with everyone in this crazy time. I think I believe that I can say happy Friday. However, not many people feel like it's a Friday. Some people are saying to me like every day is a Friday right now. But yeah, I prepared about 97 slides for next hour and I

Hope that it will give you an kind of idea what what to do next with your with your business, how to leverage organic traffic. And if you would have any problems then there is Rob, there is a team. There is me we always happy to help you bit of background about me. My name is Lucas, and I was working, 15 years in, in online marketing than my last role was

Zu + / you switch and yeah that that was that was very exciting and very challenging role because you can imagine use features and price comparison website was operating on various markets, like credit cards, Broadband mobiles and so on and so on and so on. And because of that it was very challenging, we had very competitive area. Lots of price comparison websites. Some people are saying that in UK comparing prices,

It's like a national sport. Then I move to zoopla and some other people are saying that looking at the properties, it's a kind of a national sport as well, so very competitive market but finally I decide that that is a time to move on. And right now I have a pleasure and an honor to work with people with my friends, with my kind of an SEO family from Swindon. I'm upset that I cannot be there right now, but obviously we living in 2020. So Zoo.

Zoom is helping us to deal with this. So I'm going to share my screen at the moment and voila. That's are my slides. So

Us. I believe we will share the slides later and yeah. So you know, you can you can write down obviously I have a cup like you could hear on the introduction invitation so you don't need to stress, if you will miss some parts that will be sent to your email. So let's go a lesson. One brand tracking.

Aka social listening, and the way how I wanted to present, this is with a little anecdote, so you probably can hear that. I'm not native. When you are born in Poland, you have checks are name and you're moving to England. What could go wrong? So my name is, Lucas, is a last name, but I was always the zalenski Selene Selene shhhh and so on and so on and so on. And one day I was

Thinking that it's time to change this name and surname. And I was so upset that I was like, okay maybe I should go with something extraordinary has a name and very common as a sunning and I was thinking to change my name to Archibald Smith and I was about to do this but then I noticed that there is one Archibald Smith that was living before, Scottish Barrister and he's ranking first in Google despite from the fact that is

He's not with us 430 years. So not bad SEO, as for someone who is that, but obviously, you know, then I just get back to initial idea. And I understood that when you have a unique name and surname or unique name of your brand and your brand name and so on and none that dictionary work, then you can easily Implement a brand tracking. So what is a unique brand name, Yahoo?

Blah. Let me go Netflix, that's our non dictionary words and they will be always meaning that whenever this brand is mentioned somewhere online, that means that people are talking especially about this brand.

So, knowing that we can move forward by Archibald and we have couple of tools that we can use to track brand mentions one, is that Walker? Another one is brand24, fresh web Explorer, Google Alerts brand mentions and so on and so on and so forth. At exercise for that part of my presentation, I wanted to focus on the one.

That is here so brand24. So you can see that the prices are different and obviously, you know, brand24 is much more affordable. 49 pounds in the basic setup, then premium and the Max. And unfortunately, talk Walker is looking for 445 pounds for monthly basis paid, I think Upfront for 12 months or something.

Like that, I don't know. So obviously, you know, there is various different tools on different levels. I think if you never been tracking brand mentions of your company, you should start with brand24 or something similar, in terms of affordability. So this is a screen shot that I took from one project that I have in mind brand brand24 that is for you switch. And you can see that I'm tracking you

For a long time, the screenshot being taken some time ago. And here, I have mentioned from 2018, and I can see number of mentions, and I can see social reach. So, for example, here is a spike, so we know that 11th of my, something happened that people are were more often mentioning, our brand that they use, which brand when I was working there back in the day, then other days like here,

Run. 24 also is able to show you mentions in a nice form of infographic. So, you know, here that three, most active sources are Twitter, web, and Facebook. That's are three sources that we are experiencing. We could experience a brand, you switch to appear the most and obviously, brand24 can go deeper can show.

The most active users, what they are from Twitter, Twitter, Facebook, and so on, and so on. So on most of active sites and surprise surprise, Zoop lies here. So you may ask what Supply have to do with you switch. And the answer is, that zoopla quiet. You switch some time ago and that's why zoopla mentioned, you switch so many times.

So if that's about me, I also have quite unique name and surname. As you can see, Luca zealously, nobody know how to spell it how to say it and thanks to that. I can assume that there is no. Other location has a lesson in the online environment. So, what am I using this for? I'm using this, mainly for two purposes. First is a sentiment. What is a sentiment? It's what people what?

The emotions behind this mention, so is it positive neutral or negative? And that's great to know because if there is a negative sentiment and obviously we can react if there is a positive sentiment, you can try to, you know, say thank you and try to be closer to people who are a brand funds but also a side of that. There is another reason why I'm doing brand tracking. It's a link building. So

The time that your brand been mentioned and you this example here is you switch or for example, my name and so on. We can approach owner of this website and say something simple. Like oh thank you very much for mentioning me by the way. Any chance that this brand? My brand name can link back to my website. And if you will start contacting people who mentioned you, because you are using a brand

Like brand24 and, you know, even that keyword this mentions are happening. Then you will see that there is a very high success ratio of people that you contacted versus people who decided to change that brand, mention to a link why this is important. Obviously, because the link is a signal for an SEO. So, when website is linking to your website, that Google is thinking that, okay? Your website is probably have higher authority.

And also link potentially will give you traffic, someone will go and click and will be redirected to your website. Additionally, what you can what you can find out, are the social media, authors that are kind of in few, influential for your business. And you can see that the most influential for use, which was Britain's Got Talent.

And you may think, like, hold on. What's going on here? Why Britain's Got Talent? What Britain's Got Time? Have to do with you soon. Then the answer is simple. The answer is that couple of years ago use, which was sponsoring, Britain's Got Talent and Britain's Got Talent Facebook profile who have a lot of reach. A lot of funds. A lot of followers mentioned that you switch is our sponsor. And because of that, brand24 could catch

And could say like okay this is the most influential profile that was talking about your brand. Obviously there is God you under his Guardian News, BBC, ve o 2, and so on and he's other me because you can see that first is a Twitter and the second is a Facebook

How it works with my personal brand once again, Luca zelezny. So I just set up keywords here with space without space and so on, and so on and so on, with Polish characters, we have this crazy polish characters. I don't know why. But anyway, we haven't and and yeah. And then I set this profile. You won't believe in December 2013, and this profile is still running.

I can go as far back as 2013 and I can see what website be mentioning me as a, my personal brand and I could see something like that. And I was like, wow, what's going on here? 2575 mentions, fantastic majority of them on Twitter, some of them on Facebook, but then on blocks we have nine, we have some news website we and we have some other

On classified websites. And what I could do I could start approaching especially this blogs owners and saying like oh thank you very much for mentioning me by the way. Any chance that this name and surname could be a link to my website and this is how it looks detailed View. And one day I saw this and I was like, what's going on here? What is this? I couldn't read this then I

That this is a serious leak. So it's I was thinking that either this is Russia on our Bulgarian you know I don't speak I don't read Russian. I can speak a little, I have a neighbors who are living three houses away. Sometimes we doing barbecue and more vodka. We have more fluent. I am because polish and Russian are quite similar but obviously, this is not about being fluent or not with Russia. It is because you can see here.

They use my name and surname in the Latin alphabet as well as usage. And then here,

I asked them to other link and they mean okay them like okay, sure no problem. Thank you very much and I could go to another website and and you can see also that you can do a brand mention brand, tracking through a tool that is called sem Rush. An sem rash, have a very good function that here you can Define where our Dimensions that are linking to your website and we're

The word Dimensions that are not linking to your website so you can see that it catching up. Nicely look, Ash the lessening and you can go to each of these website. So, here is premium, here is graphic design Junction. Here is just and so on, and so on. And here is one example, I could go, I could see that there is a link already, fair enough next. And I could see. Oh, here is,

The link is missing. So I went here and I are approached them and I hope after a couple of days or weeks they will change that name and sunning to a link to my website. So that was about brand tracking. As a conclusion as a wrap-up, I would like to say one thing. It's a very easy. You don't need to know much about technical aspects and this data is

Extremely valuable. So so yeah, if you considering, or if you never heard before about brand, tracking them, please consider this, especially right. Now when potential you have a bit more time, during that quarantine period, you can start testing different tools that are trial periods and so on and so on. So that, that should give you a nice view on where you are with your man.

Mentions. Now lesson two is a gap analysis and you can see log of some Rush. This is one of the tools that we are using in. Smarter media is a kind of industry standard as see. A mirage is an industry standard tool and we are always trying to use the best tools for our customers. So I think there is nothing better at the moment on the market in some areas than I see em.

And one of the function of the same Rush is to help us to understand what is the gap between our customer and competitors. So, in other words, what Gap analysis is Gap. Analysis is like, you would say, okay, what are my competitors ranking on what keywords they are ranking on and I am currently not.

So I split this part into a couple of sections. Part 1, find the leader. So imagine that we have choose dotnet as our customer

And choose dotnet came to us and said, like, oh, I, we want to do an SEO. How would we are smarter media do a gap analysis. So here we go.

First, we're going to check, who, according to the data, is a competitor of dotnet. And you can see here that that's Broadband choices. Cable K is p view, use which Broadband, Broadband Genie, and so on. And so on you can see how many common keywords they have. So that means that 10,000 keyword is common to broadband choices and choose dotnet. And

You can see that competative in this level is very high. So this Broadband choices and choose dotnet are very similar in terms of keywords that they are ranking on. So why are we using this? Because we want to follow data rather than assumptions. Obviously, sometimes customers are coming to us and telling us what they think they competitors, who are, who they think they competitors are. And we are able to check

Check and we are able to do Gap analysis using competitors that came from our clients. But on top of that, we have, we are also doing the the the Gap analysis based on the data that we have here. So, when we know that we can also do a little of verification, this screenshot is from another tool that we are using. So, here are some rush, and here is searchmetrics. We also using see

Streaks and plenty of other tools. But why we using some rush and such metrics can Define, what are your competitors? And you may think why using tools that are doing the same. Well, we are doing this to have, like, a full view on the market on the industry, 360° Spectrum, pretty much where we are with our customer and where the competitors are. And you can see that there is lots of

Molarities Broadband choices is here, money Supermarket, money-saving expert and you switch as a competitor of shoes dot net. So going back to Gap analysis, I can say, show me keywords that choose dotnet that you and Broadband choices are ranking together. Simultaneously and choose co uk is not

So we can see here that we have 18,000 954, keywords, and do I can I start doing something with this? Probably. Not, because this is like too much. I cannot go to my content writers. I cannot go to developers and say, like, you know what, there is pretty much 20,000 keywords that we are not ranking, and these guys are ranking, do something. I need to dig deeper

So let's start going a little bit deeper. So in that part, I will show you how to dig in this data pretty much. We will go as deep as discount on this onion. So first, we have here keywords by intent. What is keywords by intent? Normally, like people are very often saying like, oh you have this keywords which are building award.

Then interest then consideration, conversion retention and so on and so on. I don't think that this is very useful and for me, it's simple. Green is what I'm taking care of blue, is not necessarily. So I'm building this part of the, of the, of the journey. This part here is for people who already know my brand, no, my business. And so on. And so, on this people are typing, you know?

The brand name in Google, rather than how to do this, or what to do, with and questions. Why, how what were that's are very, very good keywords to start with.

Now, I wanted to step back from sco for a moment and you know, there is Simon sinek Golden Circle. Start with why why, how why? How? And one? And you can see that Y is in the epicenter of the circles. So Simon sinek is saying, if you are starting your business, if you are starting your company, if you are starting to become an entrepreneur, you need to start with. Why not? How

Not what with why now knowing that

Can we start with Y maybe? Not really, because we don't want to start a business. We already started the business, we want to put ourselves into customers shoes. We want to understand how our customers think and if our cost if we will

Put our feeds into our customers shoes. That we will see that. It's not necessarily why that is the most relevant question. If we will put our feeds into customers shoes, we will see that how. And now the size of the circle is telling about the demand, how is the most important?

So if you want to start a new business, you starting with y if you want to think like you could customer of your business future customer of your business. You start with how and for if you start thinking how many times you type, how how go after this webinar, to the history of your searches, and you probably will see a lot of key words that you type with her.

Ow, and I wanted to bring you some data for today that it's really like that. It's not like just I made this up and that's it and you will say like, prove me this and I will be like trust me. No no this is not how we work. We are always focusing on data and take a look. So start from how this is BBC.

And BBC According to some Rush is ranking on 5 million almost 6 million keywords.

Now he works with how is there is 230 mm keywords with how with what 154,000 and with why only 22,400? I remember one friend when I show show him this chart and I was like, this is very interesting, isn't it? And he was like, yeah, I'm buying this. I was like, why? Because you know why? That sounds very philosophical. That's why people are preferring

To type how like that's very interesting point. So yeah, why is very philosophical?

Philosophy is nice but generally we want to have a solution for a problem. How Santander a bank you would think by will not be answering any questions wrong wrong. We have here 11600 30 keyword out of 145,000 that contain how then again, what and then why is again? And if you think about this,

People really writing like, why I should have current account. No. They'd rather writing how to open current account or what is current account.

If you type why why I should have a current account bank probably won't be able to answer this question. I don't know maybe because you should put money somewhere. But yeah generally how that's the place to stop and here is another very interesting example, Wells Fargo. Very big Bank in us and that's our keywords that I pulled from some Rush. Some keywords, you can see that according to seminars, they are ranking on.

Keywords, massive traffic. And if I will not allow this, keyword to questions, you see here, how to counsel your Wells Fargo account online, how to send money, how to get a new card and so on and so on. And so on, this is even more interesting. They are doing a very, very good content marketing. One of the most prominent keyword ranking on the first place in u.s.

Is what's my credit score? So they have a tool like we have in UK, Experian, or, or a key facts that is able to give you a credit score. Now, people are typing. What's my credit score? And because Wells Fargo, designed a very, very good page that is answering and is giving ability to people to check this credit score. Then they are ranking first.

And people are going there. Checking credit score, but they also see a brand. They also see Wells, Fargo, Wells, Fargo, this keyword here have nothing to do with Wells Fargo, but because Wells Fargo is having a very good landing page and the very good SEO and The credibility and Authority then Google decided to run them very high and because of that lots of people who typing. What's my credit score? First thing they do they going to Wells Fargo because they ranked in first

And Wells, Fargo have thousands of thousand people who are visiting their website for free. Some of them may may even say, okay, hold on. What else I can do on this website, maybe I will open account, bombers, Fargo, and so on.

Lots of other questions. What? What is with with Wells Fargo as a brand, but obviously, yeah. What is an escrow account? Is another generic question that was Fargodome, content marketing. So This Is How They ranking, you can see here. What's my credit score here adverts? And here is a featured singer Pat. So they

This is giving them extra Exposition, because obviously, they are in this lovely frame here and people are getting more likely to this result, obviously, if they want to click on the adverts, but that's another story. So let's get to the point Annalise, we versus them. So now let's go back. You switch Broadband choices ranking together and choose go UK is not. So we have eight 18,900 54q.

Words and we narrowing show me keywords which contain word how and from 18,900 something keyword we are back to 1224. Now we will say okay but from this 1200 that contain word how also show me keywords that you switch and Broadband choices is ranking between position 1 and 19. So first, two pages here

Why? Because this keywords there are more relevant and we have 182 keywords and that is much much better to start dealing with Sona, graphical representation where this 182 keywords sit and

I will give you a moment is this one two three or four. I don't see a chart but you can you can type your answer will get back there after after the webinar is over. So once again we're are keywords that we looking for which will give us a bigger Outreach that I see, lots of lots of answers.

Probably I will check this.

Let me see. 3 3, 3 3 3 3. Well.

3, 3, 3 3. Hmm. So people are saying three. Let's see. Where is 3. 3 is here. I said that we want to expand our keywords. What is 3 3? This area here. That's our keywords that you switch Broadband choices and choose dotnet already ranking together. So

We have another person who said one, that's our key words that only Broadband choices is running. This is not that straightforward because when I Was preparing this first time, I also had a problem with understanding this, but I can answer you. This one, The Sweet Spot is where this little cup is why here because this is the area where Broadband choices, touching keywords and is not touching.

Choose go, UK keywords. So in other words, this is as far as I can get with drawing. This is the guy who haven't had nose and now we are building here in this lovely nose. So he will be more happy. So that's our extract keywords. They sitting here because that's the common part between these guys and these guys.

So, if anyone said answer to then you can write. So now we have a list of keywords, how to use Pac code, how to get pack code, how much is two data gigabytes of data? How to get pack code? You can see a pattern but code, black code. What is pack code? Black code is a special code that you using to move. Number phone number from one operator to another. You have this old number that you are getting. You get used to

To and you want to preserve this number. So you using this pack code to move number from GE 202, for example. So at the end of the day, we also are trying to make sure that we can quickly rank. So, we will say, okay, the final, the final sort is showing keywords with how that competitors are ranking on position between 1 and 19 and the keyword difficulty, which can be from zero to hundred is

No. Hi less than 84.

And I have 76 keywords, and here is even more keywords with pack, and you can see here that's our rankings that you was ranking. And this is where Broadband, cable Broadband choices, coil cable, trunking, and the same time choose co uk is not ranking because we looking for keywords that choose to agree is not run. So knowing that.

We can now go into expand, there is additional tool called keyword magic to, in some rush. And we already know that we want pack how & Co and Simon. Are you saying, overall I have 17 keywords with total monthly, search volume, 8610, and we can then send this keyword to content writers. They can prepare a big

A guy how to do how to deal with pack codes do and downs, pros, and cons. And, you know, maybe even developers can be built a little tour. I was doing this a couple of years ago for a mortgage and I noticed that mortgage calculator is a very key words related to mortgage, calculator are very, very important and website. I was working on was not ranking on this keyword, so obviously, we not only wrote the content but also with

The mortgage calculator and that way you are using competitors that sometimes are stronger but not this is not the case. They may be smaller than you but they have own areas they ranking just to catch them. So using your competitors as kind of a guideline

We can also go to keyword difficulty tool which is another section, another part of sem rush and we can see this lovely table which is telling us every which is telling us everything we want to know. So, all the questions we've, how pack code are here, how to get back code from give Gap, how do I get a code from Vodafone? How do I how to use Pac, code B BT and so on and so on.

Is here, difficulty is here. And then every keyword is generating featured simple so pretty much if you will start ranking High. Let's say in top 3 with this keyword, you have a high chances that you will get this lovely frame that I showed you for Wells Fargo. What's my credit score? So you will be kind of extra, you will get extra Exposition because this keywords are questions.

And questions normally are delivering fidgets knee pads. You can also see Trend during the year. So, you know, here is on the beginning of the year than is falling down and so on and so on. So lots of very, very important information that we are using a smarter media every day to help our customers and then summary a little algorithm and very nice I believe

You know, they prepared for you. Step one, find two to three competitors. Not 10, not 20, not one, two, threes enough. Maybe for use Gap analysis, Step 2,

Step 3, Naruto keywords by search volume, keyword difficulty positions. So you don't want to have 18,000 keywords. You want to have a hundred or 70 narrow keywords by topic. So we remember we narrowed the stupak code.

And then finally step five additional research via keyword magic tool.

And finally research by keyword difficulty tool. So that's the Gap analysis in a nutshell. Obviously, it's a, it's a very big topic and we don't have like this is not a workshop, it's just a webinar but maybe we'll organize a workshop. So we could go much much deeper than

Lesson 3, the snapshot approach to keyword research. So before I set about Gap, Gap is to create a Content that you've been originally not ranking on Gap is too full to to conquer. You are Ria's in the search engine land, in the search engine, in the search and search engine results pages that you stopping gaining extra snapshot Works a bit differently.

Snapchat is is like, you would say, show me where I am ranking right now, and how what I should focus on which keywords I should start pushing up. So for that exercise will use another tool which is called search metrics and we will use you switch as an example. And you can see that imagine the situation we have 2012 and I'm rejoining usage and

I always had this approach.

So they always wanted to prove that it was not only that I was good on interview, but I was also, I could also deliver and I really didn't like to say like, oh, you know, SEO is taking long time and so on. No, I wanted to be that guy who can deliver quickly. And I decided to to to work I just created this snapshot philosophy. So first of all, I could go to, you is such metrics and

I could see all the keywords that have a good search volume. So you can see here that there is plenty keyboard. And what is very important here? Lots of these keywords are pinpointing, two different, URLs mobiles, Broadband, credit cards, loans, and so on, and so on. So so we will be attacking different areas of the website. And again, we can say okay,

We want to narrow this keywords because if such volume is too high, that probably means that this is a brand name of like BT or eee. We really don't want to take care of this keywords. No matter that we are ranking or not ranking. Majority of people who are writing PE or BT or Vodafone they want to land on Vodafone orbital Theory. So what I'm doing, show me keywords that are ranking between

Shinto and 10. If its on position one I cannot do anything and search volume should be between 1020 thousand searches a month that will help me to get rid of this third party products. And this is the second screenshot and you can see the lots of nice sweet generic keywords appearing here, Bassam only deals loan but credit and education. Parison, iPhone 5S go that's quite old school.

So maybe we'll skip iPhone 4 deals, maybe not because it's quite old, but live mobile remote or gauge boiler cover to broadband. So many keywords. And you can see that they are ranking Oregon position to or lower between position to and tap search volume is absolutely crazy. So what I want to do, I want to push them this keyword to position 1 or from position 5 to position 3 or from position for to position 3 or 2.

Or one if I can. So to do this to prioritize this this is like research that was showing the click-through rate. So how many percent of people is clicking on results when you are ranking. First. Second third, and so on. And so, on the bottom here,

You have rankings one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Here is a quick to write and you can see that is a massive difference if you are a first or second and there is pretty much no difference or very little if you are 5 6 7 or so some other rankings, I'm not talking about position 11 12, you know we have this saying that

If you, if you don't know where to hide a body second page of Google that's work. Nobody's looking at

So, we are only interested in first and positions. And let's take by best seemed only deals, 18,000 841 search volume and I'm doing Simple Math. I'm taking this search volume.

And I'm multiplying by 10 person. So for position to and 18% for position 1, take a look 9290 for visits potentially or 1893 visits when I'm on position to. So the difference is pretty much like I can double traffic, if I will stop drinking on position 1. So because of that, I should definitely try to push that your composition one. Moreover, I should not think about.

To five keywords, I should think about 50, keywords a day and that is 350 keywords a week and that is

Couple of thousand keywords in a year time.

So this is how I'm calculating traffic index, the search volume multiplied by click to rate on position, TI Max traffic. This is like a Utopia when when you would be ranking. First such value X, click to rate from position one and then TI Dave is traffic. Index difference is TI Max minus ti. So TI Max – Tia and this is my spreadsheet. This is my spreadsheet sorted by size.

Volume and you can see that I have lots of interesting, interesting, generic keywords, so non-branded keywords, and lots of various Pages here in various product, even if one product or two are too difficult to push them up higher. I can find that other products because I have a nice different, various different products here. You can see this first part of the URL says, what product

It is, and this is so sorted by search volume, but if I was sort this by TI diff, which is at the end, I can see, what are the best keyword to start from? That's my prioritization, and I can tell you one thing. When we will be sending this slides for you, then I will make sure that you will also get kind of spreadsheet in Excel with example website. I think the

That I don't disagree, sir sighs for is Pimlico. Plumber's don't ask me why I was living in Battersea some time ago and every time I was in Vauxhall by train I was passing Pimlico plumbers. So one day I just don't have snap. Snap shot, analysis, program Reco, plumber's maybe the one day, they will be our customers. So this is how it works and and yeah, that's the whole secret. So if you saw

Of this bike by surgery. And if you sort this by Tia tid, then obviously that the sort is a little different and further down, you going with your keywords and that sort is changing. So it's not always good to go with with keyword sorted by search volume, it's it's better to do a little of math and then prioritize this keyboards using that model as a conclusion and wrap up.

Optimization process. So when you know what keywords you want to rank in simple and the same what we were doing through years optimize your title time, try to rewrite your title tag so that keywords that you want to rank. Let's say best Sim only deals will be included their ideal. You will start from this keyword strong, you strong tag use alt tag, use image, file name that is containing the keyword.

Right at the shuttle paragraph of text with that keyword.

Modify H1 H2, H3 headers at internal, links with keyword with keyword as a link. Yes of the anchor is a, is a keyboard. And when to use that first, when you starting working on organic performance, when someone is coming to our office, we are like, okay, let's start with snapshot analysis, boom. Then the second thing is forward.

Website with established history ranking in serve. So we rather using this methodology when we have a website with some historical thing for a new website, we would rather start from Gap. And when you whe When you quickly to prove that SEO is were I know that there is some of you may may work with some cos that been unable to deliver. This is very frustrating because we paying money and

Today, there is no results. That's why, you know, that's one of the word that we often mention quickly, and then conclusions you dealing with keywords that already ranked, obviously you leveraging quality traffic. If you if you ranking on this keywords, that means that the traffic is relevant. That Google wanted you to rank on this keyword. You're utilizing multiple URLs, you play.

Saying search engine game and you delivering once again, quick results and the lesson for data studio in search console very quickly because I also wanted to stay for a couple of qas. So, think about that, I have they'll assume that UK website and there is a tool called search console, but this tool is not great. This tool could be better. So I'm never using search console directly. I'm always plugging search console to another tool. That is

Provided for free by Google how great it's called Data studio with data Studio. You can see much much deeper and you can see much much more way more in terms of keywords that your ranking on, then if you would be using a normal search console. So I'm giving access search console to data studio, and I can pull all the data in this simple, sweet little table and I can see

Here, lots of interesting metrics Impressions clicks and click-through rate. And I can see keywords here and I can see landing page that these keywords are responding with or trigger. Yeah, so for example, I have here conference speaker and I can see here that it it triggers the lesson WK / conference speaker

We have three metrics Impressions, click click to rate. That's all we need. Now we going to create, we can export this into Excel. Remember if if you want to do SEO for for your own business, by yourself Excel is your friend, you will be working with Excel pretty much every day, aside of big query and SQL and so on. And so on Excel is a must

We are using Excel pretty much to do to every day into very extensive level. And here, I exported everything from data Studio to Excel. And I am doing something that is called, double sort. So, I'm sorting this data by landing page and then immediately by Impressions and take a look. This is this, the, the onion give I prepared for you. I don't know if I can even draw on this.

But here is the number of Impressions and here are the landing pages and you will see that impressions are going down until one and then new URL is coming and the Impressions will be going down. Let me show this animation once again.

You see?

And that way we have this sorted very nice way and this data is telling us much more than you know, just random keywords, random pages and we don't know what to do next. But I can go even deeper and I can and I can try to make sure that I have this presented in a nicer so pivot. Tables pivot tables and I can now aggregate metrics. So I said here are

Students, here are clicks and here is click-through rate. And when I aggregated this and here is article, how find us your client, how to get SEO clients without cold calling and take a look. You have here 640, 525, Impressions, 888 Impressions, all together for this 5, keywords that page been presented in Google 5282 three times.

And received 51 clicks. So obviously, you know, this keyword is quite good, but this keyword and this keyword generating a lots of Impressions, but doesn't generate any clicks. So that means that this keyword is two keywords, I should start working on another example, bit of inception because we are just talking about SEO, snapshot method 712 Impressions, 9 URLs, and you can

Here that we have 363 impressions for that one key word here, nine clicks and click-through rate is 2.48, not great, not terrible if you saw the channel will move it. I love this. Quote not great, not terrible, Misty could be better. But this key words here below did not generate any any clicks for that URL. So I wish I should potentially review this keywords and if any of this is relevant,

And I should do optimization again, going through title tag and so on. And so on H1 H2, H3 additional paragraph of text and so on, and so on. And that was it for today. I think we still have some time, so thank you very, very much. And let's let me, let me connect to the studio.

So great. I'm so guys, if any of you do have any questions in particular, feel free to fire him in now, and we'll see. Use Lucas has a vast knowledge to to grab any quick questions for your own sites. And potentially, obviously if anybody has any questions, I'm just firing through just again a massive. Thank you. Lucas, and don't forget the guys late. Today will obviously be announcing the winner of our free website audit, which is got a few fantastic opportunities in there to demonstrate those areas that

Lucas has already talked about today, which is really, really good. And obviously, will drop you at the winner and email but also announced on Facebook, or on and social later on today. But if there aren't any questions, it's no problem at all. And then obviously, we can leave you guys to carry on sitting indoors and drinking Cups of Tea. Exactly. Oh, you're more than welcome Lisa, fantastic. But great. Women are. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Always motivate us and you know the feedback like that is something that open some questions, fantastic of Maine. Yeah, come on, don't be shy. That's the last lots of questions. So let me write the rock, maybe you can moderate. There's no problem. Just got for the message. So he set out at the main topics. Is there a best area to start? Absolutely a website. So, Scott start with tools that are available

Bill for Freedom, make sure that you have Google analytics, configure make sure that you have search console configured and there is one more tool that you can connect search console and Google analytics together for free. If your website they have little traffic at the beginning is called keyword hero. Next Step you can consider to buy access to platform like a CM rush. For example, just to do a little better research in terms of CMS. Again, depends.

What kind of business you have? But in most cases, I would recommend to go with WordPress because WordPress is great for SEO is very easy to optimize and is free. So yeah, also you know, make sure that you're hosting is fast because the pagespeed is one of the critical critical factor for for ranking great. Thanks, Lucas. I'm thankful for the message.

You've mentioned a number of different tools, brand24 Centrist excetera, and how many tools would you recommend subscribing to well for, you know, we obviously in smart and media, you know, like we are using plenty but that's that's the the agency agency life. I think for a business I would recommend to go with one tool. That is trying to merge, a lot of aspects of SEO and not only a CEO

If someone, so it can be.

It can be summarized you can be such metrics and yeah it can be linked assistant sweet and if you really really if you are really really big fan of us here and you really want to dive deeper, then you can go selectively with extra tools but that obviously will generate extra cost.

Correct that types and obviously another question from Matt, and Jeff free, which is awesome. What's the best way to identify what keywords to use for your business? I have a pretty good idea. But wonder if there are any tools that are best for this this moose keep a crease. Oh, Chris asked a very similar question to Scott around the main topic to the best place to start. Okay what do we do? Have that one usually suggest investigate first.

What is the first? So let me answer Chris question. First, the first thing I would suggest to go through is a page speed and you can go with plenty of pagespeed tools that are available online and see how fast your website is. And, you know, make sure that website is light enough to load fast, especially on mobile devices and yeah, so,

That's one. That's one thing. And then we have Matt, what's the best way to identify work to identify what keywords to use for your business? I have pretty good idea but wondering if there are any tools. Well, this is a very good question, you know, back in the day people were using Google Keyword Planner which is provided by Google but I think you can go a different way. There is plenty of tools that are providing you.

Proper keyword research and I would say again, sem Rush searchmetrics sis tricks spyfu. And that's are the four that I would ever suggest five tools answered the public 6. But you should stick with one or two, don't go of all of them because that would generate lots of costs and math. As you remember, I was showing on during the Gap analysis

Up there is keyword magic tool that too is a very powerful tool that you can use. You can go. And you can say, for example, I don't know, let's say you are I have this this herb herb air purifier? Yeah, it looks like that and I can type ARB air purifier and I can go into language.

English, and I can go into country UK. And I can, for example, pull all the questions that people are asking in relation, or that contain air purifier purifier. So, that would be the way I would suggest you to go with that initial research of the keywords. And then second step, is that if you have a search console access then you can after a couple of days, couple of weeks, see what you what Google started.

You ranking on and start leveraging this cute if they are relevant.

If that's the case and I kind of got another question for Chris and then one more from Jules I think. And also, While most important question will jump to the end. Where did you get the Hat? The huh? I get from Soho London. There is a one shop that is selling them. Yeah, I need to be very careful because I don't know when I will be next time because of the cold and of course so we've got two questions left, some secrets are still quite another question with keywords. Is there a fine line between

I think he was with an additional paragraph. Losing your company message, and using, and using them within relevant to your content. Absolutely, there is a very thin line between keyword stuffing and keyword optimization. So if you, if you think about us, we are always working with content writers who can say, like guys take it easy because content, writers have a little different perspective.

Active, when I was working news, which we, as ico's, I was managing team of six and then in the Platinum team of 10, we always been players that are on the second line. We were not liberals. We were always using our gatekeeper Gatekeepers, our content writers as a Gatekeepers. They were saying yes or no, they could refuse changes and we shouldn't think a bit deeper. So obviously, it's not about like, putting as many times repetition of the same.

Key word because that will not work, is just to make your more relevant using some synonyms and so on and so on right stuff, and one very specific question from Joe. So hey, Jules one of my clients is a website where most of the copy is embedded into an image to create the pages. So each time it needs an update, an illustrator file is created, then a PDF and then it's uploaded. And does that have a negative impact on SEO? Sorry, which one this? This

Is actually in the chat as opposed to the Q&A section okey-dokey. Scroll up a little bit.

Once again, okay.

One of my my clan has a website where most of the copies and put it into an image to create page. So each time it needs to update and illustrator, this is this is really bad, this is really bad. I mean, look, it can be that your client. Don't care about this here because they're our website like that. Keep it as it is, but for an SEO perspective, this is really bad. Also this PDF

Only should be excluded because Google can index PDFs. But then you, your customers are learning on PDF and then what no navigation bar, no, internal links. Nothing, you know, so long story short, it's not that great for SEO. Cool. Great stuff.

Yeah, my client has a by CM why we aren't ranking, brilliant, get on it, then Jules. I love to hear it. Well, thanks. I don't think there are any more questions that fired through, but thank you very much for those questions, guys, I've pressed I presume or leave it there then, like I said, earlier will obviously announce the winner of our audit later today. I hope you enjoyed it and thank you, Lucas, for your time. Thank you very much. Everyone stay safe. And yeah, and if you have any more questions, then obviously,

Contact ask here. Let me placed. Take care, guys, Chase.

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